Published On: Sat, Jul 15th, 2023

Mixed Reactions Trail  Ibori’s Visits To President Tinubu


LAGOS JULY 15TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The viral picture of former Delta State governor, James Onanefe Ibori with President Tinubu has continued to spark debate among Nigerians on social media.
The African Examiner recalls that a few days back, President Tinubu hosted ex-governors who governed their states from May 1999. The former governors were on a solidarity visit to Tinubu, who was the governor of Lagos State from May 1999 to 2007.
However, what got many people talking were the pictures of Ibori and President Tinubu who many argued is not lovely for optics as Ibori was a former ex-convict who was sentenced in 2012 for money laundering in a court in the United Kingdom. He was handed a 13 years sentence.

He, however, served only four years out of the 13-year sentence handed by the UK court and was thereafter released from jail in 2016.

Ibori was said to have stolen more than $78.5m of public funds and he was reported to have partly funded the election of Umaru Yar’Adua as President of Nigeria in 2007.
Also, in 2021, former Justice Minister, Malami Abubakar, acknowledged that Nigeria has received the naira equivalent of the £ 4.2 million of Ibori’s loot from the UK.

It is these past atrocities of the former Delta State governor that has made many question the integrity of the new administration of President Tinubu. The African Examiner gathers some of their views below as they took to Twitter to express their thoughts concerning the development.

@OInnocxnt writes: “For those of you who don’t remember, Ibori was sentenced to 13 years at a UK prison for embezzling £50m of Delta State funds as a sitting Governor. Here he is, hand in hand with his colleague at Aso Rock- the highest seat of power in Nigeria. APC is a crime scene.”

@CallMeJossy writes: “It’s a Nigerian thing bro. We love and celebrate crime. Today in Delta state, Ibori is still the most celebrated leader. Man that was making state-wide decisions right from UK prison?”

@MallamFunky writes: “This is the President’s personal residence, he can Recieve whom ever he pleases. You will do this for 8 years InshaAllah. Ibori had paid the price for whatever crime he was convicted of, there is restitution after freedom. Rest.”

@AngryNigerianz writes: “I remember part of his assets included Mercedes Benz Maybach, (even rozay didn’t have one as at then) , golden Rolex, cash money in his house, houses in UK, houses in Abuja When he came back PDP? Did a welcome party for him It goes to show what we are dealing with.”

@Bhenjy_cfr writes: “Democracy for the thieves from the thieves and with the thieves.”

@xlrTjo writes: “His crimes aside, Ibori remains one of the best Governors of Delta State. Regardless of what he stole? He still has the genuine Love of Deltans till date. Odidiboyibo #1”

@godman_n writes: “And today, the thief has been given the keys to Aso Rock by his fellow criminal – Tinubu.”

@Benedeji writes: “His sins have been forgiven like the prodigal son. He is back in the family, flocking around with like birds in the seat of power. With the kind of friends that we now know our president keep Nigerians are very happy.”

@TrenchKing5 writes: “Ibori is now the number one visitor to Aso Villa. When a criminal is in power, other criminals rejoices!”

@UGOsaintcristo writes: “And here is the criminal side by side & hand in hand with his fellow criminal, marauding as a president!”


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