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Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2017

Urhobo Names and Meaning For Male Children

LAGOS FEBRUARY 7TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The Urhobo culture is related to several cultures in the Niger-Delta – Isoko are related in language and culture, leading to the missionaries erroneously labelling the Urhobo and Isoko cultural groups as Sobo. Enjoy these Urhobo names for boys below;


1 Akpenvwoghene Akpenvwe Praise God
2 Anaborhi Naborhi Born with good destiny
3 Edewor Dewor Traditional religion sacred day of worship
4 Ejiroghene Ejiro Praise God
5 Ejokparoghene Oghene, Jokpa Let us trust in God
6 Ejomafuvwe Jomafu, Jomafuvwe Let peace reign in my life
7 Erhiaganoma Erhi, Rhiaganoma God overpowers the body
8 Erhimeyoma Oyoma My God is good
9 Erhinyoja Rhinyoja, onyoja God meets our challenges/ hears our prayers
10 Erhinyuse Use God answers prayers
11 Erhioghene Erhi, Ogene The spirit of God
12 Eseoghene Ese God’s gift
13 Eserovwe Ovwe, Ese God’s grace/ Free gift
14 Oghenebrume Brume God decided in my favour
15 Oghenechovwe Chovwe, Oghene God aided me
16 Oghenefejiro Ofejiro, Ejiro,Oghene God is praiseworthy
17 Oghenegaren Garen, Ogene God is great
18 Oghenekevwe Kevwe, Oghene God gave me
19 Oghenekohwo Oghene, Kohwo God provides
20 Ogheneme Ome, Oghene My God
21 Oghenemine Mimi, Mine I look up to God
22 Oghenenyore Nyore, Oghene God answers prayers
23 Ogheneruemu Oghene God makes all things possible
24 Oghenerukevwe Rukevwe, Rukky, Ruks God did this for me
25 Ogheneruno Oruno, Runo God has so much
26 Oghenetega Otega, Tega, Oghene God is worthy to be worshipped
27 Oghenevwede Oghenede, Oghene God owns the day
28 Oghenevwogagan Ogaga, Gaga, Oghene God provides all my strength
29 Ogheneochuko Ochuko, Oghene God provides my support
30 Okeroghene Okeoghene, Oghene God’s own time
31 Omarmerhi Mamerhi, Oma Good God
32 Onakpoma Ono Who creates life?
33 Onomavwe Ono Who is my creator?
34 Onomine Mimi, Ono Whom do I look up to?
35 Onovughakpor Onovughe, Ono Who can predict what life can bring?
36 Oyovwikemo Kemo, Yovwike May our children be blessed
37 Oyovwikerhi Kerhi, Yovwike May my God be blessed
38 Achojah Achojah Rise up to a challenge
39 Aruegodore Egodo We have established
40 Edojah Dojah Day of challenge
41 Efemini Efe Let’s see how wealthy you will be
42 Efetobo Efe wealth is achieved
43 Etanomare Tanomare, Nomare Freed from blame
44 Ighomuedafe Igho, Dafe Money Intoxicates the wealthy
45 Miriodere Miriode I now have a name
46 Mitaire Mitai I have achieved their match
47 Mivwodere Mivwode I now have a name
48 Oboganriemu Obogan Be strong to survive
49 Ogbamremu Ogba The brave meets a lot of challenges
50 Ojakorotu Jakorotu, Orotu This is a group challenge
51 Ojanomare Janoma I have met the challenge
52 Onajite Ojite This is sufficient
53 Onanojah Onojah This is a challenge
54 Onogaganmue Ono, Ogagan Who is intoxicated with power?
55 Onoharhese Norhahese Who blames good deeds
56 Udumebraye Udume, Dumebraye My presence gives them heartache
57 Edafetanure Tanure The wealthy has spoken
58 Efemena Efe Here is my wealth
59 Efemuaye Efe Those intoxicated with riches
60 Efetobore Tobore Wealth has now been achieved
61 Etanomare Tanomare, Tanoma Freed from blame
62 Etaredafe Dafe Words of the wealthy
63 Ighovavwerhe Igho There is joy in riches
64 Irikefe Kefe First to become wealthy
65 Odafe Dafe Rich individual
66 Odavwaro Odaro I am contented
67 Oghomena Ogho, Omena Here is my respect
68 Oghonoro Ogho, Onoro Respect is greater than riches
69 Okagbare Kagbare Now I have all skills
70 Omonigho Omo, Igho Child is greater than riches
71 Omonoro Omo, Onoro Child is greater than gold
72 Onajite Jite, Ojite This is sufficient
73 Orodena Orode The great one
74 Norioghene Norien Look at God’s judgement
75 Oghenenyerhovwo Nyerhovwo, Oghene God answers prayers
76 Oghenerhoro Oghene God makes all things possible
77 Akpobume Akpobo My own life
78 Akpofure Ofure Life is now peaceful
79 Akporvwovwo Akpovwovwo Good life in later years
80 Ataikiru Taikiru Plan before taing action
81 Avwunudiogba Unudiogba Those who profess strength with mere talk
82 Edaferierhi Edafe The rich have good destiny
83 Edemirukaye Ede, Demirukai The day i did them a favour
84 Eghwrudjakpor Jakpor, Eghwrudje I have come to stay
85 Eguono Guono Love
86 Ejaita Jaita Let them say
87 Ejoyovwi Joyovwi Let it be a success
