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Published On: Thu, Sep 13th, 2018

How Orogun PDP Leaders Betray Members Of Their Constituency

LAGOS SEPTEMBER 13TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The secret behind the lingering imbroglio over crisis of Orogun anointed candidate and rumor of governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s preferred house of assembly aspirant for Ughelli north constituency I has been unveiled.
The camel’s back was broken in a meeting held at the Orogun residence of Chief AK Asawota’s on Tuesday 11th September 2018 at 5pm Nigeria time.
The meeting which supposedly was conveyed on the agenda of unison went ugly the moment it was perceived to be a ploy aimed at perfecting their sickly plans to finally coerced delegates to vote their preferred aspirant in in the forthcoming party’s primary election in disguise of instruction from the governor.
As disclosed by our correspondent who witnessed the meeting proceedings, the foremost leader of the Orogun PDP political family, Chief Barr A.K. Osawota who doubled as Chairman, governing council of Delta state polytechnic – Oghara, immediately after his speech, got the roughest ride from those acquainted with true motive of his plot and resisted falling to his antics again.
According to our source, Chief Barr AK Osawota after welcoming and entertaining delegates and some leaders invited for the meeting, disclosed that, he was mandated by the governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa and state party chairman, Barr Kingsley Esiso to inform the delegates to wait until two or a day to the primary election for instruction on who to cast their vote for.
He affirmed that the governor and state party chairman handed the instruction directly to him and Hon Friday Akpoyibo to deliver his anointed aspirant which will be made known to them a day to the primary election or at the venue.
It was later learnt that his intention for the meeting was a trick to enable him and his group to perfect their plan.
According to Chief Osawota, “the governor will not come or speak to you people directly, but through us (the leaders). So, when you see us acting or hear us talking, you should know we are acting on the governor’s instruction or speaking his mind.”
Chief Osawota was immediately challenged for elaborately feigning good intention over his selfish drive to again mortgage the people’s destinies.
Touched by Chief Osawota and group’s beguiling strategy, a serial victim of the deceit, Hon David Omorun on behalf of others punctured him by saying, it is a capital lie which didn’t come from the governor but a deliberate attempt to manipulate the delegates to favour of his preferred aspirant.
The Special Assistant to the governor, Hon David Omoru who bare his minds in anger during the meeting, described majority of Orogun PDP political leaders as untrusted, dishonest and selfish leaders full of lies and tendency to undo the people to enable them gain an end using the name of the governor.
David Omoru indicted Orogun PDP political leaders of toeing Chief Osawota’s line of dishonesty and attributed recent woes of the party to their sequential lies, selfishness and negligence of their responsibilities to the people especially, infrastructural development which he said, instead of boosting the party’s strength in the area, is fast depleting.
Against Chief Osawota’s instruction which he described as selfish ridden, Hon David Omoru told the invited delegates to disregard Osawota’s information, stating that, governor Ifeanyi Okowa has not given such information.
He noted that, he was foolish to have backed out of the 2019 Ughelli north constituency I house of assembly race in obedience to the routine lies and deceit of the self styled Orogun PDP political leaders who told him that, the governor has asked all aspirants from Orogun to back of the race.
Hon David Omoru disclosed that, he fell victim to the same lies of the leaders who told him, the governor has instructed them to inform all aspirants from Orogun to stop spending their money and that the house of assembly seat will not be coming to Orogun with a promise to retain all appointments therein.
According to him, in obedience he declined purchasing his nomination and expression of interest form only to find out lately that, it was a lie and vowed never to listen to them on any issue relating to Orogun politics.
In an attempt to save their faces from the shameful slap of dishonesty doled out to them, Hon Friday Akpoyibo, Executive Assistant to the governor on political who was also in meeting, lambasted Hon David Omoru for his statement referring to it as untrue.
He noted that, he just left a meeting with the governor in Asaba where the governor reaffirmed Chief Asawota’s statement and pleaded for cooperation of all delegates involved in their control area to strictly comply with the directive issued by Chief Barr AK Osawota so as not to make them look disobedient before the governor.
In reaction, the Director General of Kelly Oghenekevwe Ejomafuvwe’s Campaign Organization, Mr Henry Itejerhe who though was with them when the chopping was in favour of his aspirant before their recent tactical interest shift to Hon Kenneth Ibru, also expressed surprise at the development.
Itejerhe praised Hon. David Omoru for being frank on position of the leaders even after he was allegedly hoodwinked from the contest by the costly deceit. He opposed to Chief Osawota and Akpoyibo’s under plans to manipulate delegates in the name of the state governor, and advised delegates to be very wise, urging them to vote for the best aspirant.
Mr Itejerhe also noted that, governor Okowa will never hand such crappy directive at a time like this when political parties are featuring their best for easy win.
One of the leaders who spoke on condition of anonymity said, Orogun politics has gone soured for stomach sake and leaders consciences are deeply rooted in self gratification and care less about the people and development.
