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Published On: Wed, Jun 12th, 2019

Angry Nigerian Slams Senators For Electing Omo Agege Alleged Mace Snatcher

LAGOS JUNE 12TH (URHOBOTODAY)-A Nigerian man, Power Osiweghor, has taken Nigerian government to the cleaners, saying rather than punish people who disgrace the country, the leaders of the nation reward them for dragging the name of Nigeria on the mud.
Osiweghor, who posted on facebook, went livid with the manner, Senator Ovie Omo Agege emerged senate deputy president without the national assembly leaders, the presidency and the APC leaders considering how he allegedly organized thugs and stole mace from the chambers of the national assembly.
Below is the post he made on facebook:
Shame of a nation: A national thug and mace runner has emerged the Deputy Senate President of Nigeria.
What a disgrace, what a shame, what a country!
We were taught that crime does not pay,
that thuggery is a mark of irresponsibility,
that leaders posses characters worthy of emulation.
Ovie Omo-Agege who committed the worst crime in history against our country should not be walking freely on the streets, he should be in jail! Not in the Senate, not to preside over our National Assembly.
They aim to make us hate our county and curse the day we were borne as Nigerians.
They aim to build hopelessness in us.
They aim to destroy our country.
But, they have failed!
Posterity will never be fair on them.
Nigeria does not belong to them alone. Nigeria is bigger than all of us. We won’t be discouraged, we won’t faint and we won’t loose hope.
We shall take back our country and place it where it rightly belongs.
However, its very unfortunate that some unscrupulous and cursed youths are celebrating this crime against humanity, against our progress and development.


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  1. what Osiweghor, is staying has no sense.how many Nigeria past leader that has been crucified with there crime ? how many case have you be able to sponsored with your money in court,if Osiweghor,want me to believed that he is a good Nigerian let him go to court on omoagege and fight for Nigerians . did Osiweghor want to tell us that he has not sheeting Nigeria one way or the others? God knows Let the changes Begin’s with you. ire oo

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