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Published On: Mon, Jul 9th, 2018

Politics Of Calumny In Delta APC: Emerhor O’Tega Versus The Intruders

LAGOS JULY 9TH (URHOBOTODAY)-I’m writing this short piece as my personal opinion and comments on the internal politics of calumny currently rocking the APC boat as a political party in Nigeria. This political calumny is more pronounced in some selected states in the south-south region of the country especially in Delta state.
Also, I’m not writing this because I’m a member of the party but because I want to stand on the ground of neutrality and fairness to pass this judgment in my court room over the issues of the party in the state. In other words, I’m writing this article from my clear conscience as a media advocate and political analyst. Truly, I love APC with all my strength, believing that it is the party that would create the needed changes in the country and redeem my state, Delta from the rot and mess PDP put us since 1999. However, the recent developments, not for good but for evil in the party in Delta state are worrisome and disheartening. Socially, man would always struggle for identification or recognition especially when his is not identified or recognised in the social class he belongs. This is what Sociologists called, “class struggle”. Class struggle is in every social group like the community, school, business, politics, government etc.
However, my major purpose here is not to tell the history of how APC was formed but I want to place it on record for those who care to listen and those that know the importance of history in the life of a man that, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor was among those elder statesmen from Delta state that were part of the formation of APC in Nigeria that time. This was a man who pulled together his knowledge and financial resources to join people of like-mind to fight this war of political Armageddon in Nigeria. Though there were other people from Delta state too but those of us who are playing politics of calumny and blackmail or those in the class of “pull him down syndrome” in the party must first of all know the contributions made by this great man of importance and honour. This is because, according to an Urhobo adage, “if you are cutting the neck of a chimpanzee, you should equally touch your own neck”.
In the first place, why are these people fighting Olorogun Emerhor in the party? The answer is not far-fetched. They are fighting him because they want to place themselves in the position of the party leadership in the state. I know by my little knowledge of law and also by the stand of the party’s constitution that since Senator Ovie Omo-Agege decamped to the party, he is now a recognised and accepted bona-fide member of the party. And as a senator from Delta state, he is the highest elected political figure from the state as produced by the party. But if he has a little of respect as a patriot and an accomplished Urhobo man, he wouldn’t allow himself to be pushed cheaply against the wall by some mischief makers and miscreants in the party. Senator Omo-Agege is being mis-led to fight his own self and to destroy his political dreams from being actualized. For now, Senator Omo-Agege is like a beggar. He must stretch his two hands longer than those of the giver to enable him get what he is begging for- the senatorial ticket. This is why he must be loyal to the party leaders always and to also forget about this issue of leadership of the party in the state. Party leadership for now is a secondary and trivial issue which is not necessary for now. Senator Omo-Agege should better concentrate on how he can clinch the party ticket and win his senatorial seat. These are the primary and most important issues he should focus on.
Another critical and sensitive issue that is tearing the party apart at the moment and which I also pose as a test of credibility and capability for the present party leadership in the national is the issue of the governorship candidate of the party in the state. Since Senator Omo-Agege knew ahead of time the kind of battle he is going to face, he skillfully brought in Chief Great Ogboru to join him to factionalize the party before they will plan their next exit. This is their usual system of playing politics since they became politicians. The issue of governorship candidate need not to tear the party into pieces for now. If we are fair enough, we should be able to pick one or two senses from the stand and position of Olorogun Emerhor on this issue. The Bible strictly warn us that, we should not do to others what we don’t want them to do for us. In fact, if APC is meant to create positive changes and establish progress in Delta state, this issue should be allowed to rest for now. Olorogun Emerhor from my own understanding is saying that, for justice and fair play which are the watchwords of APC, the governorship candidate should be allowed to come from Delta north in order for them to complete their two-tenure as a political structure that is on ground before now. We should not forget that both Delta central and Delta south have done their two tenures each in the governorship position. We must know that by dragging this issue, we are only telling the incumbent governor of the state installed by PDP to perpetually continue in office even after 2023. Again, Olorogun Emerhor said, after this tenure elapsed by 2023, the governorship position would be opened to any viable candidate from the party in the three senatorial districts of the state. I think there is a sense here. We should not over flog this issue since the battle is not yet over.
