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Celebration As Yoruba Monarch Crowns Ex-Apapa UPU President As Okobaro R’ Urhobo In Ikorodu (PHOTOS)

1 Edemete Installed Real

Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi installing High Chief (Sir) Philip Edemete as Okobaro R’ Urhobo Ikorodu, Lagos

LAGOS JULY 8TH (URHOBOTODAY)-“Some people are born great, some have greatness bestow on them, while others achieve greatness” The case of former Apapa Urhobo Progressive Union (UPU) Apapa branch of  Lagos state President, High Chief  (Sir) Philip Edemete embraced all the qualities of greatness enumerated in the above quotation.

In short Pa Edemete came, he saw and he conquered as leader.  His achievement is a continuum. No wonder the Monarch of Ikorodu,  HRM Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi  decided to bestow on him  the title of Okobaro R’Urhobo in Ikorodu community. The title Okobaro R’Urhobo in Ikorodu means the frontier, representative or simply the leader of Urhobo people in Ikorodu community.

The installation of Pa Edemete no doubt was ushered with great celebration as elated Urhobo resident in Lagos state came out enmass on Saturday July 6th, 2024 to celebrate the installation of their leader in Ikorodu community at the Oba palace in Ikorodu, Lagos State. At the Oba palace, Urhobo music blaring from loud speakers rented the air, while Urhobo men and women took over the floor dancing to the tunes of Late Okpan Aribo and other popular Urhobo music as they wait for the installation of Pa Edemete.

2. Cultural Troupe Urshering Edemete Into The Event

2. Cultural troupe urshering Edemete into the event

The best Urhobo culture was on display as men and women came out with different Urhobo attires which include branded wrappers, shirts, blouses, hats, stylish head ties in addition to Urhobo cultural display.  Urhobo children cultural group sang praises of Ikorodu Monarch and that of Pa Edemete, while Urhobo cultural wrestling troupe later took over the floor to the admiration  of all present. The event generally was colourful and well organized with all thanks to Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Ikeja branch event planning committee headed by Chief Fidelis Odia.

3. Edemete Presentaion Of Certificate

Palace Chief presenting certificate of installation to High Chief (Sir) Philip Edemete

The installation proper was an event that would go into Urhobo history book. The arena was a setting of  Yoruba cultural display with the  Monarch of Ikorodu,  HRM Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi sitting on the high chair facing the crowd with his  three wives sitting  by his right hand side, while his Chiefs sat in both his  left and right sides spread along the length.

4 Edemete Receiving Prayers Before Installation

High Chief (Sir) Philip Edemete receiving prayers from Oba of Ikorodu, HRM Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi

Oba Shotobi was friendly and full of humour. Before the crowning of Pa Edemete, the Oba   gave a  brief history of how he got married to an Urhobo woman from Marine road, Warri , Delta State,  ate starch and fresh fish in Ughelli and how an Urhobo man  took good care of him in Germany. He commended Urhobo people for making his marriage pleasant one.

5. Members Of Upu Ikeja Branch Present 2

Members of UPU Ikeja branch present

Seeing the personalities of great Urhobo men and women present, Oba Shotobi reacted, “I don’t know I have men and women of great caliber like this in my domain. Now that you have identified yourself, I appreciate you. I want to ask you because I know some of you have been in Ikorodu for many years. Do you eat ikokere? Well I have travelled to Ughelli in Delta where I ate starch and fresh fish. We are one Nigeria. Nigeria is indivisible.”

7. Members Of Upu Apapa Branch Present

Members of UPU Apapa branch present

Going through memory lane, Oba Shotobi recalled, “There was ones I travelled to Germany with my wife.  In the hotel I put up, there was this Urhobo man who came in through back door to great me. I then introduced my wife to him as his sister. Since then, whenever we visit Germany, his wife will cook for us. We are one Nigeria.”

