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Published On: Wed, Jan 26th, 2022

Nigerians Reacts To Sammie Okposo Confession, Say His Sin Is Between Him And God

LAGOS JANUARY 26TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Nigerians have continue to react in social media   to Nigeria Gospel Musician, Sammie Okposo’s confession over  alleged impregnation  of US based lady, African Doll stressing that  they do not need his confession. They argued that whatever sin he committed is between him and God.

Others however hailed him for coming to the open to confess his sins, stressing while quoting the Bible that God will forgive him his sins.

While confessing his sins, Okposo said on his  recent trip to the USA (Late 2021), he  got intimately involved with a lady, knowing that this was not appropriate as a married man and a minister of the gospel, adding that he was  ashamed and regretted  his  actions hence it has caused a lot of pain to his dear wife, Ozioma,  family and himself.

According to him, “As I work in making peace with God, repenting and asking His forgiveness, I am suspending myself from all ministry work until full restoration as this is what is proper and what I know I owe God and His people.

“To my wife, Ozioma, I am sincerely sorry I put you through this shameful and embarrassing situation. I broke your trust and disappointed you.

“Your forgiveness of my moral failure and poor judgement is important to me. I pray I will eventually be able to build back the trust and confidence every single day forth.”

Reacting to his confession Samuel Okpunor said, “Sammie, you don try for women affairs oh, try resign nau. We remember those days your affairs with Kate henshaw and the many controversies, we heard of Stella Damascus too. We remember your relationship with Gloria Ibru and the child the relationship produced then, you na legend na. Try relax for the sake of your ministry. Apart from God, your conscience and your wife, you owe no one apology other than to completely turn a new leaf and focus on your ministry as a Gospel minister. May God help you.”

Nwabueze Okorie said, “Oga,we don’t need all this. The sin you committed  is between you,your God,and your conscience if you decide to keep it away from your wife and family.when you sin, advice yourself, judge yourself and repent from your sin. Going about on social media to report yourself is not the best. Pray to God for forgiveness. Make peace with your conscience and sin no more.God Bless Us.Amen.”

Joshua Badung observed,   “It is only few of the gospel ministers that  will come out like him to not only confess but also, take the back seat. I must commend his bold step. More grace to bounce back gallantly.”

Jeremiah Buala Orubu described him as the true  nature of a man who fears Jehovah.

According to him, “One of the characteristics of great men of God in the Bible is when they were bold as you are today to write about even their mistakes for us to learn from them. May God comfort your wife and inspire her to remember the words of prophet Isaiah that says old things has passed away. Remember them no more. Now as you have shown your humility; all is been made new through Christ.May Jah see you through.”

Ugo Benhills however saw his action from a different perspective saying, “You hurt your wife and you’re coming to apologise to the public… Leave social media out of this biko. You just want to trend Oga.  Would you have come here to say this if you were not caught? Kindly meet  iyawo and discuss your infidelity, promise her you’re gonna be faithful from today and stick to your promise.  Your coming to social media could embarrass your wife the more. Ndi gospel artist.

Get sense Sir!

Korode Abdullahi said, “A philanderer will always be a philanderer. This apology is just for face-saving. If the table is turned, and your wife confesses to having an affair with a man she met, would you take it lightly? Getat.

Mike Ikem Umuwlo said, “ When apologies come because one was caught, that’s not true and genuine apology. Apology must come from a heart filled with guilt and a mind that says, “I can’t do this anymore to this person…”  Anything short of this is seeking another opportunity to be more discreet and avoid being caught in the future.

Uchenna Okoli Anyanwu, “Your sincerity amazed me….You are a genuine Christian Bro. Ability to accept when you err and seek for forgiveness is a virtue of a real child of God. For those that  would be crossing legs like ‘Holy nweje’ and be taking the household of God for granted, committing all immorality, the thunder that would fire you and your cohorts on that pul pit is still doing push up.”

Akin Gold, “ Sorry for being caught. Africans should go ahead and marry as many as they can provided all parties can be catered for. After all we’re wired to be polygamous.  Its in our DNA. Don’t be sorry! A second wife is not always a curse.

Ayoola Deborah Kahinde, “ Thank God for him for his public confessions, a lot of pastors there have secret concubines, girl friends even within their churches and most men out there and that is why they can kill if their wives should check their phones to discover their dirty secrets…God will grant you the go and sin no more forgiveness.”

Amb Dion Osagietv, “How do you know your wife is not doing the same thing while you were gone. Brother please enjoy yourself and forget this long talk. We forgive you.”









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