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Published On: Sun, Aug 21st, 2016

Research on Alternative Energy Instead of Oil, Onuesoke Advises FG

Chief Sunny Onuesoke

Chief Sunny Onuesoke

LAGOS AUGUST 21ST (URHOBOTODAY)-Peoples Democratic Party( PDP) Chieftain and Delta State PDP Governorship aspirant in 2007 general election, Chief Sunny Onuesoke has advised the Federal Government of Nigeria to intensify research on establishment of alternative energy instead of spending funds in researching for discovery of oil in the Northern part of the country.
Giving the advise while reacting to Federal Government directive to Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to embarked on exploration on discovery of oil in the Northern part of the country, Onuesoke said it is a waste of fund conducting exploration for the discovery of oil in the Northern part of the country that has no oil, when other countries are diversifying to less expensive and pollution effect source of energy like sugar ethanol, solar energy and electricity driven cars and airplane.
The PDP Chieftain argued that when other countries are saving money by conducting research on discovery of alternative energy, it is now Nigeria is capitalizing on exploring oil as source of energy and revenue.
“Nigeria has abundant sources of alternative energy such as solar energy, biomass, as well as wind energy. The only problem is that the country does not have the equipments to convert these forms of energy into power. If that be the case, fund expanded in conducting research for exploration should be diverted in procuring equipment for the aforementioned sources of alternative energy that is abundant in the country,” Onuesoke stressed.
He advised that funds budgeted on searching for oil that is no more marketable should be channel to research on alternative energy like solar energy, sugar ethanol and electricity source of energy.
“The money Government is spending on researching for oil in the North is a waste. They should channel such fund on research for alternative energy. We should emulate countries like Mauritius that has been using sugar ethanol as source of energy to power electricity for the past 30 years, America using solar energy to power unmanned plane and Germany which using electric power gas,” he disclosed.
Onuesoke who pointed out that most countries are now using electric powered energy, said Nigeria should research on technology of how to convert its flared gas for powering of turbine for the supply of electricity energy instead of wasting the flared of gas.
He disclosed that the world is turning against production of oil because the pollutant effect of production of oil and high cost of exploration of petroleum, adding that petroleum gas flaring as pronounced in Kyoto declaration is against the policy of climate change.

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  1. Solar Energy: This government should partner with the Chinese to develop an a solar power industry in Nigeria by setting up a solar wafer and components production outfit. It is the smart and wise thing to do today, as the raw material abound in our country while the cost could be cheaper if we embark on the programme now.

    Wind Energy: Nigeria is blessed with huge amounts of wind it could harvest to produce electricity. There is so much wind wasting away around Nigeria’s coastal states. It would make much sense if we should invest in this industry for Nigeria’s good.

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