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Published On: Fri, Sep 6th, 2013

Urhobo Youth Leader Takes Campaign for Support of Jonathan to US, Calls for Urhobo Unity

Comrade Rex Ekiugbo (Centre) flanked by two members of Urhobo Progress Union America

By Oghenekevwe Laba
LAGOS SEPTEMBER 6TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The Convener, Coalition of Urhobo Nation, Youth Leaders and Stakeholders, Comrade Rex Anighoro has taking the campaign for the support of President Goodluck Jonathan and unity of Urhobo nation to the United States of Anerica (USA).

Comrade Rex Ekiugbo (Centre) flanked by another members of Urhobo Progress Union America

Speaking during an interactive session with Young Adults Leadership led by Miss Enajite Onos in Boston, United States of America (USA) at the Urhobo Progress Union, America (UPUA) Convention 2013, Comrade Rex Anighoro urged continued support for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan Presidency, adding that it would be of the best interest of the Urhobo Nation to give Jonathan their support.

He warned that the Urhobo Nation must not fall for the antics of supremacist and born to rule propagandist, but should stand by their brother President in the interest of all minorities.
Comrade Anighoro called on Urhobo youths and young adults all over the world to brace up to the challenge of evolving an enduring agenda that would galvanize Urhobo unity and progress.
He observed that there is a leadership challenge in Urhobo nation and that the onus is on all Urhobo youths and young adults who have sense of responsibility to articulate and craft an ideological road map for Urhobo advancement.
He insisted that great Patriarchs of the Urhobo Nation like the Mowoes, Salubis, Marieries, Esisos and Okumagbas among others were youths and young adults when they took upon themselves the great responsibility and patriotic duty of providing leadership, giving global presence and pride of place to the Urhobo Nation.
Anighoro who recently received an award of the most outstanding Urhobo Youth Leader from Urhobowood Organization enjoined Urhobo youths and young adult leaders to come together and,halt the proliferation of Urhobo groups which which is threatening the unity of the Urhobo Nation and making her a laughing stock to other institutions and nations.
He maintained that lack of cohesion, existence of pettiness and pull him down spirit have been capitalized by others to put Urhobos down, .noting that every Urhobo Youth leader wants to be a president of one group or the other and that the syndrome of “ I must rule seem to be rising unabated.”
He called on the President of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) youth wing, Mr. Blessing Ovwata to take the bold initiative to forge an all embracing front of Urhobo youth groups, a commonwealth where Urhobo youth leaders will meet at least once in a month to chart a unified path for the Urhobo Nation.

He called on the youth leaders to raise high the flag and banner of the Urhobo Nation in America, just as he admonished them to promote, protect and preserve Urhobo values and traditions in diaspora.
Full of praises for the Urhobo young adults for the courageous decision to come together to advance the Urhobo cause in America and to halt the near extinction of Urhobo language among Urhobo young adults in America, Anighoro thanked Urhobo leaders and parents in America for giving the youths the unflinching support on Urhobo nationalism.
Continuing, Comrade Rex Anighoro who recently received the award of the most outstanding Urhobo youth leader from Urhobowood organization urged Urhobo youths and young adults to rise up and get ready to play front line role in the two very important forthcoming elections that would impact fundamentally on them.
According to him, “These elections are the filling of the vacant Delta Central Senatorial seat occasioned by the demised of Senator Pius Ewherido and the election of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) President and executive members.”
Anighoro noted that except Urhobo youths projects men of uncommon vision, Urhobo socio – economic and political recovery may lame duck.

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