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Published On: Thu, Jun 6th, 2013

Drug Suspect in Double Trouble for Dumping Cocaine in Toilet

Elioku Simon Chibuzor in double trouble

By Oghenekevwe Laba, Lagos
Presently, 28 years old Elioku Simon Chibuzor would have been regretting why he decided to involve himself in the business of hard drug trafficking. If he knew the risks ahead of him while bargaining with his hard drug baron business partner he would have prefer to stick to his auto part business which he had been using to manage his life. But for greed he now found himself between two devils which are his arrest by official of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency and his being hunted by his drug master for dumping their hard drug in a toilet in far away Doha, Quatar.
Urhobotoday reliably gathered from NDLEA source that had Chibuzor bargained with his hard drug barons business partner to travel to Brazil where he was expected to ingest 80 wraps of hard drug for a fee of two thousand Dollars.
The spare part dealer who is from the Eastern part of Nigeria happily accepted the offer hoping to increase his business capital after the success of his trip. As bargained, he successfully ingested the 80 wraps of cocaine and boarded Quatar Airline from Brazil hoping to transit in Doha before moving to Lagos. But when he got to Doha in Quatar probably afraid of being caught, he sneaked into the airport toilet, excreted the drugs and dump them in the toilet before embarking on his journey to Lagos not knowing that there were still six wraps of cocaine stocked in his stomach.
Meanwhile, at the Muritala Mohammed Airport, Ikeja, while was waiting for immigration clearance, the hard drug barons who have already got the information that he dumped the hard drugs in Doha Airport toilet were already threatening to kill him for daring to throw away their hard drugs after all they have invested in the business.
As he was planning how to escape from the barons after his clearance, through intelligence observation an eagle eye NDLEA official suspected him and sort him him out for special screening. In the course of screening, they discovered the remaining six wraps of the hard drug stocked in his stomach.
During interrogation Chibuzor who hailed from Anambra state confessed, “They promised to pay me 2,000 dollars to smuggle the drugs from Brazil to Doha. When I got to Doha, the person who ought to collect the drug from me failed to show up. It was for fear of being caught that made me to dispose the drugs at the airport toilet. I never knew that six wraps were left in my stomach. Now, I have been arrested and the owners of the drugs are after my life.”
NDLEA Airport commander, Mr Hamza Umar who confirmed the arrests also gave the names of the two other suspects who were also arrested with hard drugs at the airport. They are 37 years old Ogbu Obioma Leonard and 43 years old Uzobude Vitus Uju.
According to Hamza, Ogbu ingested 1.175kg of heroin from Pakistan and Uzobude with dual citizenship of Nigeria and Germany ingested 100 wraps of cocaine weighing 1.815kg on his way to London.
Ogbu Obiora Leonard who hails from Enugu State ingested 55 wraps of heroin in Pakistan weighing 1.175kg. According to Ogbu, “I went to Islamabad in March 2012 to work and earn a good living. Unfortunately, my situation became worse because I was jobless. It was so bad that I was looking for money to come back home. That was how I made up my mind to smuggle drugs. They promised to pay me six hundred thousand naira (N600, 000)” Ogbu stated.
Uzobude Vitus who hails from Anambra State ingested 100 wraps weighing 1.815kg said that frustration and lack of money made him to smuggle drugs. “I was promised 3,000 pounds to smuggle drugs to London. I lived in Germany for 15 years. I relocated to London four years ago but it was frustration that made me to traffic in drugs” Uzobude stated.
Speaking on the arrest, NDLEA Chairman, Ahmadu Giade said that no criminal will go unpunished. “We are prepared to stop drug traffickers. No criminal will go unpunished. Members of the public should please continue to provide information about drug traffickers to the Agency” Giade stated.

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