He blamed the recent defection of seven PDP exco members in Orogun ward one to APC to same attitude of betrayal, negligence, highhandedness and selfishness of the leaders who usually give everything to their cronies rather than on merit.
According to him, if you check the names of the defected Exco members, they are core boys and in-laws of the said Orogun leaders who they have so used, over used and often neglected.
I can tell you, very many people shouting PDP over APC today are not happy with the leaders poor attitude to the people and development and may move out of the party the moment they have their ways.
He hinted that, if the party must survive the coming political storm, then, the leaders has to do something very urgent by changing their attitude and the way they do things because, the opposition are eagerly waiting for our best hands like we are expecting them.
He maintained that, people are highly annoyed with the leaders operational methods of giving everything that comes to only family members and close allies who are not politically active as those that do the main grassroot work but often neglected.
According to him, what the party need now are public spirited leaders who can revive and restore the people’s confidence otherwise, this is just the beginning of defection of PDP members to APC. I pray and hope that something is urgently done to avert it, else, they and their family members will do the work and eat alone as usual” he said.
Regard the issue of defection raised alleging it to poor attitude of leaders, efforts were made by our correspondent to reach the defectors whose phone numbers were given, and some of them were contacted to get their opinion.
One of the seven PDP Exco decampee who spoke to our source, said, it is not their wish to join APC but attitude of the people they called leaders in Orogun who he said have over used them without benefits.
He revealed passionately that, many of them have suffered serious neglect and can no longer continue with such leaders who toy with their welfare, hence they moved to were they can be taken care of”, he stated
In their defection and allegiance statement to one of the leading APC house of assembly aspirant, Chief Ominimini Obiuwevwi signed by one of the defectors, Com Aganbi Benson Oyoko and made available to our source reads:
“We have been so neglected by those we call leaders in Orogun. They use us like Jacky and give the reward to their wives, children, brothers and sisters. We can no longer stay there but to join forces with you.
“Your human capital development made us to join force with you to win the Ughelli north constituency one Delta State House of Assembly come 2019.
On this note, we promised our unalloyed loyalty and commitment to you Chief Dr Christopher Obiuwevwi Ominimini. In Ominimini we stand.
“We are the people doing the grassroot work for PDP in Orogun ward one. We have left them to use their family and children to do the work and also enjoy the benefits. We are tired of working for the bamboos who sees nothing good in empowering others except their immediate family members, close in-law, wives and children.
“Orogun ward one is for Ominimini come 2019. The battle now is Operation Deliver Your Unit and Ward and not standing on our strength. After their failure in 2019, the party will know that those said leaders enjoying the luxuries have no grip of their units and wards”.
The seven decampees include: Aganbi Benson Oyoko, Ejovwoke Edo, Com Evans Onovae, Com Papa Igbogidi, Com Monday Ebu alias Ozimba, Mr Fredick Oyibo Ebioke, Monday Orijeje alias Orosco who boosted that, with them leaving PDP, the party is dead in Orogun ward one.
It was on the news that, Orogun political leaders under the leadership of Chief Barr AK Osawota has allegedly sold out the 2019 Ughelli north constituency I house of assembly seat in exchange for appointments knowing that, if Orogun produce the house of assembly, chances of appointments may pass them – by in 2019.
While it was reported that the said leaders chopped for a weaker aspirant as a consensus candidate in the kangaroo Orogun primary election conducted on Saturday 11th August 2018 to loss victory to Ogor in their initial arrangement, they are also on recent news to have shifted interest from Mr Kelly Oghenekevwe of Ogor to Hon Kenneth Ibru after been bought over by the money making machine Ibru’s family who they are currently working hard to ensure he emerged.
Some leaders who attended the meeting are: Chief Andy Osawota, chairman governing council Delta state polytechnic Oghara, Hon Friday Akpoyibo Executive Assistant to the governor on political, Chief Henry Itejerhe.
Other members include, Deacon Esiokugbe Lucky, Chief Enakpodia, Chief David Omoru Special Assistant to the Governor, Chief Gabriel Ominigbo, etc.,

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  1. PDP in Orogun ward 1 is dead as a result of bad leadership piloting its affairs. Take for instance, for so long, the community have not experience any developmental project for job and employment opportunities. No good road network, constituency projects fund is been diverted for personal use by this so called leaders who claim to have been acting on behalf of the governor.Today, Orogun general hospital road is nothing to write home about, desopadec office located in the community has been relocated to ughelli, funds meant for the construction of various street in Orogun has been hijacked by this so called leaders. Lots of unemployed youths in the community has been engaged in criminal activities as a result of jobless.
    This so called leaders who has occupied various office and position has the opportunity of doing something good that will boast the economic growth and development of the community but they have failed to do so because of selfishness. They have the opportunity of building entrepreneurship development and skills aqcusition center in the community to engage the youth but they prefer mortgaging their destiny with a thousand naira.

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