Published On: Tue, Jan 21st, 2014

Group Calls for Constitution of Urhobo Think-Tank-Team on CONFAB….Tips Oyovbaire, Djebah, Others

LAGOS JANUARY 21ST (URHOBOTODAY)-As Ethnic Nationalities in Nigeria prepare to deliberate and fathom out ways at ensuring peaceful co-existence, a stronger, just federation and to overcome the numerous challenges facing the Country at the National Conference, the Urhobo Study Group (USG) calls on the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), led by Chief (Maj-Gen.) Patrick Aziza, CON, to urgently put in place a Think-Tank of eminent Constitutional Lawyers, media practitioners, academics, legal experts, political scientists and members of civil society with significant knowledge and expertise to prepare a blue-print on Urhobo position in the forthcoming National Conference, as well as the Nigeria’s Centenary Celebrations.
This call followed a strategic meeting of the USG held December 28, 2013 at Houston, USA to discuss modalities at ensuring effective and positive participation of the Urhobo Ethnic Nationality at both the National Confab and the Centenary Celebrations.
A statement by Prof. Jamin Ohwovoriole, Ph.D made available to Urhobotoday disclosed that it is the considered opinion of the group that the planned Confab offers a unique opportunity for the Urhobo Nation, as Nigeria’s 5th largest ethnic body, to assert her rights and lend her voice powerfully and authoritatively as a major stakeholder in unraveling the many questions and puzzles begging for answers on the State of affairs of Nigeria.
“It is also a great opportunity for the Urhobo People to correct the many years of neglect, injustices and imbalance suffered politically, economically and socio-culturally inspite of her contribution to the National Wealth,” the statement noted.
The USG maintained that the Urhobo Nation, having contributed immensely to its growth and development, the Urhobo people must also play active parts in Nigeria’s Centenary Celebration and benefit from the socio-economic and cultural benefits such participation will bring on her people and region.
The statement added that it is important Urhobos take steps at strategizing effectively in order to reap maximally from the benefits of the 100th Year Celebration.
“Undoubtedly, the National Conference will witness high-level dialogue, technical presentations, just as it is anticipated that top-flight negotiations, alignments and consensus building will be hall marks of the Confab. It is important that, we, as an ethnic nationality, are intellectually, technically and mentally prepared for the National Talk by harnessing our best human and intellectual resources to serve as think-tank/resource persons on the issues crucial to Urhobo Survival and Emancipation to be raised at the Confab.
“Such Think-Tank should comprise such eminent persons as: Chief Albert Akpomudje (SAN), Hon. Oma Djebah (acclaimed International Journalist, technocrat & Public Policy expert); Prof. Sam Oyovbaire (renowned Political Scientist); Prof. Peter Ekeh (Chair, Urhobo Historical Society); Prof. G.G. Darah, Prof. S.W.E.Ibodje, Prof. Onigu Otite, Barr. Mike Igini, Barr. Fred Majemite, Elegbete Moses Odibo, Mr. Abraham Ogbodo (Editor, The Guardian on Sunday) and Chief Peter Igho, among others.
“Given the very high calibre of these nominees, especially their vast professional expertise/experience, intimidating intellectual and technical prowess, talk less their vast network and contacts across Nigeria and overseas, USG believes that a Think-Tank including these patriotic Urhobo Sons will fashion out a water-tight and profitable participation of the Urhobo Nation at the National Conference and the Centenary Celebration,” the statement said.

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