Published On: Tue, Sep 28th, 2021

Itsekiri Group Writes Okowa, Demands Arrest, Prosecution Of Promoters Of Wado City

LAGOS SEPTEMBER 28TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The Itsekiri Liberation Group, ILG, has written Delta State Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi A. Okowa, calling on him to arrest, investigate and prosecute Dr. Ejiro Imuere and his cohorts, before they cause another crisis in the Oil-Rich City of Warri.
In the letter made available to Fresh Angle International , Saturday September 25, ILG, alleged that the primary intent of Dr. Imuere and his dust raisers, is to rename part of Warri City to some imaginary and tramadol-inspired ‘Wado city,’ to suit their cryptic fancy.
The letter signed by Comrade Mone Oris and Comrade Ajofotan Omagbemi, Chairman and Secretary respectively of ILG, stated inter-alia: “A call to arrest, investigate and prosecute Dr. Ejiro Imuere and his cohorts before they cause another crisis in the Oil-Rich City of Warri.
“We are an association of like minds whose vision and mission is not limited to the advocacy for a better society for our people through human capital and infrastructural development in Itsekiri communities, but also engages in charting an agenda of justice and good governance in the entire State and beyond.
“The primary intent by these dust raisers, from what we can fathom, is to rename part of Warri city to some imaginary and tramadol-inspired ‘Wado city,’ to suit their cryptic fancy.
“Which is why we are compelled to ask the proponents of this ‘Wado city’ this pertinent question: amongst all the cities that emerged with Warri in the State of Delta, nay Nigeria, how many have been renamed and to what intent?
“What informed this sudden, recent, inciting and provocative position? Inferiority complex? What for? Are we returning to the Stone Age era where anything can just happen without being checked?
“Our instant take in all of this is that the route of mischief being negotiated by the said Ejiro and his bunch of clowns, is capable of turning the hitherto peaceful state of our unique Warri city into a theater of war, if not adequately nipped in the bud with the readily available instrumentality of government power.
“We join the millions of residents who believe that Warri should return to its original status as the economic and commercial hub that it used to be known in decades gone by, not as an enclave of crude belligerence actuated by shady, shifty and scattered brains who do not mean well for the area by their acts and omissions.
“We feel compelled to draw your Excellency’s attention to these illegal promoters of this peace-threatening illusion called “Wado city” within the heart of the inimitable and original Warri for your quick intervention as a man known to promote peace in all its ramifications.
“This plea to you as the numero uno Chief Security Officer of our dear State, is to forestall the breakdown of law and order in Warri South Local Government Area and its environs. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine.
“From our little findings, we have discovered that the man in question has recruited some drug-inspired rascals, touts, thugs, disgruntled elements with huge character deficit to provoke Itsekiri sons and daughters leaving peacefully with their neighbours in their God-given land, with a strict mandate to rewrite the name Warri city to Wado city. How is that even possible in this era of enlightenment? The most insulting of it all is that Ejiro with his cohorts, are also embarking on a failed, provocative and disastrously consequential mission to illegally rename by themselves or through proxy Itsekiri areas, properties and communities in the Warri metropolis, an action which if not quickly handled or checked, could lead to another round of crisis in Warri, which is not the prayer of any sane and reasonable person at this time in our collective desire to work with His Excellency to keep the peace.
“The said Ejiro Imuere and his gang have been trumpeting and boasting on end in the social media that they have mobilized thugs, fully armed to cause the second round of crisis in Warri and environ, come October 1, 2021; with the strange intent to start harassing Itsekiris and other peaceful non-Itsekiri settlers in the metropolis. We say again, a stitch in time saves nine. He emphasised that his recruits in all categories will carry out the action which their various underground sponsors, both political and cultural institutions may have given backing by making huge financial and moral contribution to that end.
“As a group, we believe that you have invested so much in ensuring peace and security in Delta State, with particular reference to the Warri axis and it will be unwise that overnight, the peace we are enjoying in Warri is cut short, because of some fallen angels bent on rubbishing whatever gains you may have recorded thus far.
“We are therefore using this medium to appeal to you as the Chief Law Officer of the State to arrest, investigate and persecute the said EJIRO IMUERE and those conniving with him in this misadventure.
“Finally, Your Excellency, we are demanding that EJIRO IMUERE and his cohorts be held responsible for any security breach of peace and destruction of property in Warri and environs, especially of the Itsekiri people and other law-abiding citizens in Warri, starting from October 1, 2021.
“We believe in peaceful coexistence with our neighbors and tenants, but we shall not allow that philosophy of ours to be taken for granted to the extent of jeopardizing our peace, heritage, wealth, economic life, and our unique and enviable Kingdom by some misdirected unscrupulous elements, rascals and disgruntled elements like Ejiro Imuere and his co-travellers. He should know by now that we are not afraid of him or his hordes of sinister sponsors of this sour and failed journey ab initio. We can surely defend ourselves when push comes to shove. But it will be at the risk of threatening the fragile peace in the city and the entire state which you won’t find pleasant at all.
“We therefore promise Your Excellency of our continued path to peaceful coexistence with all men and women of goodwill, but not and never at the risk of stoking the lion in us. We have our options some of which are very unpleasant, Sir. May your administration continue to add more value to all parts of the state.
“Please accept the assurances of our unalloyed support, Your Excellency, Sir”.

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