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Published On: Tue, Mar 24th, 2020

Delta Indigene, Writes Okowa, Others From US, Laments Poor State Of Social Amenities

LAGOS MARCH 24TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Mr Tommy Onovbiona is United State based Nigerian who hailed from Jesse in Ethiope-West of Delta State. Three years ago , his sister, Mrs. Queen Omonode was among the five principals of Delta State secondary schools who died in ghastly auto-crash during an official assignment.
In a letter written to Delta State Governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, The Health Commissioner, Delta State, Dr. Mordi Onoyen, Commisssioner of Transport, Oviemuno Oghoore, Commisssioner of Basic & Secondary Education, Delta State, Patrick Ukah and Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Delta State, Chiedu Ebie he lamented that after the incident, Delta State government has not done anything to improve the living of the people and social amenities of the state.
He said eighty five percent of Deltan are not better off today than what they were in 2017. He challenged Okowa to be transparent by providing all Deltans a list of his administation accomplishments, and to what extent it has benefited all people.
Below is the full detail of his letter


So today marks the 3rd year anniversary of the above incident. What have we learnt besides re-deploying former commissioner of Basic & Secondary Education Chiedu Ebie to SSG position? What specific measures and what investments and improvements has the Okowa’s 2nd term delivered to our people, specifically in health and transportation infrastructure? Has our quality of life and the ability of our youths to earn a living wage improved between 2017 and 2020? So let us not let the death of Principal Queen Omonode Nee Onovwiona and the other grammar school principals to be in vain. So we must challenge ourselves and our government to reach greater heights. Delta state government is better served by being proactive instead of reactionary. https://urhobotoday.com/?p=32726
So for the most part, I have kept up with what the Okowa administration is doing and I must say that 85% of Deltans are not better off today than they were in 2017. To be blunt, the failures of this administration far outweigh its accomplishments. I challenge this administration to be transparent by providing all Deltans a list of its accomplishments, and to what extent it has benefited all Deltans. It is needless for me to say that all small mediocre projects do not count. In a growing economy, our rural areas will be striving to attain city status, with bold infrastructure being created there. Everyone does not need to migrate to Lagos or any other big city in our great state of Delta to find employment and earn enough money to support their families. The Okowa’s government must seek ways to bridge the gap between our rural areas and cities. We must bridge the gap between the wealth and the poor. We live in a democracy and not in a communist or socialist state.
IGSJ held their 12th annual inter-house sports on March 12th 2020 in memory of their late Principal Queen Omonode. This was the 1st inter-house sports held at the school since the fatal crash of March 24th 2017. This event was a success for the Jesse Township.
In my previous writings, I provided his Excellency and our legislative bodies with bold attainable agendas, which will help all Deltans, as they go about life in general and in their daily routine. I will address the following in short briefs below: Healthcare, Roads, Energy, and Security, safety, affordable housing and Job Creation.
1. Our great State of Delta is spread over 16,842 square kilometers, with well over 5.6 Million people projected as of 2016
2. GDP as of 2010 was $16.75 Billion(3), per house-hold capita of $3,990(3). As of 2018, Delta Human Development Index “DHDI” stands at .0655(4) and Delta is ranked 4th out of 36 and the Federal Capital Territory “FCT.”
3. Delta State is 2nd in Crude Oil production at 22%. Akwa Ibom is in 1st place with 31%. Rivers is 3rd at 21.4%. Lagos comes in at a consternation of 2.5%. The Dangote group is building what is considered the world’s largest crude oil and gas refinery in Lagos state that has a 2.5% oil production reserve. Why not build it in Delta State?
Health care – Build a state of the art Health Care facility and watch it attract excellent talent worldwide. Our government can collaborate with the private sector under a joint venture, to bring this project to fruition. Here is billionaire Bill Gates’s take, on a health Pandemic back in 2014. https://youtu.be/6Af6b_wyiwI
COVID-19 the Coronavirus Pandemic could be very well defined as the new age, agent of war. I applaud his Excellency Governor Okowa today for designating 11 General and Central Hospitals as treatment centers (GH, Okwe; GH,Ogwashi Uku; CH, Ughelli; CH, Warri; GH, Bomadi; CH, Sapele; CH, Kwale; GH, Ekpan; CH, Oleh; GH, Agbor and Eku Baptist Hospital.)
I have been to a couple of these medical facilities and I will not willingly in my right mind allow myself to be treated at any of these hospitals. In my humble opinion, none of these facilities are equipped to handle this crisis or any other traumatic event. So consider it a death sentence if you have the COVID-19 virus and you are sent to any of the above designated hospitals. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-social-distancing-reduce-risk-covid-19/ I am sounding the alarm bells once again. http://urhobotoday.com/?p=34724
Roads – I advocate for Delta State Toll roads that are SOLAR powered with Pre-paid Toll Transponders for all vehicles.
Energy – Invest in Natural gas and Solar driven projects. Decrease the use of generators to just emergencies
Security & Safety – Pay our Police forces 20% above living wage. Bribery will diminish. Delta State Legislators can enact sensible gun laws, so that I can protect my family. Equip our First Responders with what they need to keep us safe.
Affordable Housing – Provide affordable housing to all Deltans and promote good environmental indoor plumbing
Job Creation – Delta State is rich with untapped natural resources. Build bigger oil and gas refinery, wood factories, agriculture on both land and sea, State public transportation to compete with the private sector.
So accountability and consequence are both paramount for all the above to work and to see our great state of Delta prosper. Delta State can set the standard for our nation. I have great confidence in his Excellency’s ability to accomplish all the above, provided that we set our minds to doing great things. We cannot continue to short change our rural areas and our fellow Deltans by thinking down to the level of those people that we are trying to bring up. We cannot continue to kick the can down the road for the next generation to fix. Things will never change for the better, if we port this notion. Bold ideas and thinking outside the box will lead to the enrichment of all Deltans. May God continue to bless our great State of Delta and our Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Humbly Submitted,
Tommy Onovbiona
For The Family

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  1. Thanks to his Excellency Okowa the Governor of Delta State.
    Thanks for your good work in Delta State.

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