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Published On: Mon, Sep 24th, 2018

Delta APC Sinks Deeper As O’tega, Omo-Agege Wash Their ‘Dirty Clothes’ In Public

LAGOS SEPTEMBER 24TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The crisis plaguing Delta State All Progressive Party (APC) seems to be getting worst every day. One taught as the general election gets closer both warring factions would have settle their differences and face their common enemy which is Peoples Democratic Party(PDP).
The reverse is the case as APC leader in the state, Chief Emerhor O’tega and his counterpart Senator Ovie Omo-Agege keep on one laying one allegations or the other on each other.
Their boys in the social media had made matter worst as they keep on entertaining readers on the short comings of both party leaders. Their action no doubt has kept PDP in advantageous position. If their warfare continue like this, one sees PDP in Delta State having a smooth ride in clinching all the seats in 2019 general election.
The latest is when O’tega Emerhor cried out to the public that Ovie Omo-Agege is planning to kill him because he is contesting for Delta Central Senatorial primariesunder APC.
The APC leader further disclosed that he got a wind of the plot to eliminate him after a painstaking investigation from sources, noting that he had been marked for elimination in Delta or Abuja.
He went to the extend of accusing Tuoyo, one of the thugs allegedly linked to the snatching of the mace at the National Assembly who lives in Sapele and Christopher Omasheye, AKA Mali, that lives in Warri as those heading the killer squad Omo-Agege wants to use to assassinate him.
He appealed to the IGP to save his life and that of his family members by providing them with urgent and immediate police protection before the plot is executed
“I am writing, therefore, to alert the IGP of a possible threat to my life due to political intolerance and to request the IGP to; act to save my life and that of my family against this threat,” Emerhor pleaded in the petition..
Emerhor equally appealed to the police authorities to carry out prompt investigation and apprehend the suspects behind the threat to his life.
Meanwhile, Ovie Omo-Agege has refuted Emerhor’s claim that he’s plotting to assassinate him over his political ambition.
An aide to Omo-Agege, Efe Duku, in a reaction obtained by Nigerian Tribune sequel to a request made, said Omo-Agege could never wish Emerhor, whom he described as his brother, dead.
He averred, in his reaction tagged “our initial response,” made available to Nigerian Tribune as a text message, that the petition, if truly in custody of the IGP, should be thoroughly investigated.
“This is our initial response: We are yet to see the petition you mentioned. But we can tell you if true at all that Olorogun Otega Emerhor actually wrote such a petition, we shall insist that any allegations made in it should be thoroughly investigated because Senator Ovie Omo-Agege never wishes his brother or anyone else dead,” Duku enthused.
He accused the petitioner of biting more than he can chew and attempting to destroy Urhobo ethnic nationality with his alleged malicious petition.
“We think Emerhor is going just too far but we will never allow him to destroy Urhobo with his politics of extreme bitterness, malice, envy and wickedness.
“Our people hate what he is doing, but somehow he seems not to know or care.
“His malicious petition will receive a proper response from us when we get it,” he added, while calling on the IGP to investigate the allegation.
Such accusation, abusive languages and counter accusation from the two APC leaders who claimed to be fighting for the interest of the Urhobos will do them no good. The way it is now, both leaders are not working for the unity of Urhobo nation, rather they are dividing the Urhobos.
They are creating division and enemities between Urhobo youths. As is is now, the battle line had already been drawn between the youths. Some are in Omo-Agege’s faction, while the others are in Emerhor’s camp. The social media is diluted with counter abuses from both youths pouring tantrum on each other because of Agege or Emerhor.
The youths fighting for both Agege and Emerhor should understand that both leaders are only using them as a tool for achieving their selfish ends. They should be reminded that when the chips are down Agege and Emerhor will dump all of them.
They should ask themselves if any Agege or Emerhor’s children is among them. No. Their children is in far away in overseas schooling in some of the best schools, while they are here doing themselves for them for them over peanuts. Urhobo youths be wise and shine your eyes.. A word is enough for a wise.

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