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Published On: Mon, Mar 6th, 2017

Group Rubbishes Lagos Monarch, Akiolu Over Hate Statement On Atiku

Oba Akiolu and Abubakar Atiku when the going was good

Oba Akiolu and Abubakar Atiku when the going was good

LAGOS MARCH 6TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The Atiku Support Group [ASG] has, in a press statement yesterday, lambasted the unbecoming vicissitudinous attitude of the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu.
Coordinator of the group, Mr Mark Wosi, with heavy disdain, said Oba Akiolu as a traditional ruler should respect himself and quit delving into partisan politics because of the revered office he is occupying.
In the press statement, he accused the monarch to have flawed the respected throne with bad character unlike his predecessor who lived as an instrument of love and unity to everyone.

Rilwan, it could be noted, is always on the news over some form of hatred or the other and plants seeds of enmity with his ignoble controversies and unholy acts that can divide the country.
In the press statement, the group cautioned Rilwan to know where he can address his grievances to.
Mark reiterated that the Oba has no reasons to hate their principal (Atiku) as far as the recent unwarranted utterances wherein he did not hide his hatred for the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar.
“The Oba on several occasions accused Atiku of being responsible for his early exit from the Police Force, calling Atiku all sort of unprintable disparaging names to vent his anger on a man that is innocent of the Oba’s fate.
“Atiku has refused to join issues with the Oba who is frustrated because of his evil machinations and manipulations.
“For a man whose records is nothing but rubble rust in the police force to still sit on the throne of Lagos is a desecration of the sacred Stool of the Lagosians and an insult to the sensibilities of the good people of Lagos.
“Rilwan Akiolu was disgraced out of the police force and sent packing because of his many vicissitudes and unholy deals as the head of the task force then.
“He was recommended for retirement by the Police Service Commission because of his many sins and dirty deals.
“The Commission went ahead and retired him based on the fact that the Commission is empowered by the law to do so.
“For the Oba to always drag the name of Atiku into his plight calls for question about his true motive for wanting to remain in the force at all costs.
“At the time of his retirement Atiku Abubakar was the vice president and not a member of the Police Service Commission to have had a hand in his retirement.
“There was no personal issue/s that joined Atiku and Oba Akiolu to warrant such accusations. Atiku Abubakar cannot stoop so low as to have issues that could led him to have influenced the retirement of a man who has never been a match to him neither is he a threat to him in any way. It is a downgrading for Akiolu to have mentioned the name of Atiku in his retirement imbroglio.” It stated
In the statement also ASG the Oba should desist from calling Atiku a corrupt Man, his penchant attitude addressing him as such amounted to nothing than taunting the entire throne of Lagosian.
“The Oba’s penchant for calling Atiku a corrupt man who went about selling Public Assets and buying same for himself, portrays him (Akiolu) as the picture of a man who is ignorant of the person of Atiku Abubakar. As the Vice President of Nigeria he was vested with the power to head the Privatization and Commercialization Program of the Federal Government.
“For Oba Akiolu to accuse Atiku to be responsible for his retirement he should have approached the competent court of law to challenge the action; if he is sure of himself.
“He has the right to seek redress in the court, but before doing so he should consult his conscience and convince himself that he does not have any dirty linen.
“[This is] because “he that lives in a glass house do not throw stones”. Making reference to Atiku, the Oba said he will never support any corrupt person to lead Nigeria again.
“He went on to say that he will campaign against such person.
“In as much as we know that the Oba has the right to his opinion on any issue, we challenge him to prove his allegations of corruption against Atiku with evidence that he stole from the public fund and looted the treasury of the people.
“But if the Oba cannot prove these, he should keep quiet and shut his mouth.
“He is the Oba of Lagos, therefore, he should face the responsibility of giving the people of his domain the required leadership he is chosen to provide or else he should quit and allow people with the requisite character to lead the good people of Lagos.
“As a retired security chief, the Oba is expected to know the implications of his ungodly utterances and the weight of what he is saying,” said the statement.
The statement further said that the Oba is the world most corrupt Monarch who succeeded in rubbishing the highly exalted throne of the Lagos people with high mindedness and flaw attitude of unlike a king.
“Oba retired Nigeria Police Force at the Rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) during the Obasanjo administration.
“[He] is an angry man that is ready to do anything to those he perceived to be his enemies.
“He accused some people as being responsible for his untimely retirement from the force when he was the Head of the Task Force.

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  1. sirOscie says:

    This so called Oba of Lagos has no respect for people and does not deserve respect.
    He makes very careless, insensitive and divisive comments like when he insulted the Igbo ethnic group during the 2015 national elections.
    Though Atiku or any politician of note who wants to contest election should ignore this Oba and his rants, nonetheless, to avoid a situation where this disgraced former Police Officer continues to bring insult upon himself and the people of Lagos, those who pay his salary as an Oba, should call him to order..

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