Published On: Fri, Aug 5th, 2022

Camp Gas Explosion Destroys Property Worth Millions In Warri




LAGOS AUGUST 5TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Fire has engulfed the NPA, Warri, destroying properties, business centres and shops worth millions of naira in Delta.

The fire which started at the Custom Barracks area,  was reported to have been  caused by an occupant who stepped out to get something, leaving the  food he was preparing on the camp gas, which he forgot about for hours.

It was reported that the camping gas burst into fire thereafter, igniting the wooden house structure and  spreading rapidly to the neighborhood.

According to one of the victims of the unfortunate incident, Mr. Philip Onaruowho, owner of a chemist shop in the Customs Barrack area, 

“I was just done with the treatment of a patient when we heard a loud explosion. The next thing was saw was a ravaging ball of fire.

At that point I was outside my shop, forcing my way into the shop while the smoke was everywhere.

“I could only get my phone out, my keys and everything else got burnt.”

Another eye witness, who simply identified himself as Duke, said “it was like a dream. The fire spread fast because of the fuel product all around this place. The fire escalated faster because of the of the petrol business taking place here. This is not the first or second time that we are experiencing incidents like this. When we complain,  nothing was done.”

It was said that the fire had spread thereafter to the Miller Waterside, opposite Tunde office by the Marine Police.

“Even with the presence of fire fighter trucks, the fire could not be doused.

“We are using this sad and unfortunate incident to call on the state government to come to our aid and help us get through this. Most of us have all our livelihood gone in this inferno,” the concerned residents stated.


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