Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Man Who Claim Jihadists Plant Explosive In Asaba New Secretariat Is Talking ‘Garbage’-Police

LAGOS JUNE 20TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Delta State Police Command has debunked the claim of Mr Obinobe who claimed to have discovered some Jihadists planting explosives in the new secretariat building in Asaba, Delta State last month, and informed the police about it.
Obinabe in a publication in Vanguard disclosed that since then, strange men and vehicle has been trailing him, adding he had fled from Asaba in order to save his life.
Describing Obinabe as that individual talking lies and uttering garbage, the Delta State Police Public Relation Officer, PPRO, DSP Bright Edafe said he is disputing his claim because there is a PPRO in the Command, there is a Commissioner of Police in the Command and he has still not come to say what occurred.
“He simply went to the internet; I don’t want to make any assumptions, but if he is honest in his assertion, he should come to me; rather than going to the internet and talking garbage, I will bring him to the Commissioner of Police.
“He has not filed the event to any police station, and a journalist has phoned and asked me this very same question you have, and it is not acceptable for us to learn about it on social media.
“As I’m concerned, that individual (Obinobe) is anonymous; I cannot remark on a faceless people; I must see him; he must report formally before something is said or done about it if he has reported and I am unaware,” he told journalists.
When reporters pointed to him that Obinobe had met with the Deputy Commissioner of Police, who had taken him to the Commissioner of Police to discuss the problem, DSP Edafe replied, “Okay, I am not aware, I will confirm from the Commissioner of Police.”
Recall that Obinabe had made a publication online that odd vehicle has been shadowing his car since delivering the information a bomb planted at the new Asaba Secretariat to the security officers by suspected jihadists.
According to him, “My family is aware of this unusual black Toyota automobile tailing my car, which has caused me anxiety and put my life in danger, so I chose to take a different route to enter and exit my house.”

”The most recent danger that compelled me to flee Asaba came on Sunday morning (June 13), when I noticed two unfamiliar people in our Close, seemingly waiting for me to emerge from the building and go to Church.
“However, after spotting them from my upstairs apartment, I opted not to go to church or leave my house that Sunday, when they waited hours before leaving disappointed.
”All I know about such a circumstance is that after delivering the information to them, I provided my testimony to the Investigation Police Officer, IPO, who also got my car reg number. And I’ve phoned the police superintendent to tell him about my situation and that I’m going to make it public because I’m afraid for my life,” he explained.
“I notified the police with intelligence that led to the ejection of the explosive device that was discovered behind the cities newly erected Secretariat by Mariam Babangida axis,” he claimed last month when asked how he helped the police prevent the explosion.
”I was coming from a viewing centre after a Champions League tournament match between Chelsea and Real Madrid in May when I noticed somebody standing on top of a wall behind the freshly completed Delta State Secretariat building.
“As I got closer while still driving, I noticed a parked tricycle with a curtain on it, and because I was in a dark environment due to the power outage, I felt weird and quickly remembered the police call to ‘if you see something, say something.’
“I instantly turned around and drove back to Asaba Police Headquarters, which is near to the secretariat. But, on the way, I came across a police checkpoint and informed the officers on duty about the incident.
“The cops were first hesitant to go, but I offered to drive them there in my Jeep, and we all drove there, where the cops discovered some bizarre artefacts with the word explode inscribed on them.
”They, on the other hand, thanked me, but when I wanted to go, they asked for my contact number so that their supervisor could thank me for saving them from disgrace, and I gave them my phone number and departed. That night, I got a text from the police confirming that the things were really bombs.
”A few days after it happened, state headquarters police summoned me to meet with their supervisor; I went, and they asked me to make statements on the incident, which I did.
”Several days after it happened, state headquarters police summoned me to see with their supervisor; I went, and they told me to make statements on the incident, which I did.
”After a week, I began to notice a strange car following my car and now seeing two weird men hanging from my Close Street from 6.30 am to 8.00 am, and I refused to go out for fear of my life, and I’ve been wondering if I did anything wrong.
”As a result, I am once again asking to the IGP, the governor, and the state Chief of Police to come to my aid since my life is in grave danger.”
The wife of Obinobe, who spoke to newsmen over the phone, made known her fear, by describing how a Toyota Camry car once chased her and her kids, but they were able to flee.
Extract from Vanguard

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