Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2013

Drama as Ailing Suntai Unable To Recognize State Lawmakers Who Visited Him

Gov. Danbaba Suntai

LAGOS AUGUST 29TH (URHOBOTODAY)- The severity of Governor Danbaba Suntai’s brain damage became obvious to the leadership of the Taraba State House of Assembly who visited him yesterday, two of the legislators reported.
A surprise invitation was extended to the lawmakers to meet Mr. Suntai after a group of state legislators threatened to commence the ailing governor’s impeachment. One of the lawmakers who saw Mr. Suntai said the sudden invitation was designed to placate lawmakers.
The delegation of lawmakers was led by the speaker of the Taraba State Assembly, Haruna Tsokwa. Our sources revealed that the legislators met Mr. Suntai who was seated on a couch struggling to speak some words to the delegates. They disclosed that Mr. Suntai did not recognize any of the lawmakers. His speech was characterized as garbled, confused and mostly inaudible, according to one source. He added that, at one point, the brain-injured governor managed to say that one of them was his “big deputy.” The person he referred to then told Mr. Suntai that he was not his deputy.
Our sources added that the bizarre meeting convinced the assembly leadership that Mr. Suntai was incapable of running the state. They retreated to a meeting at the state assembly. The meeting ended and the lawmakers left without addressing the media, the promised to return to the chambers tomorrow.
Meanwhile, the cabal tied to Mr. Suntai that has sought to maneuver the sick governor back in office this evening carried out another charade by swearing in some so-called “newly appointed” government officials in the state. The alleged swearing-in took place at the governor’s dining room without any member of his executive council or security chiefs in attendance. There was no judicial officer in sight to administer the oath
Mr. Suntai was made to seat on one of the chairs and at a point given a paper to read. A witness said it was unclear what he tried to do with the paper, at a point he spoke a few words in Hausa but for the rest of the event his voice was inaudible throughout the charade.

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