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Published On: Wed, Sep 18th, 2019

Delta 2023: Why Ibori Cannot Speak For Urhobo Nation

By Zik Gbemre
LAGOS SEPTEMBER 18TH (URHOBOTODAY)-With recent reports that former Governor James Ibori has disclosed that the Urhobo Nation would produce the next Governor of Delta State come 2023, as he cautioned against the distractions coming from the Ijaw people of Delta South Senatorial District who wants to produce the next Delta State Governor; when he played host to Delta Central PDP stakeholders in his Oghara country home – we consider it necessary to reiterate the undeniable fact that James Ibori, who remains an ex-convict, cannot, and should not speak for the Urhobo Nation over this subject matter.
While Ibori has the right to speak for himself, his family and the few greedy PDP members who have sold their birthright rights over a plate of rice, as his flock of supporters, but the fact still remains that IBORI CANNOT SPEAK FOR THE URHOBO NATION. Aside the fact that Ibori does not have the integrity, the public support, the authority and the capacity to speak for, and on behalf of the Urhobo Nation, he is also an ‘old wound’ whose past and present actions have never been in the interest of the Urhobo Nation and Delta State as a whole.
This is the same Ibori, who has left in Delta State – A STAINED LEGACY OF PILFERING STATE PUBLIC FUNDS AS IF IT IS A PRIVATE WEALTH. This is the same Ibori, who, rather than ‘hide in shame’ or show a little bit of ‘remorse or repentance’ for the corruption atrocities he has committed against Delta State while in office for 8 years, especially when he pleaded guilty in 2012 to charges of money-laundering involving sums amounting to at least 50 million pounds ($66 million), and conspiracy to defraud Delta State, in a South Wark Crown Court – UK, which got him a 13-year jail sentence and he served half the term. This is the same Ibori who has positioned himself to continually dictate and control the fortunes of Delta State. The same Ibori who has been the obstacle responsible for everything politically and socio-economically wrong in Delta State, as he has been depriving Delta State of actualizing the needed basic development with his flamboyant and extravagant lifestyle, including the use of private jet to hover around the country, which is allegedly being maintained/serviced with Delta State public funds since he came back from UK prison.
No responsible person or group of persons would consult Ibori. Hence, I wonder who are those Urhobo politicians that still go to Ibori for advice? What good advice do Ibori has to give? Some are saying and arguing that Ibori paid the price for “Resource Control agitation”, hence he was punished by former President Olusegun Obasanjo. But is making noise in the media an act of agitation? Is that what they call agitations? How can that same person he said he is agitating for his people, still steal monies meant for the development of the same people? An agitator for a noble cause will not steal from his people. Mandela didn’t steal from his people in South Africa to enrich himself. Ibori was never an agitator of any kind.
This is the same Ibori, who has also manipulatively produced the successive administrations in Delta State till date, and has positioned his men; to occupy every important PDP Party and Delta State Government Positions in Delta State. It is this same Ibori, that some persons and supposed leaders in the State are now working hard for, to perpetuate his flawed legacy. WHAT A SHAME!! Who in their right minds and senses, would even sit down to listen to Ibori for anything he has to say? A man with the sort of reputation Ibori has, should not only be shamed and wooed on the streets by Deltans, but nobody should also give him the audience to speak for Delta State, let alone the Urhobo Nation.
LET IT BE KNOWN, AND REITERATED HERE THAT THE ONLY RECOGNIZED VOICE AND AUTHORITY THAT CAN SPEAK FOR, AND ON BEHALF OF THE URHOBO NATION, IS THE URHOBO PROGRESS UNION (UPU) LEADERSHIP, AND NOT IBORI AND HIS SELFISH AND SENSELESS FOLLOWERS. Ibori remains an ex-convict, and he has no reputation and integrity to say anything concerning the Urhobos political desires and aspirations. The Urhobos remain an honorable tribe that is well-respected, and the Urhobos have produced great people like Chief Mukoro Mowoe and others. Mukoro can be likened as the grandfather of the Modern Urhobo Nation. These are people that have sacrificed and contributed greatly to the growth of the Urhobo Nation and the interests of its people, and not the likes of James Ibori, whose name alone only reminds us of what our children and future leaders should never turn out to become. Ibori should just take the advice given to him by Abraham Ogbodo of The Guardian newspaper some time ago after Ibori’s release from prison – to ‘remain silent’ and be an ‘elder statesman’ at the background. As one who simply contributes to his Community’s growth and development, as a Community Leader of Oghara Kingdom.

Zik Gbemre, September 16, 2019

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  1. Set jpresh says:

    You don’t know what you are saying and by the way who made you the spokeman of urhobo. Speak for yourself

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