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Published On: Mon, Dec 22nd, 2014

Delta 2015: Ogboru and Labour Party are the Problems of Urhobo- Emerhor O’tega

(L-R) Chief Omerhor O'tega and Chief Great Ogboru

(L-R) Chief Omerhor O’tega and Chief Great Ogboru

By Ibebe Rufus
Delta State APC Governorship candidate in 2015 general election, Chief Otega Emerhor has declared that Labour Party (LP) Delta State Governorship candidate, Chief Great Ogboru and Labour Party are the problems of the Urhobos in 2015 election.
He said if Urhobos did not thread carefully the action of Ogboru and Labour Party would lead to the derailment of ‘Uvwiamuge Declaration’ and not PDP and Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa as being speculated.
Emerhor who made the observation while addressing Urhobo youths under the aegis of Ukoko Re Ighelle Urhobo said he is afraid of neither Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa nor PDP because he is confident that Urhobo nation has what it takes to defeat Okowa and PDP in other for the Urhobos to achieve their dream of producing the next governor in 2015.
He, however, argued that Ogboru and LP are the problems of the Urhobo Dream because they are on a mission of dividing the Urhobo votes, a situation he alleged would bring about the failure of the Uviamughe Declaration. He pointed out that the Urhobo dream would only be successful when all Urhobos come together as one to fight the Urhobo enemies.
According to him, “Dr. Okowa and PDP are not the problem that we are facing. They can be effectively handled. I know the people of Delta State want change and they will vote for APC in the upcoming elections. That means that PDP will surely be defeated at the end of the day. The problem that the Urhobo nation is facing is LP and Ogboru. I say this because; they are out on a mission of dividing the votes of Urhobo nation. This can lead to the failure of the Uviamughe declaration. He should be asked to step down for me in the interest of the Urhobo nation”
Reacting to the demand raised by Urhobo youths that either him or Chief Great Ogburu should step down from the race, Chief Otega Emerhor said the person to step down from the raise and support the other person is Ogboru of the LP, adding that he had all it takes to win the governorship election in 2015.
He disclosed that unlike Labour Party, APC had the structure and connection to protect the votes of the Urhobo People and Delta State at large if voted for, just as he recalled that he had supported O Ogboru in the past and this is the best time for him to reciprocate that kind gesture. He maintained that he left PDP to support Ogboru then because he believed that as an Urhobo, he had what it takes to become the governor of the state.
He therefore argued that since Ogboru did not succeed in becoming the governor of the state, it is only wise and proper for him to support him in other for the Uviamughe declaration to materialise. He said Ogboru did not win the past elections because of lack of proper party structure at the national level, stressing that the Urhobo nation cannot afford to make such a mistake again.
His words, “I left PDP and worked for him (Olorugun Great Ovedje Ogboru) to become governor of the state because I love him and the Urhobo nation. He failed because the party did not have a national structure. He is here again with another party without a structure. Urhobo nation should tell him to support me. My party has both national and state structures. One good turn deserve another. It is his time to support me in the interest of Urhobo nation.”.

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  1. Owen says:

    Otega shut ur mouth u dnt ve wt it takes to win there is no APC in delta state pple like cyril ogodo re d ones deceiving u.

  2. Etebele says:

    Otega should not have made the issue public. Any serious issue about the Urhobo nation should be discussed in-house. The two Urhobo candidates should continue to meet, dialogue moderated by the UPU. The truth of the matter is that someone must step down for the other if they are truly patriotic. In absence of this Urhobo may better abandon the project?

  3. Let it be known that the ball is in the court of the UPU to hold on to the entrenched responsibility of uniting Urhobo together. Urhobos should come to the understanding of the far too long a time we have been subjected to marginalization even by an Ijaw man. Everybody knows that Great Ogboru’s name is widely known in Delta even among us in diaspora; but the reverse is the case with Otega Omeroh. Let the leadership of UPU lock the two aspirants in a room until they come into a compromise that will ultimately allows Urhobo to speak with one voice for a change.This is a task for UPU that must be done otherwise we may not be able to occupy that Governorship post in Delta state again.

  4. John it seems you don’t understand or know the present day UPU. You must have forgotten what happened during the just concluded PDP primary election. It will be good if your proposal can happen. We wait and see. The future of Delta State is in the hands of Chief Great O. Ogboru not Okowa and his cabal.

  5. Sen. Onome Williams says:

    This is a better time for O tega to really show his degree of friendship with Ogboru. Then when O tega supported Ogboru the Ogboru then-party wasn’t structured quite agree but now you know now it will be a sure win for Ogboru while not step down and extend that claimed friendship. Give Ogboru this last chance by supporting him and I bet you the Urhobo nation will another time make you OUR governor.

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