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Published On: Sun, Jan 4th, 2015

2015: Why Urhobo must Join Others to Produce Delta Governor-Onuesoke

Chief Sunny Onuesoke

Chief Sunny Onuesoke

Delta PDP Governorship candidate in 2007 general election and Country Director of Network for Good Governance (N4GG, ) Chief Sunny Onuesoke in an interview with our correspondent speaks on President Goodluck Jonathan chances of winning the 2015 general election, unity of Nigeria and the need for the Urhobos ethnic tribe to join forces with PDP in Delta State in 2015 general election
How do you feel about Goodluck Jonathan picking of PDP presidential ticket?
Honesty I am excited because there will be better understanding in continuity of his transformational agenda.
Do you think Jonathan will win the Presidential election mostly as he has Mohammadu Buhari as his contender?
Like in United States and other developed part of the world, winning Presidential election does not come easily. But I am very confident that with series of past achievements embedded in his transformational agenda he will beat Buhari to win the the presidential election in 2015.
APC strongman, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to resign for his inability to control the affairs of the nation. What is your reaction?
Tinubu as a national leader and opposition is entitled to his own freedom of speech which he has done perfectly.
From the feelers we are getting, it appears the presidential contest between Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari is going to be a close contest. What is your reaction?
There is no where in the world presidential contest has been smooth. But I am very pessimistic that Jonathan will defeat Buhari in 2015. The statistic is fully in favour of Goodluck Jonathan. In the South-South of Nigeria there is eighty percent votes for PDP. The middle belt is ultimately and totally hundred percent for PDP. North Central is also totally for the PDP. I am talking without fear or favour that in the North PDP has twelve states under his control. I am telling you that ninety five percent of the people in the South-West will vote in favour of Jonathan.
There is this allegation from the South-West mostly the Afenefere that they never benefitted anything from Goodluck Jonathan’s government. They also alleged that the speaker ship position which is for the Yorubas was giving the North. What is your reaction?
For the Afenefere to say the Yorubas did not benefit from Goodluck Jonathan’s government is not true. The Senate Speakership position was sold by the Yorubas. If you go to hallow chambers ask who nominated Aminu Tambuwal? It was Tinubu who circumvented the position and gave it to Aminu Tambuwal who is from the North. He did it on reasons best known to him.
There is this fear that 2015 election will lead to the disintegration of the country. What is your reaction to it?
I have to be very frank with you that the unity of this country will be intact after 2015 election because the unity of this country is base on the poverty class. The poverty class will be the last people to desintegrate Nigeria. If the elite decide to desingrate Nigeria it will not work. No Northern leader that will call for the desengration of Nigeria because it will affect their personal interest. Let me tell you something, the Northern leaders in Nigeria will be the least to vote for Buhari. Note that no Northern leader who worth his salt will give his vote for Buhari. It is unacceptable for a man like Buhari who is over seventy five years with archaic ideas to rule over the affairs of Nigeria.
What is your take on reaction trailing N21b raised for the campaign of President Goodluck Jonathan. Beside the fund is contrary to the electoral rules which says no one should donate more than a million Naira.
Those criticising the fund raise for Goodluck Jonathan campaign in 2015 should come out and tell us where it is written in INEC law. Didn’t an individual donated fifteen million Dollar in George Bush election in 1980? Can you compare that one to N21b. Did an individual donated that amount for Jonathan’s election. The highest an indiviidual donated was N2b.
Do you think the federal government has handled the issue of security and corruption perfectly in this country?
Yes Goodluck Jonathan has handled both issues perfectly. Is because Jonathan is from Niger Delta? Is it because Jonathan is not a noise maker? Is it because Jonathan is a quiet leader? Can you compare Obasanjo’s government to that of Jonathan in fairness to our situation of stealing and high level of corruption. Removing people unjustly without due process? Have you heard that from Jonathan. Should I ask Buhari what he did with Petroleum Trust Fund? Boko Haram is not Goodluck Jonathan’s making. The Northerners are using as a tool to fight Jonathan. They created a monster they cannot control. We need ninety percent of the leaders in the North to put a stop the activities of Boko Haram. We did it in Niger Delta and so the Northerners should be able to do it. Do you fight someone you do not see. They use internet and yutude to send messages and incite the people against Jonathan.
How do feel about emergence of Senator Ifeanyi Okowa as PDP Governorship candidate in Delta State?
PDP is one family in Delta State. There is no oppression. The election of Okowa as PDP Governorship candidate in Delta State was free and fair.
Do you not think the Urhobos will move out of PDP for not getting the governorship ticket?
How will they move out of PDP for not getting the governorship ticket. These are the issue we are saying. Urhobos got Chief James Ibori as the Governor for eight years. They also got Prof Amos Utuama as Deputy Governor for eight years. Whether Ibo, Iitsekiri or Ijaw, all we need is development. Urhobo cannot do it alone. They need the cooperation of the Itsekiris, Ijaws and Delta North to get the governor of Delta State. I am a loyal party man. All we want is development like what Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan is doing. I do not know Uduaghan as an Itsekiri man but as a governor of Delta State providing three point agenda for the development of the state.
Your support for Okowa Governorship candidacy has incurred the wrath of the Urhobos who felt your action is against ‘Uvwiamuge Declaration’. Some of them even called on Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) to sanction you. What is your reaction to this development?
I am against the believe of if not me no one else. We the Urhobos know that we cannot do it alone so we must throw our weight behind another tribe. We need the cooperation of other Senatorial zones in the state to win the governorship election. Only Urhobo’s vote cannot win Delta State for PDP neither will it win the state for another party. Lets stop deceiving ourselves. We should align with the present candidate and in four or eight years time we can come out again. Lets push this state ahead.
What is your assessment of the quality of Ifeanyi Okowa?
Okowa is a perfect gentleman. He was Secretary to Delta State Government before going to the Senate. Hhe did well as SSG and also doing very well as Senator representing Delta North Senatorial Zone.
Do you think he will do well?
Yes he will do perfectly well. I know as a friend, an uncle and someone I have been close to for eight years. He is going to be a perfect governor.

