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Published On: Sat, Nov 16th, 2019

UPU Election: Why Taiga, Omene Must Step Down-Okene

LAGOS NOVEMBER 16TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Ahead of the Urhobo Progress Union UPU annual congress and election coming up in December, 2019, an Urhobo son, Chief Godwin Okene, the Omimi of Eku, has said that is proper for Chief Joe Omene and Olorogun Moses Taiga to step down for a proper UPU congress and election that will usher in peace to the Union and Urhobo in general.
According to Chief Okene in a chat with our correspondent in Lagos, “Since the demise of Chief Patrick Aziza, a former President General of the UPU, there has been deep crisis in the Urhobo umbrella socio-cultural body, the UPU due to lack of proper administration which even led to the resignation of some of the Chief Omene-led executive which assumed leadership of the UPU after the death of Chief Aziza.
“The situation did not go down well with many Urhobo, including the traditional rulers of the various kingdoms that make up the Urhobo nation.”
To save the situation he said, the Urhobo people felt the need to shop for an independent minded Urhobo son who would take charge of the affairs of the UPU and return it to the part of peace and progress.
“This led to the emergence of Olorogun Moses Taiga as President General of the UPU worldwide.
“But to me, the emergence of Olorogun Taiga did not follow due progress. I say this because I have always had a copy of the UPU Constitution with me so I can tell when things are not done in line with the Constitution.
“However, we are now faced with the question: how independent is the man we shopped for as we now see Urhobo Social Club, Lagos, in full control of the UPU instead of the Olorogun Moses Taiga that we elected?”
Chief Okene further explained that what made the matter even worse was that “no member of Urhobo Social Club, Lagos, is a card-carrying member of the UPU. I am a card-carrying member registered in Apapa branch and I challenge members of Urhobo Social Club, Lagos, to name the branch or even sub-branch where any of them is registered.
“Even the Olorogun Moses Taiga who they convinced the traditional rulers to accept as President General was registered by proxy on November 19, 2016 at Apapa branch, just two weeks to the 2016 annual congress of the UPU. And since he was so registered he has neither attended any meeting of the branch nor paid any monthly due as expected of members.
“I have these facts because, as I said earlier, I am a card-carrying member of the Apapa branch of the UPU. Anybody is free to verify to verify these facts.”
Speaking further, the Omimi of Eku said: “In the history of the UPU no leader has come out to say that a social club made him president general of the UPU. But Olorogun Taiga openly maintained that Urhobo Social Club made him UPU president general.
“Again, no President General of the UPU has made himself available to register a group called ‘Urhobo Community, Lagos in order to destroy the existing structure of the UPU in Lagos. To this end, Olorogun Moses Taiga has failed Urhobo nation.
Chief Okene also faulted Olorogun Taiga for disregarding the structure of the UPU which he inherited.
“I am sure he does not have a copy of the UPU Constitution as he has not, for once, called a meeting of the Council of Representatives and that of the UPU branches. I stand to the corrected; if Olorogun Taiga has done one out of the three things he promised the Urhobo nation. In addition, Urhobo people need a leader whose doors will be open to his people at all time.”
Chief Okene therefore appealed to Urhobo traditional rulers to forgive Chief Omene and help fashion a way forward.
“I want to use this opportunity toappeal to our fathers, the traditional rulers to forgive Chief Omene for any wrong doing; and also to call him to, as a matter of urgency, withdraw all court cases with regards to the UPU.
I also appeal to the traditional rulers to help push forward the date of the 2019 UPU Congress as there are committees working to see proper reconciliation and proper congress that will usher in an entirely new UPU executive that will have nothing to do with the duo of Chief Joe Omene and Olorogun Moses Taiga.”

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