88 Emarejedje Omare, Ejedje The elderly also run for life
89 Emetitiri Metitiri Mine is famous
90 Emudiaga Mudiaga Let’s stand firmly
91 Emuobosa Muobo Your own thing is precious
92 Emuvoke Voke Everything has time
93 Enakpodia Nakpodia The way life should be
94 Enita Nita Watch what you say
95 Enitekiru Eniteh Think before you act
96 Enivwenaye Nivwenai Compare my achievements with those of my detractors
97 Erhuvwun Erhus Beauty
98 Erukainure Rukainure, Eruks We have aided them
99 Etarakpobuno Etabuno, Tabuno The world has so much to say
100 Irorokpaka Rokpaka Deep thoughts
101 Isio Isio Stars
102 Oba Oba King
103 Obatere Atare Destiny
104 Oborerhinrin Berhirin It’s your destiny
105 Odirin Dirin Patience
106 Ogbeta Gbeta Bad talk
107 Okiremute Okite There’s time for everything
108 Okpako Kpako Senior
109 Omafuvwe Mafuvwe, Oma I am at peace
110 Omenasan Menasan Mine is unique
111 Onome Onome This is mine
112 Onoriode Ono Who knows tomorrow
113 Orodena Orode The great one
114 Otevwobrise Otobrise, Otobru It’s sufficient to make parables
115 Ovie Ovie King
116 Ovigueraye Ovigue Everyone with his/her own destiny
117 Ovuevuraye Ovuevu, Vuevuraye Everyone has his/ her own mind
118 Oyabevwe Oyabe Tired of sojourn
119 Ufuoma Fuoma Peace of mind
120 Ughwubetine Betine No more deaths
121 Uruemuesiri Esiri, Uruemu Good deeds
122 Umukoro/Omokoro Mukoro,Mokoro Young man
123 Iminiovwerha Imoni There’s joy in having blood relations
124 Iniovosa Niovosa Siblings are unique
125 Odibo Odibo Disciple/Servant
126 Ohwevwo Ohwo Good human relationship provides valuable support
127 Ohwofasa Ofasa A person’s status should be defined by his/her achievement.
128 Ohwonigho Igho A child is greater than riches
129 Omonoro Monoro, Oro A child is greater than gold
130 Onanefe Efe, Ona This child is greater than riches
131 Omodibo Modibo Young disciple/servant
132 Edeki Deki Market day
133 Edidjana Didjana Sunday
134 Edore Dore Day of festivity(festival)
135 Eduvie Duvie Day of Glory
136 Avwunufe Efe, Wunufe Wealthy only by mouth, not substance
137 Efediome Diome Let riches be mine
138 Efekodo Efe, Fekodo Famous with wealth
139 Efemena Efe Here is my wealth
140 Efemuaye Efe Those intoxicated with riches
141 Efeturi Efe, Feturi There are more than 100 types of riches
142 Efevwerha Efe Wealth is joyful
143 Efurhievwe Efe Destined to be wealthy
144 Ejaife Jaife Let them be wealthy
145 Esisorigho Esisi Bag of money
146 Etaidaferua Taidafe Words of the wealthy are more acceptable
147 Igberaharha Gberaharhar The poor takes the blame
148 Ighofose Ose, Igho Money can break close relationships
149 Ighofovwe Igho Wealth suites me
150 Ighohwo Igho Riches make you human
151 Irikefe Kefe First to become wealthy
152 Omoefe Omo, Efe Child is wealth
153 Omovigho Omo, Igho Child brings wealth
154 Onofeghara Efe, Nofeghara Who shares his wealth with others
155 Onoharhigbo Igho, Noharhigbo Who blames riches/ wealth
156 Uduefebraye Efe, Uduefe Wealth gives them challenge/heartache
157 Ahwinahwi Ahwi A very dark person
158 Obiebi Biebi Dark
159 Ododo Dodo Red
160 Ofuafo Fuafo White
161 Ofuako Fuako One with white teeth
162 Omoyibo Moyibo Little fair person
163 Oyibo Oyibo Fair skinned
164 Oyibonanarhoro Oyiborhoro, Oyibo, Oyibode A big fair-skinned person
165 Oyiborhoro Oyibode, Oyibo A big fair-skinned person
166 Oyiborode Oyibode, Oyibo A big fair-skinned person
167 Edosio Ede, Osio Rainy day
168 Ohwahwa Hwahwa Harmattan/ Cold season
169 Okposio Osio Heavy Rain
170 Osio Osio Rain
171 Uvo Uvo Dry season
172 Egbo Egbo Forest
173 Emeni Meni Small Elephant
174 Emerho Merho Small Catfish
175 Eni Eni Elephant
176 Erhue Erhue A special breed of cow used for traditional ceremonies
177 Ogoro Ogoro Frog
178 Okpogoro Ogoro a big toad
179 Uloho Loho Iroko tree
180 Urhie Urhie River
181 Agbarha Agbarha Born in Agbarha
182 Emetisiorho Isiorho Children born in the diaspora
183 Okpara Okpara Born in Okpara
184 Omorogun Omo, Morogun Child born in Orogun
185 Orogun Orogun Born in Orogun
186 Sapele Sapele Born in Sapele
187 Uhwokori Kokori Born in Uhwokori


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  1. Wow! Urhobo names are so beautiful!
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    Some of these names are for girls also.

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    Pls wats the meaning of onomifeke

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