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Published On: Thu, Feb 13th, 2020

Group Takes Campaign On Importance Of Educating Common Man To Warri

LAGOS FEBRUARY 12TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Educating the ‘common man’ on the strength in having one Nigeria has been identified as key to tackling insecurity challenges facing the nation.
Friendship Is Peace International (FIPI), a worldwide initiative seeking to promote peace and friendship among humanity, stated this while addressing newsmen in Warri, Monday.

Initiator of the group, Elder Edward Nikagbatse Oki, while officially presenting the FIPI and Nigerianism calendars to the public, also stressed that the several calls for restructuring may not provide the much needed solution to Nigeria’s travails.
According to him, overtime the Nigerian masses have failed to use their political power, but rather fight one another for ‘leaders’ who are only interested in self-aggrandisement.
Calling for a bloodless revolution, one to be effected through elections, Oki said, “the politicians of the first republic laid the foundation of our crisis. Everybody opted for Nigeria. We can solve the security problem of Nigeria through friendship, individually.
“The common man showed their inability to recognize the power of the ballot. They decided to dance to the tune of their egocentric leaders who after failing they drummed the drum for the common man to be disorientated and made to fight among themselves.
“I am appealing to Nigerians, the common man, that even though there are forces who want to disintegrate us, this is your only country. Restructure Nigeria in any way you want, the common man will still suffer.”
On his part, secretary of the initiative, Mr. Michael Ogoru, explained that political education for the common man to know his rights, will go a long way to curbing most of the issues, including the problem of “stomach infrastructure” and grooming elites “who wants to be winner takes it all”.
FIPI’s resource personnel, Edegor Eranvor, however reiterated the call for reorientation. We should appreciate the element of relationships. Friendship will establish peace, peace will establish friendship. The common man will rhen realize they don’t need the bourgeoisie to dictate to them. That is the role, FIPI, through its auxiliary organs Nigerianism and Time for Ballot Box/ Common Man Revolution, is urging all.”

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