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Published On: Fri, Jan 30th, 2015

O’tega Emerhor’s Vision for Delta State

Delta State APC Governorship candidate, Chief O'tega Emerhor

Delta State APC Governorship candidate, Chief O’tega Emerhor

By Nick Balebo
LAGOS JANUARY 30TH (URHOBOTODAY)-One of the most salutory events in the ongoing electioneering frenzy in Delta State is the emergence of Olorogun O ‘tega Emerhor as the governorship flagbearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC). Best known as a visionary and business angel who breathed life into companies and corporate entities that had gone comatose, Emerhor joined the Delta governorship race with a lofty vision to rework Delta State and make life meaningful for the people. As someone who understands that government is about the welfare and security of the people, Emerhor has evolved an all inclusive development programme that is likely to alter the socio-economic fortunes of Delta State and its people for good in no time if he mounts the saddle come 29 May 2015. What daily preoccupies Emerhor at the moment is the task of ensuring that Delta State realizes its manifest destiny and live the dream of the ideal state. And Emerhor has been assiduous in putting together a development blueprint which he has articulated with a missionary zeal and conviction.
Delta State has not been isolated from the gale of misrule which has afflicted Nigeria in the last sixteen years. It is therefore understandable why the people are on edge and anxious for a new beginning, yet with very high hopes that Emerhor will win the election in line with their resolve to become the major stakeholders in the state as the credo of democratic governance demands. The truth is that the people have been bruised and confined to the margins in the scheme of governance and wealth distribution. Those who have access to political office connive to undo the people socio-economically. This is why the state has been embroiled in socio-economic misfortunes as reflected in lack of employment opportunities, poor infrastructure, collapse of both education and health sectors, rural decay and urban degradation and more.
Emerhor understands politics as he does the boardroom. He also knows that good governance is increasingly getting tied to how well an economy is run or managed. The resources of Delta State in spite of the dwindling fortune of oil which is the main source of revenue can still sustain four states if well husbanded. And Emerhor is the undisputed guru in the management of men and resources. This is his major selling point, that is to turn Delta State around to join the group of economically prosperous states in Nigeria and indeed the world.
Emerhor is at home with the fact that the whole of Delta State and all its people are in dire need of development since the deprivation of the last sixteen years has been an ill wind that blew no one any good. This is why his development vision reflects a pan-Deltan concern which focuses on a wide spectrum of socio-economic imperatives. Those who know often submit that Delta State derailed from the lofty dreams of old and that only a visionary, a committed leader, a thinker and purpose oriented mind can drive the state to achieve its great destiny. This is where the personality of Olorogun O’ tega Emerhor comes in as the game changer.
Emerhor is a first class development thinker and turn-around hand. The truth is that the state needs him now more than ever before. 2015 and post-2015 will sign-post a new beginning for Nigeria and many states. Yet, only the states with the right calibre of leadership will be part of this new beginning. That is why Deltans must come together and ensure that Emerhor gets voted in as the next governor of the state so that the roller coaster of development will not pass the state by. Emerhor’s vision is sustained by a pan-Delta bias which reads as follows: ‘’a model state where multi-ethnicity is a resource and where equity, justice and fair play are the building blocks of a secured environment and vibrant economy’’. A vision such as this is what Delta State needs for rejuvenation. The vision in a nutshell embraces all the indices that have held down the state since it was created in 1991.
Lofty as the vision is, it is complemented by an ideal mission which is ‘’to make Delta a model through a purpose-driven leadership anchored on a touch-base participatory governance, bed-rocked on private sector initiatives, investor friendly orientation and commitment to hard work and service to all’’. The clincher of the mission is to ‘’empower the people to live a prosperous life’’. Emerhor no doubt is set to inspire Delta and its people to greater heights. Only in western democracies do you encounter such lofty declarations that are tied to the evolution of new states and emergence of new eras.
Emerhor’s manifesto has been well crafted into what he calls the ‘’Ten Cardinal Points’’. Each item in the manifesto points at his pro-people and pan-Delta development agenda. From comprehensive socio-economic empowerment, to security of lives and property, infrastructural development, agro-industrialization, education, health and housing and collaboration with foreign investors, Emerhor has mapped out a prosperous future for Delta and her hopeful citizens. Deltans must vote wisely so that Emerhor’s vision can open up an entirely new and glorious dawn.
Nick Balebo a political scientist wrote from Bomadi in Delta State.

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  1. J O Oboro says:

    As it was reported in the media. At what venue did such a decision taken (ie Nigerians in the UK?)
    Our major worries is Maj Buhari’s religion’s iltolerance as our fear is that as soon as Hausa/Fulani gets there they see things in terms of religion
    His running mate (Prof Osibanjo ) will just become a lame Duck. The Yoruba should be very, very careful on this issue as the Hausa/Fulani cannot be trusted on religious issues.
    Every thing to them is religion,why and they are not developing with this mentality. They do not even regard the southern moslems1
    He should give a sure and firm guarantee that religion will not be the yardstick for employment, admission,quata system and ministerial appointment
    This is to prvent him giving every juicy ministries (NNPC, NPA, FAAN, CBN, FCT, Oil Blocks and more)to the core North

  2. Ted Ojuvwu says:

    Chief Tuesday Onoge is a traitor a saboteur of the worst order. This is a half baked semi illiterate being moulded in true Urhobo tradition but has allowed himself to be used by both PDP and Chief Otega Emerhor in collaboration with PDP pay masters
    It is glaring that Chief Otega Emerhor is all out to sabotage Chief G Ogboru chances knowing full well that he(Chief O’tega Emerhor )cannot win. He is being sponsored as a spoiller.

    The Urhobo nation and consequently Deltans will not forgive Chief Otega Emerhor if things go unthinkable

    Every Urhob man and woman,Isoko, Itshekiri, Ijaw and Anioma should rise up to put this Chief Otega Emerhor/Chief T Onoge led conspiracy down

    Shame to both Chief Otega Emerhor/Chief T Onoge

    By the special grace of the Lord God, the Almighty God in Heaven Chief G Ogboru will emerge the winner to the bitter shame of both Chief Otega Emerhor/Chief T Onoge

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