Upu Ikeja Branch President Olorogun Odia

UPU Ikeja Branch President and Chairman Planning Committee of the installation of High Chief (Sir) Philip Edemete as Okobaro R’ Urhobo in Ikorodu, Chief Fidelis Odia…

The Oba thanked everyone present for the approach and manner they presented themselves. “I thank everyone that is here for the approach and manner you presented yourselves. Anytime I have a special occasion you will always be invited. God will continue to honour you. I want you to have the keys to my palace so that you can have access to me for twenty four hours. This is the beauty of installing your head as a representative.”

8. Oba And His Wives

Oba of ikorodu, Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi and his wives in the occasion

Facing Pa Edemete before installing him, Oba Shotobi advised him to continue with the good qualities of leadership role,  adding that if he has any problem he should approach the palace for resolution.

Hear him, “If you have any issue, come to the palace. The palace will assist you to solve the problem. I advise you. Continue with the good work you have been doing. Continue with the way people  voted you for. Continue with the belief that we are one united family in Ikorodu, in Nigeria and the whole world. God will bless you.”

9 Edemete 1

Portrait photo of High Chief (Sir) Philip Edemete after the installation

While responding to question from the Oba, Pa Edemete said, “I will continue to be with my people as long as they are with me. I bow to be with you people always. May  God with all of us.”

While speaking with Urhobotoday by the sideline, President of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Ikeja branch and Chairman Planning Committee of the installation of High Chief (Sir) Philip edemete as Okobaro R’Urhobo in Ikorodu, Chief Fidelis Odia  described the day as a joyful one adding, “Today is joyful day for us because we are getting the Okobaro of Ikorodu community, Lagos state installed. In 2022, the need for us to have  a leader emerged  And that need emanated from the Monarch of Ikorodu, HRM  Oba Shotobi  who actually suggested that we have somebody that will be like our front runner in the palace as well as  a rallying point for the Urhobos in Ikorodu, Lagos.

11. Upu Youths

UPU Lagos youths wings where there

“So in December 2022, we actually installed High Chief (Sir) Philip Edemete  as our Okobaro  in line with the suggestion of the Oba of Ikorodu. We are here today for the king to install him the chieftaincy title as the Okobaro of Urhobos in Ikorodu.

“The installation is very important because the Urhobos have been lacking a rallying point in Ikorodu. Although, we have pockets of leaders here and there, but there is no rallying point. Although, the UPU is the rallying point of all the Urhobos, but we needed an elderly person so that we will now have a voice and say in the palace and what is happening in Ikorodu in the event that if there is anything, the Okobaro will be the liason officer between the Urhobos and our host  community.“

10 .edemete And His Daughter After The Installation

High Chief (Sir) Philip Edemete and his daughter after installation

Responding to question on the relationship  of the Urhobos and their host in Ikorodu, Odia disclosed, “It is very cordial. Like my wife is a Yoruba woman. So I am also part of them. I have been here for donkey years. The installation will further enhance the relationship between us and the host community because it is very key to the development of us and the community.”

Reacting to the installation of Pa Edemete while speaking with Urhobotoday, the President of UPU Apapa branch, Mr Joseph Emaniru said, “I feel very proud of the event because the Daddy that is being installed today is an Urhobo man. He was the President of Apapa branch for many years and that is the reason why we are invited to accompany him to this occasion. I am very excited for an Urhobo man to be installed as a Chief in Ikorodu land and the Okobaro R’ Urhobo in Ikorodu. I am indeed very grateful.”

Edemete Portrait

Speaking on the importance of the installation of Pa Edemete, he stated, “I was surprise when I learnt that the wife of the Monarch of Ikorodu, HRM  Oba Shotobi  is an Urhobo woman.  This is to show that the relationship between the Yorubas and the Urhobos cordial hence they inter marry.  I can remember that when we were in Western Region, most of us in Midwest then answered Yoruba names. Automatically, we look like the children of the Oduduwas. Like myself, my Yoruba  name is Onisuru. That is a Yoruba name which means patience. “

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