Published On: Wed, Dec 29th, 2021

Taboos Urhobo Married Women Must Avoid


LAGOS DECEMBER 29TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Urhobo the fifth major tribe in Nigeria is located in Delta Central of Delta State. The tribe is known over its strict cultural life style which  include strict cultural rules on married women.

It is on record that Urhobo married women who involve in  infidelity put their  lives, that of their   husband and children in danger.


Below are  list of  taboos for Urhobo married women


1.A married woman from Urhobo extraction neither allow another man  other than the husband  to lap her nor laps another man. She does not board  bike with another man, sitting in front in front or behind another man.


  1. The married Urhobo woman does not eat in the same plate with other man. She does not allow another man to walk across her legs stretched on the floor.


  1. An Urhobo married woman does not sit opposite another man on a bench to play games like eko, ludo, apene or cards.


  1. Nothing on earth makes an Urhobo married woman to sleep on the same bed with another man, other than her husband.


5.It is an abomination for another man to hold her on the wrist, touch her breasts, taps her buttocks or hold her hips.


  1. It is an offence to take her husband’s money without his permission.


  1. Attending parties without her husband knowledge is an offence.


  1. It is a taboo for another man to embrace, caress, peck on the cheeks or kissed her.


If she does contrary  to the any of the above, the gods will do the needful. Those who have ears to hear let them hear..



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  1. Lovely ikpan says:

    I disagree with you in the taboo numbers :taboo ( number 3 , number 6, number 7 and number 8
    You wrote about number 3 taboo, no sitting face to face with another man when playing games, lies so you mean I can play games with my husband’s brothers that are friendly with me and caring too.? That’s my question to you mr write because she’s not a prisoner? She’s a wife to you and someone daughter not your prisoner right?

    Number 6 taboo, you also wrote at number 6 taboo, that is an offense for a woman to take money from are husband without his permission, I guess you are a stingy man and evil minded person. So, a woman can to take money from her husband without his permission mr her husband ( HUSBAND ) but he can take from she wife without her permission. What stupid taboo? No wonder urboho men will never grow up.

    Number 8 taboo, you also wrote about a married woman should not be embrace or care for by another man. This are the offenses I picked. So, you mean you and your wife meet up with some group of people and with a kind gesture and nothing is attached to it embraces your wife with shoulder to shoulder is a taboo? Or you say a man you don’t care for her and you left her alone to care for her self because you have other things to do? Then someone out there show her love by giving her money to help her with anything thing attached to it and she also told you that it that means she has cheated on you. Yes or no ?

    Number 7 taboo, you mean she must take permission before go out right ok I know the man is the head and the woman is the neck with the neck the head can not move as she’s taking permission to do what he likes with he also takes that same permission from his wife? Because urboho men are one of the lazy people I have seen and comes across with.

    • The taboos for the Urhobo married woman as enumerated by the writer of the article are very clear. Let me remind the contender(s) of this article that these taboos were not our makings, but rather, they were handed down to us by our ancestors. So far , i would say they have served us well. Have you ever ask yourself why the divorce rate and marital infidelity in African cultures are very low compared to the Western culture, like the USA with divorce rates as high as 70%? The answer is not far fetched: The white man has no culture and no taboos, but we do. It’s unfortunate,and sadly so, that we watch, helplessly our beautiful cultural heritage destroyed by the influence of western civilization. So my brother let’s protect and preserve what we have. A word is enough for the wise.Thank you.

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