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Delta 2015: Okowa is Better than the Prophet, Nwaonicha Replies Ikpeazu

Senator Okowa

LAGOS FEBRUARY 25TH (URHOBOTODAY)-I’m using this opportunity to thank my very good friend and brother, Chief (Barr) Alex Ikpeazu for the interview he granted to Ika Weekly February 15, 2015. My brother, I know that you have an aspirant at heart for the Delta State Governorship – 2015: “a self-acclaimed prophet”. I’m also congratulating you for acknowledging the fact that the best candidate will be nominated by PDP.
My brother, please note that the Delta State Governorship Race – 2015 will be based on proven personality and integrity issues. Your “man of God” disappointed Niger Delta Region, how do you know if he will not disappoint Delta State as a Governor? He could not manage the Niger Delta Ministry, he lacks management skills. Please note that2015 election in Delta State is not for politicians that are rude, arrogant, unscrupulous, mischief makers and pathological liars. Think about it and think wise. Don’t be persuaded by “penny here penny there”. My brother, try one day to speak the truth for the benefit of the masses and you will be blessed.
Please, be aware that among those indicating interest in the Governorship race, only Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa is more on ground than any otherAspirant in any party in Delta State. Your“self-acclaimed prophet” that destroys Niger Delta Region is a spoiler.Honestly, he is going no were, please advise him to work with the Senator for his future political endeavor.
My big brother, note that the Senator is selfless, more compassionate and more reasonable in terms of leadership and management skills. The Senator is a seasoned and a grassroots politician; he is focused, experienced and has a very good track record. Chief Ikpeazu, your “man of God” is selfish and should re-examine himself before making a political mistake of his life time.
Chief Ikpeazu, the qualities and attributes that make Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa a good and marketable candidate in Delta State election come 2015, is better than that of “the prophet” and any other aspirant. The qualities and attributes are:
The Senator has a policy of empowering the Poor, Women and Youths. He is God fearing, visionary, creative and has ideas. He listens to the masses and has an open door policy. He is humble and ready to work with all Deltans and does not believe in parochial leadership. Above all, he has the best political structure in Delta State. He is a man of the people, for the people and by the people and this is what Democracy is all about. These qualities, attributes and other relevant leadership skills surpass that of any other Governorship Candidate in Delta State irrespective of his/her political affiliation.The three criteria globally used to measure preference for a leader are competence, integrity and acceptability. Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa got them all and today the Senator is acceptable to the generality of Deltans. My brother, your choice, the “self-acclaimed prophet” does not have these qualities, attributes and leadership skills hence he goofed as a Minister of Niger Delta Region.
I therefore request that you Chief (Barr) Alex Ikpeazu, every Anioma indigene and Deltans; especially PDP members to come out en masse and Register to Vote because this time around your vote will count. Please communicate this massage toAnioma people, Deltans, members of your family and friends at home and abroad. Chief (Barr) Alex Ikpeazu, I come to you with a simple request: I need your support and the support of your followers, and that of “the prophet” for Senator IfeanyiOkowa to put in place his vision to make Delta State a better place for us to live and a better place for Deltans and Nigerians in general.
I have held various discussions with fellow Deltans both at home and in Diaspora and, as well as progressive-minded Deltans about Senator IfeanyiOkowa’s readiness to contest for the Delta State Governorship in the coming general election, 2015. My findings were astonishing as everyone is in the Senator’s support. Chief, a public opinion polls that I conducted point to the Senator’s candidacy as the best in PDP for Delta State. Fellow Deltans, the Senator is your man and he has the best political structure among other candidates in the State. He is the best candidate out there and he will carry all Deltans along.
Between now and the beginning of the primary elections, the Senator shall present his vision for Delta State to Deltans. He will ask Deltans to hear his views, judge his competence and weigh his success in chosen endeavors. At the same time, he will continue to seek the advice of Deltans on issues that are of utmost importance to them and I strongly believe he will listen to your views and your needs.
The years I spent in academia and political world have taught me a great deal of lessons on human and material resources management. Therefore, I see SenatorIfeanyiOkowa as an individual that will create wealth for Deltans by engaging in policies that would create jobs for our graduates, develop our industrial base and more importantly, position ourselves to be competitive in today global market economy. His candidacy, I strongly believe is about lifting Deltans out of poverty into prosperity. He is a giant for justice and a down-to-earth human inspiration.
I believe that every citizen no matter their societal status has the God endowed right to demand from their government the creation of those conditions that will support their basic necessities of life. The basic necessities of life are the things a human being cannot do or live without the lack of which can lead to death. Some of the basic necessities of life are; food, light, shelter, water, safety and security needs and clothing among others. Safety and Security needs including personal security, financial security, health and well-being, safety net against accidents/illness. These are the primary factors that enhance humanity. Some of these basic necessities of life are not there in Delta State for all Deltans. This is why Senator IfeanyiOkowa is stepping in as he is the only candidate among others with the road map to take Delta State to the Promised Land – by placing the economic and social developments of Delta State on a top priority and on a solid footing. As observed, Deltans security (social and economic) is the Senator’s concern and top priority.
