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Published On: Wed, Jul 10th, 2013

Lagos UPU President Ovie Oghenekaro Calls for Urhobo Unity

President, Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Lagos State Mr Ovie Oghenekaro

LAGOS JULY 10TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Members of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Lagos Branch on Saturday visited the President of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Lagos Branch, Mr Ovie Oghenekaro to celebrate with him burial of his father which he celebrated few months in Delta State. Oghenekevwe Laba who was at the occasion chooses the opportunity to have few words with him on the way forward for the Urhobos in the present dispensation. Below is what the Urhobo leaders has to say.
Sir, member of UPU Lagos branch are here today to celebrate with you over the successful burial of your father. How did you feel about it?
Well, am very happy and grateful to them for their visit. They actually come to celebrate with me. I am happy with them, I appreciate them and God bless them.
You being the president of UPU Lagos Branch, what is your plan so as to move UPU forward?
I have said it several times but I will still repeat it again. Firstly, plan for Lagos UPU is to create unity and love among the Urhobos. You can see the unity here playing itself out here today. None of us have been challenged to do what is right. It depends on you (the interviewer)and I. We have a role to play.
I am sorry for digressing a little. As a stake holder how do you feel about Urhobos outcry about being marginalized in term of appointment both at the Federal and state level it?
Well, for the federal government we do not have an urhobo man up there. The one we even had is late now, which is in person of Senator Pius Ewherido. May his soul rest in peace (Amen). Coming down to Delta state we still have people on strategic places. The Deputy Governor is from Urhobo. We have commissioners who are also from Urhobos. I do not have problem with Delta state. I have problem with the National level. But I think many people have made their points known to the President, sooner or later our man would mount an office.
Will you support Urhobos voting for Jonathan in 2015 taking the present outcry of marginalization into consideration?
We should not be talking about voting now because we do not know what will happen. if by God’s grace the president is nominated or voted for as Peoples Democratic Presidential candidate we should vote for him in the main election because he is from south-south. The problem is not actually voting for an individual, but voting for somebody that would actually do what is right in Nigeria.
Back in Delta state, the argument now it is not the turn of the urhobos the governor of Delta State, it is the turn of the Delta North. You being the UPU leader in Lagos state, what is your stake on this?
I can say ‘I dey laugh’ like Olusegun Obasanjo. But all the same democracy is not about numbers or selection.PDP is doing what is called selection that is what they say is zoning is about. I am not a politician but what is right is that the best person should come to play or should win. For example, you knew what just happened concerning the unity schools, Delta state wanted 6%, Yobe State 2%. Can 2% person be given admission while someone that scored 135 would not be given from Delta State. These are the wrong things they are doing in Nigeria. For me we should do what is right. If we do not do that what is happening in Egypt today would be a child’s play.
What program do you have for the Urhobos in Lagos?
My program for the Urhobo people in Lagos is that we must preach unity and we must come together as one. There are many things we need to do, and we need the co-operation of the urhobo people. You see AREWA,NDIGBO, OPC and others. You see this major ethnic groups coming together and plan. We are lacking in that level. We should come together and forget who is who. Let us come together and do what is right to make the Urhobo nation forge forward. Once we are able to come together unity would come. We do not need to know who your father or mother is? Once you are an urhobo man your problem is my problem.

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