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  1. Able Ikiyor says:

    at 12:53 pm

    Corrections please Chief Sunny Onuesoke
    / Mr. Prince Abugo: the principal reasons why Urhobo domination gave way to conspiracy and manipulation is as a result of 1) the conspiracy within Urhobo nation led by an Urhobo man in the person of Chief James O Ibori & Co. Nobody knows why he is so anti-Urhobo after using nationality in climbing through using Urhobo ladder. He turned back to bring Urhobo down!
    2) Ifeayi Okowa cannot and will not,never redeam Urhobo misfortune since he is representing the very anti-Urhobo forces in government.
    The Itsekiri will be next in battering, annexation, humiliation and demystifying with Tompolo & Co in charge and. Itsekiri should equally pray that Pompolo does not rule by proxy in Delta state. To stop this from happening, You better stop, you Stop Okowa/PDP from wining at all
    3) If the Anioma can cornered 18 poisitions out of 23 slots for Delta State, how are we sure they will not get 100% as they have the governor in their hand, never.
    4) They are already boasting ‘The Urhobo, we will teach the Urhobos some lessons if they get it’ask Mr Nwoboashi & Co to deny this statement.
    Prince Abugo and Chief Sunny Onuesoke
    are agents,touts,equally anti-Urhobo and paid campaigners of Okowa and should be reminded that since 2007 the Urhobo population figure in Delta state has been manipulated to skew out the Urhobos from being the most populous ethnic group in the State. PDP have been trying to reduce Urhobo population figure in Delta Central, Delta South and Patani LGAs

    Conclusion: Only the Goverment led by Chief Great Ogboru can save the whole Delta State and Urhobo inclusive

    PDP as a Cabal in Delta are a group of sharks, Crocodiles,Lions, Cheaters and woolfs in occultist barn

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