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Published On: Tue, May 21st, 2024

Delta PDP, Oborevwori Will Not Be Distracted By Irascible Antics Of A pudden-head


The attention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State has yet again been called to another round of assault on the person of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, by the ever pugnacious and petulant, prehistoric Zik Gbemre.

In a press release in reaction to another diatribe titled “OBOREVWORI: How Not To Glorify A ‘One Chance’ Governor, By Zik Gbemre,” the PDP State Secretary, Engr. Dan Ossai states that this time, the irascible fellow thinks he can harass the Governor and the PDP in Delta State with his usual pseudo, deceptive and distorted analysis, which he concocted and spreading same in the belief that he would hoodwink the people into applauding his propaganda.

Unfortunately for him, the people have always seen through the antics of this choleric dunce and never do well and so they have remained unfazed by his spin.

The party is therefore standing strong with its achieving Governor, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori and has refused to be distracted from the goal of delivering on the mission of advancing Delta State through the value embedded in the M.O.R.E. Agenda of the current administration in Delta.

“Our resolve is to remain focused in seeing the Oborevwori administration deliver on its campaign promises to Deltans, rather than be diverted by an ordinary loafer. Our resolve is also against the background that someone once told the story of how he surfed the internet and found nothing substantial on the facebook wall of Zik Gbemre. Indeed, nothing to suggest that he is a person of worth was found.

Is this the kind of person that the Governor of a State and his administration would waste precious time to respond to in his obvious display of irresponsibility and rabblerousing? This is a man who cannot appreciate the fact that Nigeria is a democratic society where political parties field candidates for elective positions.

The nitwit wrote: “It is a deliberate conspiracy to impose a mediocre Governor over the far better contenders shoved aside to enthrone Oborevwori.” We ask: Did Zik Gbemre’s “far better contenders” contest election primary or not? All his “far better contenders” were subsequently and finally routed at the polls as they were rejected by the good people of Delta State in favour of Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori. It’s clear that Zik Gbemre is yet to get over the terrible defeat that his “far better contenders” suffered at the hands of PDP and Sheriff Oborevwori. He is still amazed and dazed.

Zik Gbemre told a lie when he wrote about the Governor being anonymous about Okuama. The man of mischief, who creates dreams by imagination will not tell his paymasters that Governor Oborevwori called the leaders of Okuama and Okoloba communities where they signed a treaty to maintain peace and order. Zik Gbemre lacks the courage to bring this to the knowledge of his paymasters, the ones for whom he plays the goon.

The tragedy that Zik Gbemre represents is the fact that he wants Governor Oborevwori to raise an army to go and challenge officers of the Nigerian Army who received the consent of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to carry out the operation in Okuama. Governor Oborevwori can be the Chief Security Officer of Delta State, but is he the Commander-in-Chief of Nigeria’s Armed Forces? Does Oborevwori as Governor or even other Governors in Nigeria for that matter, have control over the police commands in their States? If the Commissioner of Police in Delta State could not enter Okuama because the Army was carrying out operations in the community, does Zik Gbemre think that Governor Oborevwori is a fatalist like himself?

To further underscore the false impression that the dunce is trying to create, is the ignorance he is feigning about the huge construction work to transform Warri and environs that the administration of Governor Oborevwori is doing having signed the N78 billion contract as a result of which Julius Berger’s caterpillars and other construction equipments are at work, even as we write this rejoinder.

Governor Oborevwori has, time without number, said that he is Governor for all Deltans and he is walking his talk. All the projects and all his other doings are in the interest and for the benefit of Deltans and residents. Therefore, no amount of falsehood spiced with blackmail by a simpleton and his cohorts can derail or divert the attention, focus and determination the Delta State Governor and his administration, from delivering the MORE Agenda to Deltans.

Let Zik Gbemre stop living in a fool’s paradise but get conversant with the all time truth that Delta State is PDP and PDP is Delta State.

PDP!  Power to the People!


Engr. Dan Ossai,

State Secretary,

PDP, Delta State.

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