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Published On: Mon, Dec 9th, 2019

Moses Taiga Second Term And Urhobo Expectations

Olorogun Moses Taiga (l) brainstorming with Delta State Governor, Senator Infeanyi Okowa during the just concluded 88th Urhobo Day Celebration on how to move Urhobo foward….

By Young Erhiurhoro
LAGOS DECEMBER 9TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Reports from the 88th Urhobo Annual Day Celebration indicated that Olorogun Moses Oghenerume Taiga, JP has again been elected by the Urhobo people to run the affairs of the Urhobo foremost and apex socio-cultural organization, the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) for the next three years as its national president-general worldwide.
Olorogun Taiga knows how to play the game of UPU politics and he massively won the exalted position through the dint of hard work, sacrificial leadership and to crown it all, numerous achievements in his first tenure. Once again, congratulation to Urhobo gallant soldier.
However, the various reports of the Urhobo Annual Day Celebration have already been published in both the print and social media before now. We won’t bother ourselves to dwell on that again. More importantly, we want to use this short discourse to draw the attention of Olorogun Moses Oghenerume Taiga, JP and his national executive body of the UPU to some key and salient issues confronting Urhobo as the fifth largest ethnic nationality in Nigeria. Not only to draw his attention to those issues, but to also enable him develop a strong platform to provide solutions to such issues before the end of his tenure.
Before this 88th Urhobo Annual Day Celebration, several Urhobo affiliated groups and NGOs have taken it upon themselves to organize several Urhobo Economic and Investment Summits. At end of each of these economic summits, a blueprint and a communique is always issued as a guide to our leaders both in government and in the various kingdoms to follow in order to change the economic status of the Urhobo people. But at the end of the day, we always discover that such communiques end up in the dustbin after the loudest ovation right there in the venue of the event.
Happily enough, we thank God for those that planned this year Urhobo Day Celebration for including Urhobo Economic Summit as key activity in the event. This activity came up on the second day of the celebration and was succinctly handled by a team of celebrated economic professionals both in the academic world and the business world. An internationally celebrated Professor of Economics, Professor Vremudia Diedjomaoh and great entrepreneurs like Mr. Goodie Ibru were on ground to do justice to the selected topic for the economic summit. In fact, this is a welcome development to Urhoboland in this 21st century.
As usual, this economic summit will also issue a communique and present a blueprint on how to achieve those things they discussed in the summit. My point here is that, Olorogun Taiga should not allow the communique from the economic summit to die at the dustbin after he was applauded for this singular achievement. He must set on motion a strong platform to vigorously pursue the economic emancipation of the Urhobo people. Now that an Urhobo son is the present Deputy Senate President in the person of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege in the National Assembly, the present UPU leadership ably headed by the person of Olorogun Moses Taiga must work in strong partnership to raise the economic status of the Urhobo people to a high standard. An Urhobo adage says, when your friend is on top of an orange tree, you don’t bother to lick an unripe fruit. Olorogun Taiga should use this time well to achieve much in the economic emancipation of the Urhobo people.
Another important issue we want to draw the attention of Olorogun Moses Taiga to is the issue of security of the Urhobo people. Without doubt, security of lives and properties of the people is a cardinal responsibility of the federal government to the Nigerian citizens, of which Urhobo is also included. In recent times, Fulani herdsmen have taken over all the farmlands in Urhobo nation depriving our people from embarking on their daily farming activities as means of livelihood. This situation has added to the economic woes the Urhobo as a people are passing through today. Since this terrorist propaganda started in Urhoboland, many Urhobo people were sent to their early graves and many rendered homeless and jobless as a result of the activities of these Fulani herdsmen. It’s now a recurring fierce battle in every farming season in Urhoboland. The ugly tales from Uwheru kingdom can’t be forgotten so soon.
Therefore, we are strongly appealing to Olorogun Taiga and his national executive body to take proactive measures to discuss this issue with the federal government on how to end it once and for all. Without being told, the motive behind the activities of these Fulani herdsmen is to exterminate the Urhobo people. They want to remove the Urhobo nation from the map of Nigeria. Well, somebody may say, it’s not possible but the people are already on it. Olorogun Taiga should wake up from his slumber this time around to nail this issue to the cross before it will escalate to a full blown war between the Fulani herdsmen and the Urhobo people.
I want to conclude this short discourse by drawing the attention of Olorogun Moses Taiga to yet another important issue confronting Urhobo at the moment. The issue of oil bunkering activities in Urhoboland. The present UPU leadership must tackle this issue headlong before it will be escalated beyond control. Urhobo is one of the notable and richest oil producing area in the entire Niger-Delta region. Urhobo as an ethnic group has been contributing to the economic sustainability of this country since independence in 1960. But today, the proceeds from the oil is not being felt by the various oil bearing communities in Urhoboland. The NDDC as an interventionist agency established by the federal government is only into infrastructural development of the Niger-Delta region without developing the people that are bearing the broth of the oil exploration. I strongly believe that, this is one of the reasons why many of our youths are being pushed into this illegal business. To stop this illegal business from taking place in Urhoboland because its negative effects on the people and our farmlands in terms of oil spillage, fire disaster, disease outbreak etc are also very much enormous; the present leadership of the UPU must chart a new way for the Urhobo people through active participation of the NDDC and all the oil companies operating in our lands. We also thank God that an Urhobo son in the person of Chief Bernard Okumagba is appointed by President Mohammadu Buhari as the new Managing Director of the NDDC.
The new way therefore is to create employment opportunities for our youths and to directly involve them in the oil business. Olorogun Taiga should work hand in hand with Chief Bernard Okumagba to lift Urhobo from this economic shackles we now find ourselves. I leave this question for Olorogun Taiga to answer: If the federal government can mobilize security agents to kill bunkers and destroy illegal oil refineries across Urhoboland, why can’t the same federal government completely remove the Fulani herdsmen from our lands to enable our people do their farm work peacefully? Urhobo deserve urgent answer to the above question. Once again, Olorogun Moses Oghenerume Taiga, JP should vigorously pursue his bright dream for the Urhobo people to a logical end in his second tenure as the UPU president-general worldwide. Thank you and God bless!

Young Erhiurhoro;Kjc is a reporter and a member of the Urhobo Historical Society.

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