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Published On: Tue, May 7th, 2013

Act of Fury: Angry Wife Discloses Ex-Husband’s Sex Relationship to Police

newspicLAGOS MAY 7TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Just few months after Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan signed into law a new law criminalizing same-sex unions and all LGBT organizations in the country, the Nigeria police have declared two men wanted In connection with gay conducts.

The suspects Ezeugwu Kelechi Bethel aged 35 and Daniel Obatola aged 37 were believed to be in a very serious distant homosexual relationship with several plans to develop it into gay marriage.

According to the ex-wife of Ezeugwu, Chiamaka, the gay relationship started after she had given birth to their second son, Chimezie; while she was still nursing the baby, she caught her former husband watching pornographic videos many times but she turned blind eyes to it.

She further alleged that the porn videos contained only scenes of men having sex to each other, and chat messages from numerous gay dating websites which contained messages of how they enjoyed sex with her husband, especially the oral sex.

Chiamaka further explained that among these messages was a very strong and intimate message from one user whose chat room alias is spelt as Danex10, who flirted consistently with her ex husband and even included plans about how they would meet up at a hotel and talk about getting married and settling down in future in Europe where their relationship will not come under scrutiny.

Police source hinted that its investigations revealed that the user who used Danex10 to commit the same gender crime is a Nigerian named Daniel Obatola who visited Nigeria few months ago to spend time with his partners, Daniel is said to be notorious same sex criminal who have no respect for the law of the land and simply carries out his homosexual conducts in the opening as he would normally do in the United Kingdom where he is believed to be residing.

The jealous Chiamaka vowed that she prefer her ex husband to face horror death or hard jail terms than let her and the children live the rest of their lives with shame and burden that give them sleepless nights.

Since the homosexual case against Ezeugwu and Daniel, the police while searching for them, have made four arrests in connection with similar cases and those arrested have all been charged with 14 years sentence for committing the acts of sodomy in a land where it is hugely forbidden.

The police have however increased their search to arrest Ezeugwu and Daniel by carrying out extra man search in the communities where they believed both of them could be hiding. Despite their absences, the police have vowed to keep the search for these men alive until they are captured and brought to justice.

The names of both Ezeugwu Kelechi Bethel and Danile Obatola have also been added to the long list of wanted men in Nigeria in connection with gay practices, however, the list keeps growing despite the strictness of the law that wedges war against same gender relationship crimes.

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