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Published On: Sat, Dec 14th, 2019

2023: Why Bayelsa Scenero May Likely Play Out In Delta

By Young Erhuirhoro
LAGOS DECEMBER 14TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Prophets are men of God that are spiritually gifted to probe into the future of people, places or things as the case may be. In most cases, prophets are not naturally honoured in their own lands, may be as a result of familiarity with the local populace or as a result of family ties.
The political drama that played out in the recent governorship election of Bayelsa state, a sister PDP controlled state to Delta state since 1999 when this present political system is accepted in Nigeria; was a draconian drama that put unstoppable tears in the eyes of the boardroom members of the PDP, both at the Bayelsa state level and at the national.
It was a drama planned, practiced and acted by the APC of the state as a result of poor governance by the PDP led government since 1999 when they seized power to rule the state in their own favour and favour of their cronies or dynasties.
Without fear or favour, one foresee the same Bayelsa state political drama about to replay in Delta state come 2023 when another round of general elections would be conducted in the country.
In the first place, no matter how gifted a cook, customers will stop patronizing the restaurant immediately they discovered that the cook specializes in cooking only one particular soup everytime. The customers would be tired of eating one particular soup, no matter how delicious the soup is. This is exactly the past and present political picture of the Delta state government under the PDP administration since the time of Chief James Ibori as the governor of the state. Deltans can no longer hide their feelings. They are tired to continue with the PDP led government in Delta state.
Secondly, the “self-first” political philosophy introduced by the PDP administration in Delta state is enough for them to pack their load from the Dennis Osadebey House in Asaba come 2023. The PDP in Delta state is a political clique where you belong to actualize your dreams rather than to render services to the voters. This “self-first” mentality which was deeply rooted in their leaders made some powerful members of the party that were shortchanged during primaries and general elections to quit the party with their political followers, having known the secret behind the PDP political game. From available records, the Delta state PDP led government is the most corrupt PDP state in Nigeria since1999 till date. Their corruption in handling the state financial resources is enough for them to quit the political scene. This is where their failure would start from come 2023.
Thirdly and most important, we will agree that the continuity of government by the PDP in Delta state since the time of Chief James Ibori as governor till this present time was as a result of the power of incumbency of the sitting governor. From records available, that power of incumbency is today broken with the present governor of the state, as the case with Bayelsa state. The centre can no longer hold in 2023 for such power rotation among the PDP political clique again. It will be very difficult for the sitting governor to install his loyalist as governor this time around since that power of incumbency is broken into pieces. Since 1999, the PDP as a political party have successfully used this power of incumbency to place every of their member in any available position both in the state and at the federal level to the detriment and peril of Deltans in terms of infrastructural development, human capital development, job creation for our teeming youths etc, considering the huge financial resources accruing to the coffers of the state treasury every year. But thank God for the APC that came to the rescue in both the 2015 and the 2019 general elections in the state. Even though, the PDP succeeded in hijacking the power from the people as their usual practice, but the APC as a political party of change was able to break that powerful political tool, “power of incumbency” in the PDP hand of government and created some little positive changes in the political scene of the state.
Conclusively, Deltans are practically tired of the PDP led government in the state. This time, power must change hands in running the affairs of the state. In the Bayelsa state political drama, even though he that was defeated in a wrestling contest, would not easily accept defeat, but the strength of each of the characters in the drama were known to the viewers. It’s a long awaited victory in both Bayelsa and Delta states. The one of Bayelsa state has already played out. It’s now the turn of Delta state to taste another kind of soup which is quite different and more delicious from the watery soup that Deltans were being forced to eat since 1999 by the PDP. Whether the PDP zoning system would work in the coming 2023 general elections or not, what is more important is for the people to lay siege to this golden opportunity by completely voting the PDP out of power in Delta state since their centre can no longer hold again. Their time to leave the seat of government is long over due and it’s already up. The battle field is now opened to those who are gallant enough and have the political experience and expertise to use the modern political ammunition to bring about the positive changes that the APC government is preaching everywhere to Delta state . This is my political prophecy for Delta state come 2023.

Young Erhiurhoro;Kjc is a reporter and a member of the Urhobo Historical Society.

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