Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2024

Omirhobo Condemns FG Establishment Of Ministry Of Livestock, Says Its ‘Ruga’ In Disguise

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LAGOS JULY 11TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Lagos lawyer and human right activist,Chief (Barr.) Malcolm Omirhobo has condemned the recent Federal Government pronouncement of the establishment of the Ministry of Livestock and Grazing Reserve saying it is tatamount to introduction of  “Ruga” in disguise.

Omirhobo who made the statement on his X Platform titled, “The Establishment Of The Ministry Of Livestock And Grazing Reserve Tatamounts To Ruga” insisted that the Federal Government must not settle the Fulani Herders with any grazing reserve and no sensible State Government should allow their land to be given to them or Miyetti Allah because to do so is to accept the Ruga settlement scheme which Nigerians fought so hard to stop.

He argued that it will be discriminatory for the FG to do so whereas cattle rearing are a private venture hence it makes no sense for the FG to give the Fulanis free land to do their business without doing same for other ethnic groups in Nigeria.

According to the erudite lawyer, “In Nigeria today, the Igbos who are traders and into commerce throughout Nigeria rent shops, lease land and buy land to do their businesses. The Yoruba mechanics and other Nigerians do same to do their business so why should the FG give the Fulanis free land for carrying out their business? Or are the Fulani cattle national asserts? Are the proceeds coming from the cattle business coming to our national purse?

“By the way how much tax is the cattle business generating to the Federal Government and States Governments revenues? Nigerians must not trust this government that is ready to sacrifice every and anything for it’s legitimacy and interest. The establishment of Ministry of Live Stock and Grazing Reserves is tantamounts to Ruga .NIGERIANS LETS SAY NO TO RUGA.”

Omirhobo disclosed that the Fulani ethnic nationality under the guise of Miyetti Allah are interested in land grabbing and must stop deceiving Nigerians like they did to the good people of Kaduna State whose large region of land they grabbed under the guise of grazing reserves

“Today no indigene of Kaduna can step his foot on their own land taken over by the Fulani herders who have grabbed it with the assistance of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

“It is common knowledge, that the Fulani claims  that they are the owners of Nigeria and that Nigeria is their birth right and inheritance. In their determined drive to change the demography of Nigeria to their favour under the auspices of Miyetti Allah, they have forcefully and illegally grabbed large expanse of land in Edo, Ogun , Oyo , Benue , Plateau ,Adamawa, Nasarawa, Kebbi, Kaduna , Delta Borno Jigawa States and in fact throughout Nigeria in the most  cruel and inhuman way that you can imagine through ethnic cleansing, killing, maiming, brutalising , dehumanising and the wanton destruction of the properties of the indigenous owners of the land who happens to be their host,” he alleged.

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