Published On: Mon, Oct 17th, 2022

  Irony Of An  Orogun Leadership In Delta Central


By Billy Egbe

LAGOS OCTOBER 17TH (URHOBOTODAY)-It is sheer waste of time to insult people for asking questions that they consider important.

We will continue to raise issues for the interest of our people and our youths.

The Delta central senatorial seat is a collective property and not the property of one village.

There is a secret I have not told anyone before and I am going to spill it here now. What you have as Federal Polytechnic, Orogun, was actually promised to Ughelli South Local Government Area; Egbo-Uhurie community to be very specific. I don’t know if it was promised to any other community for political exigencies.

We made a large expanse of land available for that project with the belief that it would be sited in Egbo-Uhurie.

I am an Urhobo man and there are questions that I have a right to ask our representatives at all levels.

The project didn’t get to Egbo-Uhurie, but was taken to Orogun. I really don’t have a problem with that. After all, charity begins at home.

But let’s look at these issues holistically. I am not interested in joining issues with illiterates and semi-literates who do not understand the dissimilarity between insults and criticism. It is not in my character to insult people.

Orogun is one out of the many kingdoms in Urhobo nation.

The Buhari administration, just like other northern-led administrations was favourable to Delta state.


Buhari gave Delta state the following major projects:


  1. Federal Polytechnic


  1. Law School


  1. Defense Space Academy


  1. Jamb CBT Center


  1. Oil and Gas industrial park


  1. Independent Power Plant


How do we explain this to any right thinking person that instead of equitably distributing these projects across the eight local government areas, everything was taken to Orogun?

Ughelli South has no major infrastructure. Sapele didn’t get anything. Ethiope East got nothing. Okpe got nothing. Ethiope west got nothing. Udu got nothing.

After giving Orogun a Federal Polytechnic, why not site the proposed law school in another zone? Why not put the law school in Orerokpe? Even if the law school must be in Ughelli North, why not put it in a central location that everyone can access? Why same Orogun that is in the outskirt of Delta central? Would it not be risky for our students to travel through the thick forests of Orogun and expose themselves to kidnappers just to attend a law school? It can even be in Ughelli main town or somewhere along the Eruemukowharien express. Or why not site it near the UPU Center at Uvwiamuge?

Okay! Charity begins at home. Let us also leave the law school for Orogun. What about the Defense Space Academy? Why not site that one somewhere in Udu Local Government Area that has no federal institution? Udu needs federal attention. Why take a Poly, Law School and Defense Space School to only Orogun instead of giving Udu one?

Okay! Charity begins at home. Let us also leave the law school for Orogun. What about the Oil and Gas industrial park? Why not pretend to love other parts of Urhobo by giving that to them? Why site it at Orogun too? Why not Ughelli South? Why not Jesse? Why not Mosogar? Why not Eku? Why not Oghara? Why not Sapele? Why not Uvwie that is central? Why not Udu?

What about the Independent Power Plant? Why same Orogun? Why not any other part of Urhobo nation?

While we expect our Leaders to use their offices to better the lives of their people, chronic nepotism is not something any right thinking person should encourage.

It is not an insult to question such chronic nepotism. It is just a matter of right as a constituent and as an Urhobo man.


Copy and edited..


Original Copy by Billy Oghenebrume Egbe ..

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  1. Dear Mr. Egbe,
    I want to appreciate you for dimming it worthy to pour your mind for us to see. I read your well laid out piece and my conclusion about you is that Urhobo flows in your blood. Your analysis touching all the eight local government of Urhobo land further portrays you as one of the new breed in this greedy generation.
    Severally, I have said it without fear or favor that Senator Omo-Agege is an OROGUN senator and not delta central senator and his praise singers have listed several unseen projects in his name. As I always say, what has a beginning will also have an end. This is the type of a character that wants us to hand over our state to him. It will be better not to have a governor in Urhobo land than give it to Omo-Agege. I have seen many projects and roads of Governor Okowa in Urhobo land even though he is not from Urhobo. How many votes did senator Omo-Agege got in Orogun that Okpe Kingdom, Ughelli, Mosogar, Jesse or Effurun did not give after all his noise makers will tell us that Omo-Agege’s mother is from Okpe Kingdom. Lets use our PVC wisely this time around.

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