My Chief, I make a pledge to Aniomas and Deltans today that this fine gentleman will serve all Deltanswith all his strength, with dignity and humility, and to the best of his ability. I believe in God for guidance for him to successfully carry out this mission.
I pray PDP thinks wise and big by nominating Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa as its flag bearer in Delta State for the Governorship election come 2015.
From the discussions I had with the Senator, I notice that the Senator’s social and economic manifestos (intentions, motives or views of Delta State priorities) are in line with Delta State social and economic developments’ agenda. The Senator believes in policy continuity, a strategic development plan. All these fall within the range of Delta State 3-point agenda of Peace and Security, Human Capital Development and Infrastructure Development. In addition, the Senator has already prepared to encourage and promote the mechanism for smothering the process of registering concerns by foreign investors through the Delta State One Stop Shop for Investors (DSOSSI). In Delta State, DSOSSI is an investment facilitation mechanism where relevant government agencies are brought to one location, coordinated and streamlined to provide prompt, efficient and transparent services to investors. This process, I believe is to reduce frustrations that local and foreign investors undergo. I commend Delta State Government for this initiative and at the same time I thank the Senator for making this issue confronting Delta State one of his top priorities. As noted, this issue (frustrating the investors) is one of the factors retarding the Social and Economic Development of the State and the Nation at large.
From every indication, I believe the Senator is planning to develop Delta State economy without Oil and Gas – pushing Delta State forward socially and economically beyond Oil and Gas. That is, to run Delta State almost 100 per cent non oil economy by intensifying internally generated revenue and perhaps cutting cost of governance. It should be noted that Oil and Gas are finite assets and exhaustible resources that cannot be permanently relied on to continually sustain the State’s social and economic developments.
As noted, the Senator believes that local and foreign investment options abound everywhere in Delta State to create employment for the youths: in commercial agriculture, manufacturing, culture and tourism,education, healthcare, petrochemical and fertilizer industries, road construction, housing, electricity, information and communication technology (ICT), insurance, banking, raw materials and mining among others. The lack of sustainable industrial and technology developments in the State isa serious matter that requires stronger commitments in the form of practical approach to priority issues (infrastructural developments) from the Local Governments to the State Government. As noted, your degree of commitment determines your degree of success! Therefore, I believe that in all human endeavors, the different between success and failure is time, determination and genuine commitments, and the Senator is committed in perusing these developmental goals.
As we know,the cornerstone for sustainable development Delta Stateis through a practical approach in infrastructural development:developmentin education to create efficient human resources: the greatest resources of any nation, development in energy as energy is one of the prime factors for industrial and technology developments, development in transportation, developmentof our roads as our roads are dead traps, waterways, housing, development in health as our healthcare system is in shambles, developmentin information technology – one of the fastest growing technology is poorly operated due to network problems, water supply as the masses are suffering from diarrhea related diseases due to bad water, development in agriculture as our food is about 80% carbohydrate, which could lead to diabetic related diseases (there is need to diversify our food production and work towards mechanized farming), promotion of effective Research and Development (R&D) and effective use of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), among others. The Senator is aware that all these activities will promote economic development, job creation and safe society.Therefore,I strongly believe the Senator is going for knowledge economy through sustainable developmentofour infrastructureas it’s the economy that is going to create the jobs. Therefore, the benefits of a close relationship with the Senator and Delta State cannot be overemphasized. Please my brother,Chief (Barr) Alex Ikpeazu encourages your “man of God” to support Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa to realize this lofty goal for Delta State and join us in this journey with all your supports.
Finally, my generation of leaders must rise and rebuild the future of Delta State, and we must do it on a new plan that involves patriotic Deltans. My brother,Chief (Barr) Alex Ikpeazu your “man of God” is not a patriotic Deltan hence he neglected Niger Delta Region as a Minister. When we are principled, our policies and goals must not fail. The Senator is a man of principle. Salvaging Delta State is a task that must be done.
In another note, I want to thank Chief Peter Nwaoboshi, the Chairman of the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Delta State for his comment about Anioma Congress, as he faulted the proposed arrangement to screen all the governorship aspirants of Anioma extraction at the palace of the Asagba of Asaba, Prof. Obi Joseph Edozien, describing the move as uncalled for. However, we have to unite as a people and do the right thing for Anioma and Delta State at large. Thank you Chief Peter Nwaoboshi.
Therefore,Chief (Barr) Alex Ikpeazu my brother, fellow Aniomas and Deltans; give the Senator your strong mandate because you’re on the right path and he will deliver the goods to you.
I can see a bright light at the end of the tunnelfor Deltansif the Senator is given the chance. I wish the Senator well in his political endeavor.
Thank you Chief Peter Nwaoboshi, Chief (Barr) Alex Ikpeazu, God Bless Anioma and God Bless Delta State.
Elder (Dr.) Chukwuma O. Nwaonicha

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