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Published On: Mon, Feb 4th, 2013

Winners Member Defends Oyedepo, Alleged Linder Ikeji Belongs to Secret Cult

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Linder Ikeji

A repentant cult member of Winners Chapel Church, Nkechi Ogbonna, has alleged that popular internet blogger Linder Ikeji has been spreading rumour about her spiritual God-father, the Founder and General Overseer of Winners Chapel Church Bishop David Oyedepo, accusing Linder for having got her fame as a result her membership of secret cult. Below is the full story from Nkechi.
Linda Ikeji, I have sent you series of email but you refused to correct yourself knowing fully well all your lies will be exposed. I will not point any accusing fingers here but as a member of Winners chapel church, I will correct some lies that were spread on your blog last week. . So on the 31st of January 2013, as your usual tradition you took to your blog to peddle lies about highly respected Man of God, Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo, the man whom God used to turn my life around.
In the false update here is what you wrote: “This actually happened a few weeks back but I’m only just hearing about it. According to sources in the know, during Winners Chapel Cross Over service on Tuesday January 1st in Canaanland, Ota, Ogun state, worshipers of the church made donations of over 700 exotic cars to the church. People who felt they had been richly blessed in 2012 came to the cross over service with different donations, most significant was the number of exotic brand new cars and SUVs that flooded Canaanland. . The people who donated them dropped the keys and documents of the cars during offering. The church auctioned the cars at very cheap prizes to its members.
Some cars were sold for as low as N300k” Linda, I have been your friend for a while and I believe you know Nkechi fully well – don’t you? I won’t reveal the secret of how your rose to fame. I will leave that for God to expose. I don’t even need to dig deeper into how you request spiritual help from D’banj and how you joined the same secret society I was in before God delivered me by a mighty hand. . When Jim Iyke called you a witch, do you think it’s ordinary? I will leave that for you to answer. Since God delivered me from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear son Jesus Christ, my life has never remained the same. When a Lagos pastor recently accused you of peddling lies to destroy his ministry, do you think it’s ordinary. . I don’t need to reveal the repercussion of the secret cult we belong here because it not easy for the ordinary mind to comprehend. As a member of this commission (Winners Chapel), I can authoritatively confirm that my papa Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo didn’t get
any donation from church members. . This man in question is not even on the payroll of the church as widely believed. Blessed members of Living Faith Church brought in whatever God laid upon their minds to thank God for how far he has brought them. They didn’t donate it to Papa. It was donated to the church and the auction wasn’t as less as you quoted it. The cars were sold at market price and the proceed goes directly into the church account and not Bishop Oyedepo’s account.
Please be careful it is a dangerous thing to fall into the hands of God and the easiest ways to get caught is when you spread lies about genuine men of God. After going through all the comments left on your blog post, I begin to wonder how far you have made people to sin all in the name of lies. This has become your daily routine. . Do you know how many souls you have caused to sin and how many more you will cause to sin against their creator? Do you know satan is a liar and the father of lies. Do you know you are exhibiting satanic traits by spreading lies on men of God. There is nothing you acquire in this life that you will carry to heaven. Yes you are making it and everyone is happy with you but leave secret cult and cling to Christ then your life will be more meaningful. . Linda, I have nothing against you but I would implore you to repent before it is too late. What advantage has a man that gained this whole world and lose his own soul, what can he use for the exchange of his own soul. Ifeoma, heaven is real and hell is equally real. Repent before it is too late.
You have my email, feel free to email me at nkechiogbonnail@gmail.com. God loves you. Your friend, Nkechi . About the Author: Nkechi Ogbonna is member of Winners Chapel Int’l, a seasoned writer and author of educational children books. . Email:nkechiogbonnail@gmail.com

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