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Omo-Agege Touches Lives In Three Years Than Entire Life Span Of Democracy In Delta- Barr. Tuedor

Sapele Constituency Delta State House Of Assembly Aspirant, Barr. Tuedor Akpevwe Jackson Esq. who is  a lawyer by profession, a forex trader, a bitcoin analyst, block chain expert, networking professional and  investment potfolio manager.  In this interview with our correspondent, he dwells on  delivering dividends of democracy to his constituency if elected, just as he pours encomium on  the Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege’s over his achievements within a short period


Can you give us a little background about your political experience?

I have been in the political space for the better of ten years now but I have not held any elective position. I am the one you can call an aspiring politician  because I have actually ran for position. I ran for for the Delta State House of Assembly in 2019 under Democratic Peoples Party (DPP). Then I was in APC. But because of a whole lot that happened then, I have to go to a smaller party to take the ticket and ran for the election. But I am back to my party now and I hope to pursue my Delta State House Assembly aspiration ones again  by 2023 under the platform of APC representing Sapele constituency. Sapele is my home town. I was born, bred and brought up in Sapele.  I have been in Sapele all my life. By God’s grace  we shall be having a new Delta by 2023. Majorly, I am the one who believe that politics should not be left for the politicians. Professionals like doctors, lawyers, even carpenters, builders should  be part of the political process. Because they said that if you leave politics for politicians then you will be governed by lesser mind. It is important that individual should be part of the political process so that we can have better leaders and for better tomorrow.

In case you are elected as a member of the House of Assembly what do have to offer your people?

The number one thing I believe in is multiple strings of incomes. And I also believe in empowerment. Empowerment in my own palance has nothing to do with giving you money but everything is with regard to teaching you how to fish instead of giving you fish. My administration will look more at gainful empowerment  through the creation of  a system where every man can be his or her own  boss and earn money from whatever you are doing. Legitimate means of  making  money are out there, but it is so bad that people do not really understand how  the world works, how finance work, how money works and people who do not know that the current stage in the evolution of money is crytocurreny.  So with these knowledges that I have, that I have been able to create wealth from, I will  duplicate and impact these to the life of others.

And that is just part of it. I have DEOTAJ Foundation. That is my Foundation which is part of DEOTAJ Group of Companies.  DEOTAJ  Foundation will be doing its first empowerment next week in Sapele, Delta State sequel to my declaration which is coming in Friday, 6th May, 2022 in Sapele. So we will be doing an empowerment scheme where all residents of Sapele  in respective of party, in respective of tribe and  in respective of age will be empowered.

What did the empowerment looks like?

The empowerment will cover how money works with the new knowledge that we have in crytocurrency and how you can start your own cryptocurrency business with just your internet enable phones. That is all. With your phone and data and with the knowledge that we will impart on you, you will begin a business that can forever and ever that cannot be stopped by any government or any individual.  I want to show people that creating income or wealth is not a big deal that we can really make a difference in the life of others by doing this.  In the Foundation also we have DEOTAJ high star records which we have number one  Sapele Son Wonder J, our  number one artist in Sapele who is also part of the record dead duly signed by the record to perform. We will also use the opportunity to reach out to the entertainment sector and those who have talent to grow.


The elections are   fast approaching. There is this belief that PDP has a stronger structure in Delta State that there might not be hope for DSP Ovie Omo-Agege and APC candidates in the coming election. What is you take on it?   

Well, the number one thing is that change is constant. There is a saying that there is no champion for ever. Think about it. And such change being constant, it could be 2023 that the baton will finally change hand. Lets us look at Delta State in particular. Rule by the same people, the cabal since 1999 till date. States that received as much as what Delta State received are far more developed than Delta State. If you go to the state there is little or nothing happening as regard to governmental growth, development or structure.  A place like Lagos state for example, developmental is going on twenty four hours  of the day.

Omo-Ageg stands for New Delta, youthful development, empowerment. Is the man who believes in change.  You can see the lights everywhere. Solar panels are  all over the places. What about the transformers that he gave  to every part of Delta State. What about the empowerment schemes. That man in this short three years  has touched lives more that than the entire life spam of democracy in Delta State.   Show me one person who has achieved what he has done in a short time? If that man has has executive power, you will see Delta State strive and that is what we are fighting for. That is what we want and that is what we believe. Omo-Agege’s ambition comes before mine a hundred and one percent. He is the only person  who can tell me to give up my ambition for running for the House of Assembly and I will do it whole hearted because I believe he is a man who means well for the people.

What will say you have done in your community or constituency to make them have confident in voting for you  come 2023?

I have empowered so many youths in the polity. I have an office where people learn network marketing, Forex trading and others.  They teach them free of charge all the opportunities that are open to them. Not only that, I have been able to create a Foundation where we pay school fees for students.  All these are not what we suppose to tell  the public because it is not like we are doing it for the public but it is  a vow I made to God that if He empowered me I will make sure I save as much lives as possible. The Foundation empowerment will continue this year  and it has been on from 2019 to date.

What advise  do you have for people of Delta State as the 2023 general election election is fast approaching?

We said before  and we are saying it again. The power of government lies with the people but it is so bad that the people are  exchanging their power for half bag of rice or five thousand Naira that will make them suffer for the next four years. The politicians who give you money  for voting for him believes that he had paid you for the service as such you did not have reason to ask him anything within that time of his tenure. Let us stop the habit of collecting money for election. Its demeaning and put  our destiny in the hands of those politicians who did not think of any other person but his family and himself. So why don’t we for ones change our mind set say yes it is our turn to vote. My vote counts. Do you know how your votes count? If your votes do not count then why did politicians give you money to vote?

Lets jettison the idea of whether you vote or not result will come out. Yes but it will come from the voting others have done.  This is the time when we choose our leaders.  it is the time when we choose what will happen to us for the next four years. It is important that  we take advantage of the present registration to obtain out PVC. Registration are open ones again till June. Every one  should go and  get their PVC. Do not sell your votes because the politician will not remember you. But if you stand on your ground and say  this is what I believe in. I do not want to sell my vote. I want to vote. You have created a new Delta  and new new future and then you can hold the politicians accountable if they did not do what they said they will do in their manifestoes.

Finally, we should inculcate the idea of those who want to contest for election to come and tell us what they will do. Manifesto is very important in a democracy. We must know the mind of the people who are contesting for elective positions.  What did they have to offer within the four years of their tenure? That is a very good question we should ask. They should be brought before the public to speak so that we will know what they are made of.



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  1. There is no harm in trial. Delta is a PDP state and it is not going to be different this time around.

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