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Iribo-Otor Ewhri: An Urhobo Delicacy That Will Turn You Into A Glutton

LAGOS JUNE 23RD (URHOBOTODAY) This delicious food is not for Indomie generation. The consumption is not even in the cities. It will take the children of a wealthy but a very typical village man who lives in the city to know this kind of food.
Before I introduce or teach you how to prepare this meal, allow me to inform you in the case you are not aware.
The Urhobos are the largest ethnic nationality and are found in the Central Senatorial District of Delta state. Though, for greener pasture, they are conspicuously found anywhere nationwide and abroad.
Wait! Are you already silivating? Be patient as I now take you through the step by step preparation of this all important delicacy.
The name of this soup in the Urhobo language, called “Iribo-Otor Ewhri”. Simply put in translation; “Ground Pepper Soup With Oil”. Follow me gradually especially if you are not an Urhobo man. And all the Urhobo Indomie generations.
Please, pick your Biro, pencil and paper or writing note and take down the process.
After tasting this food, you will know why the typical Urhobo man will always hurry back home to eat even when he is filled outside. I mean when he eats outside, he will still want to taste of his mother’s or wife’s food.
I would like you to note that this particular food is not prepared with the aid of firewood, stove, cooking gas or any other artificial form of heat as you learnt under food processing in Agricultural Science.
The ingredients and cooking utensils you need for this food are:
1. Grinding stone, mortar/pistle or blender
2. Dried pepper, grinded pepper or fresh pepper
3. Palm oil (Native), what we call Urhobo oil
4. Dry, roasted, fried fish or meat
5. Crayfish
6. Maggi cube
7. Water
8. Your dish
9. Salt
10. Potash
Now, wash your grinding stone, mortar/Pistle or blender with water and put your desired quantity of pepper and blend to your desired smoothness.
In the case you used grinding stone, pack your blended pepper into a dish and add some little quantity of water.
Add some broken fish/meat, salt, maggi, your blended crayfish and add little water to avoid it been too light.
Now, apply your oil (native) if you want it to mix properly and your potash then stir with a spoon or the pistle until it is completely mixed together. Ensure you taste regularly to avoid excessive salt, Maggi or potash.
You can now put your fish/meat on the fire and allow it get burnt a little to bring out the aroma then press it thoroughly inside the soup and allow the fish or meat to get soaked.
Readers, your food is ready to be served for consumption.
It will interest you to know that this delicacy could be consumed with boiled or roasted yam and plantain, pounded yam, Semovita and gari.
Ensure that you have enough fish in your soup because as you eat, (as an Urhobo man), you need to use whatever you using to eat it go along with some of the scattered fish to enable go down well.
Some special features about this food is that it has the ability to make feel dizzy, the desire to sleep as soon as you finish eating it. You will also sweat profusely, especially when the pepper is a little bit harsh.
If you would like to know how delicious it really taste, just enter into the kitchen and prepare it for yourself or the family. You will leak your hands till you pill them. You may even be a glutton. Good luck!
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