In another development, what I’m saying in essence is that, President Buhari as a national leader of the party, must call all the parties involved in the Delta state APC leadership and governorship tussle to order as fast as possible. Though during his speech at the recently concluded national convention of the party in Abuja, the president did appeal to the new national leadership of the party to constitute a reconciliation committee to settle all aggrieved members of the party but on my own opinion, I’m passionately appealing to the president to put APC house in order if he does not want to lose Delta state in the coming general elections. This is my advice to the president. He should use eagle’s eyes to critically look at this issue and use the wisdom of Solomon to seal off those loopholes created by the party’s enemies.
Secondly, like what I said in one of my past write-up that, the UPU should not allow the snail to just creep away like that. The three persons that are fighting themselves are respected Urhobo sons. The UPU leadership and Urhobo traditional rulers council should wade into the APC matter. They have the right as Urhobo leaders and mouth-piece of the Urhobo people to advice these respected Urhobo sons to settle whatever issue they have out of court processes. I know the UPU president-general, Olorogun Moses Taiga and some of our revered traditional rulers are not card carrying members of political parties in the state. Despite this, they have the statutory rights and traditional obligations as royal fathers of Urhobo land to settle issues brewing among their subjects. It is a price they must pay for the people and for the peace of Urhobo land. Do we even know that Urhobo is in ridicule among the other ethnic groups in the state since the beginning of this battle in a APC? Since the party cannot take the bull by the horn, then Urhobo leaders should take the horn from the bull. We cannot wait for President Buhari or the newly elected national chairman of APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomole to cry our cry for us. The Urhobos should not fold their hands when their house is already on fire. Nobody should advice our traditional leaders that the issue is a party issue, therefore they should distance themselves from it. The Urhobos have much to gain if these set of Urhobo political leaders can have a place in the Nigerian government.
Finally, we should stop fueling or heat up this issue by adding or subtracting from the way it is now. Today, some people have created for themselves enemies because of the O’tega and Omo-Agege issue in APC. We should not forget that these two, even including Chief Great Ogboru are friends and they are still friends till tomorrow. We should not use our writings especially in the social media tear them apart. How many times have these three persons used hate speech for each other both in the print and social media? How many times have they met in a social or political function and they started casting aspersions on each other or involved in a physical combat? The three of them are responsible human beings and they are also learned men in their chosen professions. They cannot involve themselves in such rude activities. But everyday, we see both media and physical battle among common Deltans, fighting and killing themselves for these people. Well, that is the beauty of politics but we must do that with the high sense of understanding. Today, in every motor park or motorcycle park, drinking joint, road-side food seller, news stand, market place in Delta state, the war between Olorogun O’tega Emerhor and Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and Chief Great Ogboru is the only subject of discussion or talk of the town. Even in most cases, such discussions had led to heated arguments among the common people. In some instances, fight broke out and some persons were badly injured. I can’t justify this on the basis of love being displayed for these three gentlemen but it is an outright sheer of ignorance and uncivilized mentality. The way the three always embrace in ceremonies to the shame of their detractors, I advice them to also do the same to the surprise of their political fans and supporters. The Urhobo says, “Before the enemies of the hen will know, the hen has already gone out with her chicks.” I will be the happiest if Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and Chief Great Ogboru can come to a round table discussion and put an end to these numerous political issues in the party in the state and to stop this politics of calumny among themselves and to also put PDP to shame in the state before the general elections that is just around the corner. Let me leave for now.
Young Erhiurhoro; Kjc is a reporter and a member of the Urhobo Historical Society.

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  1. Abidelta says:

    Mr Young, and Ortega,I have three questions for you answer me:Firstly, according to you after delta north complete thier tenure’there will be no zoning.I ask why: secondly, what’s makes you so confident that if these your APC candidate win , will even agree to do a single term.? Eg former president Goodluck Jonathan :thirdly, these arrangement was it in the APC manifesto or you just want to copy Pdp pattern that’s not wroking.

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