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Beneficiaries of Graceland Free Medical Services Urge Govt. Others to Support the Foundation (PICS)

Officails of Gracelandland Foundation assessing a patient

By Ibebe Rufus
Beneficiaries of free medical services of Graceland Diabetes Foundation have called on Federal Government, State Government, Corporation Organisations, International Organisation, Non-Governmental Organisations and well meaning individual to come to the assistance of the foundation so that they could extend their free medical services to the larger population seeking for their assistance.

Cross section of patients waiting for their turn

The call for the support of the foundation came when officials of Graceland Diabetes Foundation in collaboration with Mr. Adeyemi Okoloko, Mr Mideno Bayagbon, Mr. Umukoro James, Bishop Jacob Omasheyo and Hon. Doro Sakpade took free screening and treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes patients to Jeddo, Gbokodo,Ughoton, Ubeji and Amadino communities in Delta State.
In addition to the aforementioned ailment, the Foundation also created awareness on how to contain and prevent the deadly Ebola virus.

Founder of Graceland Foundation, Mrs Mercy Ekpoke (Right) sorting out drugs for patients

In the course of the Ebola awareness creation, free diagnosis and treatment of those suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure no fewer than five thousand people were diagnosed and free drugs giving to those who tested positive. Beneficiaries also had their blood pressure checked including advice on the kind of diets to be taken by those suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. Free drugs were provided to those diagnosed of either suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes. There was a counseling section where all participants were advised to do regular exercises in other to burn excess sugar in the body that could bring damage to their health.

Drugs to be giving out free of charge

One of the beneficiaries of the programme, Mr. Olumu Lucky commended the organizers for providing free diagnosis and treatment for the ailments, just as he prayed that God should bless the organizers and give them the grace to do more. He however called on the government, international organization like World Health Organisation and well meaning individual to assist them in other to be able to do more for the people. He promised to teach others what he had been taught in the programme when he gets home.
Another beneficiary, Chief B.W. Enamiriawa who was amazed at the medical professionalism and care exhibited to patients by the officials of the Foundation despite that the services were provided free of charge enjoined government and those with financial means to support the foundation, adding that if the Foundation has extra support they would make many people and families healthy and happy.
.Founder of Graceland Diabetes Foundation, Mrs. Mercy Ekpoke said the Foundation was set up in 2008 to provide support for people suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, adding that they have gone to many places across Nigeria to offer free diagnoses and treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes because they believe that is the best way to create a healthy society.

Regional Coordinator of Gracelandland Foundation, Mr Peter Ekpoke diagonising a patient

She explained that they decided to add awareness creation of the deadly Ebola disease because a lot of Nigerians were still ignorant of the disease, stressing that just like high blood pressure and diabetes, Ebola is another killer disease that Nigerians need to know about.
Mercy Ekpoke who said she was happy over the high turn out of people noted, “.The high attendants were encouraging because it proved that many Nigerians were becoming more aware of the need to know their health status.”
She thanked all those that have supported them this far and called on the government to assist them in other to save more lives. Her words “I wish to specially call on the government to assist us in other to be able to save more people. We need more insulin to save the life of many Nigerian. We need vehicle for effective delivering of services to Nigerians as well as a building to use as office”.
On prevention and containment of the deadly Ebola virus, Mercy Ekpoke advised that Ebola could be prevented by frequently washing of hands, avoid handling of corpses and remains of dead animals as well as avoiding areas of known outbreak. She maintained that avoiding direct contact with infected person is another way of preventing Ebola, just as she identified Ebola symptoms as fever, severe headache, general weakness of the body, diarrhea, vomiting as well abdominal pain.

Beneficiaries waiting for their turn

She said although Ebola has not come to Delta state, there is the need to create the awareness among Deltans in other to stop the disease from coming to the state.
Speaking on the danger of high blood pressure and diabetes, Regional Coordinator of Graceland Foundation, Mr. Peter Ekpoke cautioned that high blood pressure and diabetes are two deadly diseases that have taken the lives of many Nigerians, noting that the disease is more deadly than HIV.
He said while HIV is contacted through contact with an affected person through sex or sharing sharp object, high blood pressure and diabetes can be inherited. He advised that the best way to live a healthy life is to ensure that we know our high blood pressure and diabetes status, adding that this is the only way that we could effectively manage the sickness.

Founder of Graceland Foundation, Mrs Mercy Ekpoke (backing camera) attending to patients

He warned that these diseases are no respecter of any personality, affirming that seven out of every ten death in Nigeria is caused by high blood pressure and diabetes related ailment. He pleaded to all Nigerians to please ensure that they know their high blood pressure and diabetes status in other to be able to save themselves and their family members
Delta State Co-ordinator of Graceland Diabetes Foundation, Mr. Freedom Eyefia disclosed that the foundation had helped a lot of Deltans to gain access to quality health care services, adding that the programme have been held in many parts of the state with the aim of helping Deltans.

Regional Coordinator of Graceland Foundation, Mr Peter Ekpoke (left) attending to a patient, while Mrs Mercy Ekpoke gives free prescription to a patient

He revealed that the body offers free treatment because they wish to impact on the lives of both the rich and the poor. He called on the government to help the foundation so that they can cover many other places within and outside the state.
His words “We have helped a lot of Deltans and we can still do more within and outside the state with the help of the government”.

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