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Published On: Sun, Dec 1st, 2013

G.7 Governors are Seeking for Relevance- Ex-Delta Governor Aspirant, Onuesoke

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Chief Sunny Onuesoke

Former Delta State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governorship Aspirant in 2007 and currently Special Project Director in the office of Delta State Governor, Chief Sunny Onuesoke in this interview with our OGHENEKEVWE LABA speaks on Babangida Aliyu allegation against the Presidency, the G7 Governors, gains of Jonathan Transformational Agenda, Uduaghan’s achievements and the need to jettison zoning system among other issues.
Just recently Chairman of Northern Governors Forum and Governor of Niger State, Babangida Aliyu accused the leadership of PDP of having bribe 400 Northerners so as to pave way for President Goodluck Jonthan Presidency in 2015. How do you assess such allegation?
It is not an allegation, but a statement of facts. Aliyu has been synonymous with distraction. He has been making the leadership of the country look as if it is a child’s play. Like I keep saying, the G7 Governors are spent force governors. They know they do not have any political career prospect come 2015. So all Aliyu as the Chairman of Northerner Governors is doing Forum is to frustrate the national development focus of President Goodluck Jonathan. When Aliyu makes statement trying to incite people against the Federal Government, it is something we cannot condole. Why don’t Aliyu focus on the development of Niger state instead of saying inciting statement. Niger State is the least developed state for the period of eight years of Aliyu’s reign.
Sir, the same Aliyu alleged that if politics is a game of number the Northerners may produce the President of Nigeria come 2015. Sir, is this a statement of fact?
I disagree, the North is not more populated than the Southern part of Nigeria. I have been privilege because of my exposition in the scientific and information technology world to be in possession of satellite Google report on Nigerian population. The Southern part of Nigeria has 69% against 31% of the North. I want to tell you that the most populated state in Northern Nigeria is Kano State with forty four local government areas. After Kano, there is no other city that is up to Uhobo community of Ughelli in Delta State. So where is the population from? Aliyu should also be aware that the Northerners are lacking behind in terms of awareness of voting. We are not referring to the blind population. We are not talking about the talakawas who cannot separate voters card from the ATM card. The Northerners are not more electioneering aware than we do. The fastest growing city in Africa as you know is Lagos State from the Southern part of the country. So could Aliyu compare the population of even Port Harcourt to that of Kaduna.
Do you ascribe to Goodluck Jonathan contesting in 2015?
Is Babangida Aliyu telling me President Goodluck Jonthan is not qualified to contest in 2015? Do someone from the arid base North has to tell us from the South who is qualified to contest the for the office of the President. We should be in position to dictate to the Northerners who is going to be the president of Nigeria.
At this level, will you advise the President to contest in 2015?
Jonathan is the President of the country. Constitutional he has the right to contest for second term. If he knows that it suits him better to contest then he should. But I for one, I have started campaigning for Jonathan. I have been setting up my committees for the youth wings known as 2015 Advancement for Jonathan Network. The committee have been working from Edo State to Akwa-Ibom State onwards with our headquarters at Rivers State. It is one of the biggest youth organisations in the world with big boys in the Western world, in Diaspora and we have a solid base in United State of America.
Delta State Governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan has faced serious criticism of non performance and you being an indigene of Delta State what is your assessment of such criticism?
We should learn how to criticize people base on facts. You see, I have been an optimist. I have been a follower of the Governor’s developmental programme. This is not because I am a Project Director, but I will tell you one thing that Delta State is ahead of infrastructural development than any other state in the country. My friends who came from Newscastle on a visit to Delta State were surprised at the height of infrastructural development to the extent of describing the state as an infrastructural wilderness. My Governor wants to embarrass the people with infrastructural development. The infrastructures and roads are there. We have the best health infrastructures and facilities among the thirty six states. We are not just mush room states where you have just the capital and nothing else. . Unlike other states where they have one or two cities, in Delta State we have more than fourteen mega cities. Which states in the country has fast growing infrastructural completed projects like that of Delta State. Less don’t betray our emotions. Lets live as one. Must we criticize to become who we want to be? No. I am not crazy about Uduaghan, but I am crazy about the infrastructure this administration has put in place.
Do you ascribe to the convention of the national CONFAB?
Yes. I cannot wait to see the conference. I am even anticipating if I am going to be voted in or called upon to represent the Urhobo race. I will be very glad.
But there is this argument that a similar one was held some years ago that was swept under the carpet. How would you conceptualize the past one with the proposed one?
Then democracy was not pronounced compare to the present Goodluck Jonthan democratic element. Because there is a lot of freedom this time, a lot of things are going to happen. But I want to sound a warning to the Nigerian populace that no one should issue a threat to the South-South geo-political zone of the country. We hold the ace economically. We produce what sustain the nation. Nobody, I repeat, nobody from the Northern fringe should dictate to us in the South-South what we should do. We are not going to take it so low. We will resist. We should dictate to the rest part of the country. What they should do and not they dictating to us. That is why we are agitating for true federalism. The Northerner s should understand that we are in information jet age. No matter what you do in the North, there are superstars in the South who decode them.
What is your assessment of the role played by the seven rebel governors in creating diversion in PDP leadership?
The rebel governors are spent forces. They are seeking for relevance. None of them of them can go to their state and show report card of what they have done to their people. They are seeking relevance because they have spent their eight years with nothing to show for it. They are not democratic politicians.
What is your take on the privatization of PHCN?
All over the world, electricity is being handle by private institution so should not be different. With the current democratic tendercy, state institutions are not responsible to the people. But to the private sector, they will be responsible and provide the service. In developed country there are regulatory bodies with private sector responsible for distribution.
Is Goodluck Jonathan Transformational Agenda on track?
It is on track. The benefit is everywhere. What Jonathan is sowing today, one day we will reap it beyond this administration. If another government continues with his transformational agenda, I tell you Nigeria will be another brazil of Africa in another fifteen years. If we can implement it diligently, corruption free for another six years then we are in Eldorado. Privatisation of electricity is the centre core of development.
On your own, do you support zoning system?
I hate to hear any word zoning, because it is against merit. All I am after is somebody who can deliver the goods. Someone who can pilot the train to where the light is under the tunnel. Zoning is against merit. Whether you are from Igala or Ibo, if I see an Hausa or Yoruba man who can perform very well and he want to context in Delta State, I will vote for him. I do not support rotation or zoning, but I support merit. No matter where you come from.
Are you indirectly saying the governorship election in Delta State in 2015 should be thrown up?
Of course. Why should it not been thrown open. You must pass through a process mill. The best must emerge. Zoning is about negotiation. Give and take. Anybody is qualified to be governor of Delta State.

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