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Published On: Thu, May 23rd, 2013

Problems Trail Uduaghan’s N200m Bullet Proof Car

Delta State Governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan

Insiders confirmed- there is a growing problem over Delta state Governor, Emanuel Uduaghan’s Bullet Proof car acquired for N200m.
Sources confirmed that the wonder on wheels that parades a surveillance camera that gives occupants a clear view of the surrounding up to an appreciable distance- along with a Bomb detector has developed what is explained as ‘major fault’.
According to an insider ‘the matter with the huge purchase is a growing problem. It started with air-conditioning system that switches off at will…and has now graduated to the car shutting off on motion’.

It is revealed that the car is just 2 years old.
Further digs revealed Governor Uduaghan and his handlers are baffled by the sudden inconsistent performance of the amazing automobile supposed to be ‘factory fitted’. It was supposed to be built for the Governor based on special order.
More investigation revealed the dealer that brought in the automobile presently stands accused of fraudulent conducts by Mr Uduaghan and his crew.
Informants disclosed that the accusers claimed to have conducted findings that revealed the dealer bought ‘a regular bullet proof car and perfected the installation of other apparatus in the country’.
They claimed it is the non compatibility of some of the components coupled together that is creating the growing hiccups making nonsense of the N200m purchase.
The dealer has denied the charge- but still at a loss to correct the increasing anomaly.
A close source to the governor revealed that, ‘from the way the matter is progressing… it looks like the N200m expended a wasted investment to bolster security, because what is the essence of a bullet proof vehicle that forces occupants to roll down side glasses due to faulty air-conditioning system and Bomb detector in car that shuts down at will’.

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