Published On: Sat, Sep 4th, 2021

“IGBELE”:A Dreaded Evil Forest In Warri Where Itsekiri Dump Corpses Of Witches, Wizards

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LAGOS SEPTEMBER 4TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The evil forest is one of the oldest traditional methods of disposing of strange items in the Igbo tradition, and indeed in African tradition as a whole. When people with strange diseases die, they are usually banished or buried here.
When someone committed an atrocity in the past, he or she was banished to the evil forest. This instilled in people the fear that there would be consequences for their actions, causing them to follow the rules governing the community.
In the style of the Itsekiri Kingdom of Warri Delta State, Nigeria. The Igbele is an evil forest in Itsekiri Town where the corpses of witches who were alive are dumped for vultures to devour. When a person dies, a consultation with the land’s oracle is held. Ife is referred to as life after this consultation, the oracles reveal whether the person died naturally, was a witch, or was murdered by someone else.
If the person died naturally and was not a witch or wizard, the corpse is properly buried; otherwise, the corpse is thrown into Igbele forest across the river if the person was a witch or wizard. This naturally causes shame and resentment in the deceased’ family.
Today, corruption has eaten into the core of our being because we have abandoned many of the traditions that define us and embraced Western culture, for which we lack the technology to maximize its impact.
I believe that if the model of the evil forest is used to treat corrupt officials, it will reduce the number of corruption cases that our generation will have to deal with.
Nowadays, you see some corrupt officials parading the streets, jumping bail, and evading justice because the system is ruled by money, and this is their area of strength, after all, they amassed a lot of it while in office.
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