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Published On: Thu, Nov 20th, 2014

A Letter to Uduaghan over Rots in DESOPADEC

By E. A. Ogobene
LAGOS NOVEMBER 20TH (URHOBOTODAY)-I decided to write this letter to you at this time because of the wide social distance over the years between you and the people as the harnessing of anger should be the present greatest task before you and your agencies particularly DESOPADEC.
When this board of DESOPADEC was inaugurated we thought this will be the best for the following reasons. That it has over grown its teething age, administrative structure has been put in place and more-so a pioneer head of finance and later a director of finance who ought to have performed to all in his mandate area to feel the developmental impact of oil exploration/exploitation of our God given resources as the reason for the establishment of this board by our amiable governor Chief James Onanefe Ibori is achieved.
We know very well that they ought to have received at least N100,000,000,000 (One Hundred Billion Naira)from the 13% of the 50% derivation, from the state since their inauguration but there is nothing commensurate to show other than buying houses, cars and building mansions for themselves all over. If we pretend to be ignorant of all these that are so transparent that means we have legalized corruption in the state and whoever is appointed into DESOPADEC board is automatically empowered to enrich him/her self excluding their mandate areas. This should not be but should be corrected now as you may not be in position to do same in the next few months.
Most contractors are being denied payments over the years maybe because of the presumably authorized corruption. Anger, litigation and frustrations are all over their mandate areas.Properties and collaterals are being seized and sold regularly.Some of the money they are owing us is not even up to what they use in wedging kola-nut plates monthly. What a height of wickedness.
I know this was not your wish for us and nobody will pray for this to continue to the end and after your tenure.
In some dailies of 28th July, 2014 such as Advocate and Midwest Weekly Newspapers I wrote a full page paid advertorial to your Excellency on the need for this board of DESOPADEC to be dissolved and why their tenure should not even be allowed to complete but to my surprise and so many other angered Deltans their tenure was EXTENDED even till date. Could it be because of their cooperation over the utilization of our derivation? Only God knows.
In the open letter to you, I also said they SENT their aids to collect various sums of money from poor contractors, NOW I WISH TO INFORM you that they have started refunding some of the money they dubiously collected from me as a contractor. Refunds started through cash and bank transfers on the 14th of August 2014, 5th September 2014, 23rd September 2014, and 23rd October 2014 while am still waiting for more refunds.I requested for these refunds to prove my allegations of 28th July, 2014 in the print media right. A hungry man is an Angry man.
I have contributed so much for my dear party PDP. During your rerun election, I bought a car for Orogun youths during your campaign and is still in Orogun. My car was also damaged during the rerun but those that destroyed our cars, properties were brought to political heights and our properties were not even replaced or any compensation till date but my compensation is VICTIMIZATION. I have again delivered 100% for the just concluded Local Government Election for my party PDP in all the units of ImodjeOrogun.
Your Excellency sir, I am using this medium again to ask you to look into the activities of this DESOPADEC board and dissolve them and I suggest for a technocrat to oversee the affairs of the board until its reconstitution with people that know about oil and gas politics and administration.
Your Excellency sir, I am using this medium also to request for a proper probing of this board and to set up both internal and external people of integrity with submission of memorandum from the public about the activities of this board because some of them are not fit for appointment.
Excellency sir, few months from now there will be different stages of elections and it is my free advice to you that this CONSERVEDANGER that is enveloping Delta State electorate, most especially by the activities of this boards of DESOPADEC should not be taken along to the pooling booths for the sake of our dear party PDP. Your rerun victory was celebrated by all and it is our prayer also that we should not be victimized by those you hired to serve us because the labourer deserves his wages.
Abraham Lincoln once said that “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.
Imagine Imodje Orogun with seven oil wells where your maternal uncle Late Chief Gilbert Ivwurhie hailed from, the children in the only primary school where you came for his burial, the children are still writing on bare floor with leaking roofs all over the school till date. If you can recall I took you round the field that day on your arrival during the burial. I also wrote an open letter to you some months ago about the pitiable state of the school. You sent your commissioner for basic education and despite all promises to commence renovation immediately but nothing has been done till date, what shall we remember your administration for,abandoned and uncompleted projects of DESOPADEC over their mandate areas, contractors not being paid, children writing on bare floor with leaking roofs and contractors collaterals being seized and sold due to non-payment of contractors by your agencies. I reject that on your behalf in Jesus Name, Amen.
Now it is also my prayers for you to organize unite and manage Deltans so that their CONSERVEDANGER can be transformed or transmuted into your finishing strong energy program than being transmuted and channeled into a challenging change process energy.
I know his Excellency will acknowledge and treat this letter with the urgency it deserves, asI know very well that it will get to your office through the Courier Service while I wish you success in your senatorial ambition come 2015 as the voice of the people is the voice of God.


Cc: His Excellency,
Prof. Amos AgbeOtuama (SAN)
Deputy Governor
Delta State.

The Speaker
Rt. Hon. Peter Onwusanya – FCNA
Delta State House of Assembly

The Secretary
Delta State Government,

The Secretary

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