Published On: Wed, Jun 28th, 2023

Walking Stick: An  Essential Part Of Urhobo Traditional Outfit


LAGOS JUNE 28TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The Walking Stick is one of the Urhobo Traditional outfit that is used by men along with a cowboy hat. They are essential tools that help men maintain their balance and reduce the strain on their joints, muscles, and ligaments while walking, hiking, or climbing. They are usually made of lightweight, durable materials such as wood, aluminum, or carbon fiber, and feature comfortable handles and adjustable straps.

Walking sticks typically have one or more points of contact with the ground, which provide stability and reduce the risk of slipping or falling.

 Brief History of Walking Sticks

Walking sticks have been used for centuries by people around the world for various purposes, including hunting, defense, and religious ceremonies. In Europe, walking sticks became fashionable accessories for the aristocracy and were often adorned with elaborate carvings and precious stones. During the Victorian era, the popularity of walking sticks spread to the middle and working classes, and they became essential items for both men and women. In the 20th century, walking sticks evolved into specialized equipment for hiking, trekking, and mountaineering, and were designed to be lightweight, collapsible, and adjustable.

The Benefits Of Using Walking Sticks


 Improved Balance and Stability 

Walking sticks help distribute the weight of the body evenly, providing stability and reducing the risk of falls and injuries. They are particularly useful for people with balance problems, arthritis, or weak joints.

Reduced Impact on Joints 

Walking sticks absorb the shock of walking or hiking, reducing the impact on the joints and preventing pain and injuries. They are especially helpful for people with knee, hip, or ankle problems.

 Increased Endurance  

Walking sticks help distribute the workload of walking or hiking, allowing people to walk longer distances without getting tired. They also provide support when climbing or descending hills, reducing the strain on the legs and lungs.

Enhanced Posture And Alignment 

Walking sticks promote good posture and alignment, reducing the strain on the back, neck, and shoulders. They also help improve breathing and circulation, enhancing overall health and wellbeing.

Versatility and Adaptability

Walking sticks can be used in various terrains and weather conditions, providing stability and support on rocky, uneven, or slippery surfaces. They can also be adjusted to different heights and angles, making them suitable for people of different heights and walking styles.

In conclusion, walking sticks offer numerous benefits, including improved balance and stability, reduced impact on joints, increased endurance, enhanced posture and alignment, and versatility and adaptability. If you want to experience the benefits of using walking sticks, choose a model that suits your needs and preferences, and start exploring the great outdoors!

Courtesy of Kokori Descendants Association @ 2023


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