Published On: Tue, Aug 6th, 2013

‘DPP is not Factionalised, Neither APC Member’

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By Doyin Iyiola
The Democratic Peoples Party, DPP, has reconfirmed its status as an independent political party with a strong desire to wrest power from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015. The party, which recently lost its only seat at the Senate due to the sudden death of its member, Senator Pius Ewherido, is again re-assuring its members, following INEC’s registration of APC, of its non-membership of the newly registered party.
This also formed the central theme of Chief Great Ogboru’s speech when he addressed the party faithful in Abrakar on Sunday the 4th of August. The mammoth gathering of his supporters at the Abrakar Motel was a clear demonstration of the party’s strength. It was also designed to showcase the party’s pre-eminence in Delta politics and the obvious fact that the party is still intact.
The whole of Abrakar was agog as a massive number of party supporters stormed the town to declare their continued overwhelming support for the party and Chief Ogboru. Olorogun Otega Emerhor, who was rumoured to have switched over to the ACN was among the visitors to Ogboru’s residence. The amiable Sir Richard Odibo, Ede Dafinone, a senatorial candidate in the expected bye election and other potential candidates including Chief Napoleon Igbinije as well as other top politicians in the state were also in Abraka to pay their respect.
“Who said Chief Great Ogboru has lost relevance? What is happening at Abraka as we read now is not a bedroom politics, I call this a true show of popularity, a true test of relevance. It is pertinent to note here that Uduaghan has never attracted this much followership, even with all his cabinet members and their followers combined. In conclusions the people have shown that their choice remains unchangeable and (that they) cannot be bought over. It is a clear message (against) money politics … that 93% of Deltans ( who still support DPP) cannot sell out, while five per cent (of Deltans) are politically idle, only two per cent have sold their conscience, integrity, eyes and ears for money. Once again Deltans have sent a warning signal (to doubting Thomases more so) in a no- campaign era ( to retrace their steps) and to those who can interpret the signs (correctly to buckle up) ,” comments an observer of the political event in Abraka.
Calling the attention of its numerous members to INEC’s statement announcing APC’s registration, the party reveals that the only three parties involved in the merger are ACN, CPC and ANPP. The party restates its determination to maintain its leading position particularly in Delta State and to forge ahead as a formidable political party in the build-up to 2015.
The party also insists that it still remains intact as no factions whatsoever exists within its fold. It supports this stance referring to a recent declaration by INEC that it did not recognise any faction within DPP. In the statement, INEC declares its recognition of DPP as a single entity without any factions. Allaying the fears of its members about its future and its true status as an independent party, the party enjoins its members to ignore its rumoured merger with APC. The party insists that there are no divisions within its ranks.
On the first of August, 2013, INEC, through its secretary, Mrs Augusta C. Ogakwu, wrote to inform DPP that it has not “recognised any faction led by Mr. Olisameka Akamukali” within the party. INEC declares emphatically thus: “The Commission has not recognised the existence of any faction in the DPP, please.”
Directing its address particularly to its teeming supporters in Delta State, the party counsels, through its state chairman, Chief Tony Ezeagwu, that, while it is still awaiting another opportunity to re-present its socio, political and economic agenda to the good people of the State, its members should not lose hope. It adds that it has always won elections in the state and that come 2015, it will still emerge the winner.
“We wish to appeal to our party members not to lose faith but to continue to hold on tenaciously to the belief that, as always, victory will come again in 2015. The change that Deltans seek will surely come. The love and the passion we have for the State remain undiminished and we will continue to seek ways to bring succour to our long suffering people.
As we look forward to the future, the time has come for us to reflect deeply on our journey so far and to give ourselves the kudos for a job well done. We might have been denied our mandate through insidious legal manipulations; we can still hold our heads high knowing full well that we are the real winners in the minds of our people,” declares the party.

Written by Doyin Iyiola an observer

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