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Published On: Tue, Sep 28th, 2021

Why You Should Stick To Your Power Of Decision-David Edevbie

My fellow Deltans,
If there is anything I have learned over the course of my life so far and from the many interesting events that have shaped my career globally as a Project Finance and Development Expert, it is that the Power of Decision is about the most important tool God gave to man to chart his way through life.

In any given moment, anyone can rewrite their story or change their destiny just by the power of a single decision. No matter how bad a situation is, and no matter what context from the past has created it, if a man decides, he can create a new future for himself.
History is replete with stories of remarkable turnarounds: people, nations, economies that once were a total write-off but arose from insignificance to distinction and dominance and from obscurity to prominence. People have picked themselves up from the ashes of defeat and gone on to become the world’s most sought after in their fields of endeavour.
Our decisions, and not our condition, determine our destiny. It is one of my favourite quotes from Tony Robbins and I have applied it to my life over the years on so many levels.
As we go into the new week, I want you to keep in Mind that an ultimate moment of decision for us as a State is gradually drawing close. The stakes are too high – the fate of the next generation is hanging on it. I encourage you to continue to spread the word to your friends, colleagues, and family. Let’s continue to expand our Community and recruit more future-focused people who, like us, will make the right decision.
In your work or business, I also encourage you to apply this principle. Do not give your power away by relying on someone else to change your story. Engage your power of decision and start to chart a new course for your life. Begin today.
In conclusion, never forget this: it is a growth mindset to always prioritise and be loyal only to what serves your future – not your past, and not even just your present.
I hope you have a most fruitful and productive week.
To your success!


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