Published On: Fri, Jan 6th, 2023

Olorogun  Ede Dafinone: Unveiling The Peoples Senator


By Donald Okagbare,

LAGOS JANUARY 7TH (URHOBOTODAY)-At last, the much-talked-about 2023 is here. In less than two months, the National election will hold throughout Nigeria for election of a new President and members of the National Assembly. The countdown has begun. The beautiful reality is that in all elections, winners must emerge and at the end of the day, the people will play critical roles in the election. They too will either suffer years of irresponsible leadership or gain a lot from the decision they make with their voter card.

For Delta Central, for instance, there are seven  weeks left to the unveiling of the successor to Senator Ovie Omo-Agege. The choices before Urhobo are limited to just three viz: Chief Ede Dafinone, Chief Ighoyota Amori and Mr Peters Omaruaye. There are other pretenders who are not visible in the race. The real contenders are simply these three men. By February 25, Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru will prove to all that he was the reason why Pius Ewherido and Ovie Omo-Agege were elected in their previous election. Our elders have a saying that it is the crooked wood that the expert deploys to prove his expertise. If Peters Omaruaye wins in February, then it would be indisputable that Great Ogboru was the reason for all those elected from the opposition in the past.

That, however is by the wayside. Our concern in this piece is the need to unveil a popular, resourceful, result-oriented and most reliable senator in February. The quality that should define the character and attributes of the next senator should not be lost in the craze for party supremacy. Track records in career and perchance for excellent service delivery should be the major concern of the average Urhobo people. Those in PDP may never see anything good in Ede Dafinone. The same applies to APC enthusiasts and APGA members who may look through the characters of the candidates through their party lens. Such subjective views cannot give the people a popular brand that would be in Abuja to defend Urhobo for what she is worth.

Urhobo is the fifth largest ethnic group in Nigeria. In terms of voters’ figure, Urhobo is equivalent to the voting strength of the whole of Bayelsa state, yet while Bayelsa would be represented by three senators, Urhobo will settle for just one as allowed by the constitution. It is, therefore, trite for the people to send a man who would not be in Abuja to play politics of self and party interest with the destiny of the people. Urhobo desire a senator that would place the people first and think less of self and personal rehabilitation. Between Amori and Dafinone, the average Urhobo man should understand that what Ighoyota Amori seek is social-economic rearmament through the senate while Ede Dafinone is after the opportunity to serve the people.

Ede Dafinone is a super-contented man. The multi-billion-naira investment of the Dafinone family is more than enough for him and his siblings. Even if he chooses not to work for the rest of his life again, Ede Dafinone will still maintain his social status and honour. Those who gasp for breath once they are out of political positions are dangerous gamers who can trade Urhobo for personal survival. Chief Ighoyota Amori depends on political patronage like oxygen. Once he is out of the office, he wriggles with pain like a fish that is out of water. Such a man cannot be said to be seeking an elective position for sake of service, rather, he seeks to be a senator in order to feather his nest for economic rehabilitation.

The people’s senator is the man who would be there to protect Urhobo interests and honour. He should be a voice that cannot be intimidated for any reason. He should not lose his voice because of the fear of losing personal benefits. Like Bola Ahmed Tinubu who was able to stand his own when the federal government under Olusegun Obasanjo denied federal allocations for several years over political differences, Ede Dafinone can stand his own and still maintain his senatorial dignity even if denied the pecks of office over issues of political conviction and principles. A man who would be running from pillar to post over pecks of office cannot be the peoples senator. Urhobo sure need an Ede Dafinone in 2023.

February is not far away. In just about 50 days, the elections will hold and Urhobo will be better for it when Ede Dafinone is voted for Delta Central. The man has clean records of service to his people. He is not known to have betrayed at any time in the political history of the people. His father was a role model as a senator. He will do Urhobo proud in the business of the National Assembly. Senator Ovie Omo-Agege had set the pace. He will guide Dafinone to exploit the senate. Urhobo should not miss this opportunity of voting a people’s senator in 2023. Ede Dafinone is the man!


Donald Okagbare writes from Effurun, Delta State

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