Published On: Sun, Mar 3rd, 2013

Did Oshiomole Perform Better than Uduaghan?

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By Choice Omo-Agege
Like twin brothers with divergent views, the duo of Edo and Delta State were both born out of the defunct Bendel State, but have since developed on different paths.
Following the handover of Nigeria to democratic elected government by the military, Delta State have been under the administration of a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led government, while as a result of a court decision, Edo State is comfortably moving on the reins of an Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).

Although, both claim to be initiating a people oriented government, the magical broom of development has been ensuring a proper sweep of all nooks and cranny of Edo State under the leadership of former NLC boss, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, Delta State is seating comfortably under the umbrella of the Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan led government.
With the speedy development of Edo state under the Comrade Governor, it has left so many questions unanswered in the minds of Nigerians. This is in comparism with the allocation from the Federal Government that is attributed to the State monthly. On the other hand, those clamouring for a change in governance in Delta State started comparing and contrasting both states in terms of development.
“If Edo state that receives lesser funds than Delta as allocation from the Federal Government, can experience rapid growth in infrastructure under within four years of governance by the Oshiomhole led government, then what is the Delta State government doing with funds accrued to the State?”
In juxtaposing both States viz-a-viz their level of development in all capacity, Oshiomhole`s entrance into governance in 2008, is reflected in all angles. First, the road network in different parts of Edo State is nothing compared to those in Delta, since the inception of the Uduaghan administration.
On the transport sector in Delta state, it will be a pity that the Edos will say Oshiomhole has not delivered. Before Oshiomhole came into governance, the Auchi township road was in a state of calamity but today, within 4years, the Auchi township road now serves as a tourist center. What of the Auchi-Aviele road which was unmotorable, today, it is a different story. Owing to its massive developmental strides, formally known as the “ancient City of Benin”, it is now called “Modern Benin city.”
On his part, following the construction of a road which had resulted in the pulling down of parts of the wall of the Oba of Benin Palace, he had said, “If the pulling down of my wall would aid the further beautification of Benin, then the Comrade governor has got my blessing.”
The ring road at Benin City which had been an eyesore, is now a tourist centre for everyone including foreigners. What of the dual carriage way at Benin, the Uromi-Igueben road, and others? After seeing all these, one could boldly say PDP has failed in Delta.
On her part, though with lots of “so-called” on-going project, Delta State seems to be crawling with the Ughelli township road, which has been under construction since 2006, but till date is still yet to be completed.
The Ebor-Obodiete road at Orogun is an abandoned project, what of Asaba – Ughelli road? That is a story for another day, yet the State governor seems to be receiving awards on what has been termed “Good governance initiative” with him attending all parties of the Presidency.
The current government of Delta state can not point out a road that was executed and completed.
In the Educational sector, both states are currently carrying out a renovation and rebuilding of public schools, but we must give kudos to the Delta State governor, for he is the most student friendly governor in Nigeria. Edo state is not blessed in this sector, maybe that is why Oshiomhole’s opponent, Gen Charles challenged the education background of the Comrade governor at the court. The recent renovation of schools across Delta state has even attracted parents to withdraw their children from private schools to public schools. The annual student’s bursary for higher institution students across the country is now a tradition mark in Uduaghan’s government.
Even if the Edo State government has decided to pilot the education ministry without a commissioner, Delta state is exceptional, as it has hardworking and cooperative hands like Prof Patrick Muoboghare and Prof Hope Eghagha who are there to stir the affairs of the educational sector.
A West Africa Examination Council enrolment fee is a thing of the past in Delta. Students don’t even know whether they pay fees or not, free transportation of primary school students is also there. It is a pity that the Edo state governor doesn’t even know what bursary is, not to talk of free transportation.
The Delta State Urban Transportation scheme is another credit to Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, as it has reduced the cost of transportation within the state. The well comfortable buses have even forced individuals to abandon their vehicles just for public transport. The Edo state is still creeping in the transportation sector and not even the comrade’s buses can help the situation.
Security of lives and properties is one of the agenda of the Delta state governor, but we don’t know whether the security is for the masses or for government officials only. Even government officials are not safe any longer, as they are the most victims of kidnappers in the state. Delta state has turned into kidnappers den as Edo state also is witnessing political violence and assassination, which lead to the death of the Private Secretary to Oshiomhole. The recent attempt on the life of Oshiomhole is a clear evidence that even the governor is not safe.
These comparing facts are clear indications that both states under their current governors have their individual deficiencies and merits. Deltans should know that where they seem to praise Oshiomhole’s work against Uduaghan’s, they should also applaud Uduaghan in areas he delivered, where Oshiomhole failed.
Source: Urhobotimes

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