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Published On: Tue, Aug 26th, 2014

Delta 2015 and the Beautiful Bride

Delta State PDP Governorship aspirant, David Edevbie

By Ebi Enikorogha
LAGOS AUGUST 26TH (URHOBOTODAY0-Every election year is usually characterized by anxiety among the populace about who will clinch electoral victory and run the affairs of government for a constitutionally stipulated tenure. The anxiety is usually the product of the uncertainty surrounding the character, temper and general disposition of whoever becomes elected. Politics and governance are probably the most important institutions ever evolved by man. A nation, in fact an entire race, can be made or marred by good or bad politics. Therefore, people are ever anxious in anticipation of who rules them as election draws near. In Nigeria as in most other Third World countries the anxiety is even more heightened because of the nature of our politics which for too long had discountenanced the people and their aspirations. Politics and governance is always and should be about the people. But this thinking is yet to take deep root in our nation.
The most important preoccupation in town at this time of the year is the jostling for the 2015 general elections. Many political gladiators, their supporters as well as pundits are involved in the fray leading to the elections coming up early in 2015. The jostling is reaching fever pitch and nobody is leaving any stone unturned. Alliances and bridges of understanding are being built, consultations are ongoing, agitations are reaching a crescendo, opponents are casting aspersions, strategists are thinking and scheming and many debating platforms have sprung up on the pages of newspapers and the social media.
Delta State is not left out in the 2015 political frenzy. The state remains one of the most complex and contentious in Nigeria. The complexity is the product of her multi-ethnic character, her rich endowment in oil and gas which translate into unimaginable wealth, her vast landscape, many urban centres and large population. The state’s ethnic plurality gives birth to agitation among the political class regarding what ethnic group should produce the governor at any given time. The ethnic groups also hold one another in distrust. Her oil and gas wealth which puts so much money in the hands of whoever is chief executive is another factor which ignites the struggle for political power. Her vast landscape and many urban centres make the state appear hungry for development. The large population is made up of many unemployed and under-employed citizens who need to be gainfully engaged to get going with life. This challenges can only be surmounted by a political beautiful bride.
In this scenario the people’s factor should be given prime attention. When this is done, we think of the programmes and ideals that will make the state a better place for the people. It is about a social contract which must serve the interest of our people. In the case of our beloved Delta State, the political beautiful bride must understand the peculiarities of the state as enumerated earlier and evolve a programme of action that will address the need of all. Such an aspirant or candidate should be able to critically think up development ideas which will accelerate the rapid development of the state.
In addition to the foregoing the candidate must have a multi-ethnic appeal which cuts across all the ethnic groups in the state whether it is Aniocha, Ika, Ijaw, Isoko, Itsekiri, Ndokwa, Oshimili or Urhobo. This in fact is the ultimate of the political beautiful bride in Delta State. This is so because whether during the primary election of the various political parties or in the general elections, politicians and voters from all the ethnic groups must come together to vote for an aspirant or a candidate to fly the party’s flag and eventually emerge as governor. This cannot be without rancour unless there is a candidate who is trusted by all the ethnic groups. If it is not possible to get such that is trusted by all the ethnic groups then there must be one candidate who approximates the yearnings and aspirations of all the people of Delta State.
It is in the light of the above that many Deltans continue to endorse the aspiration of Mr. David Edevbie since he declared his intention to run for the governorship of Delta State. Many Deltans see him as a fresh alternative who will bring development to all parts of the state and ensure that equity is done to all in the distribution and allocation of government resources and projects. Many see him as the most detribalised public servant ever to have served Delta State. This is based on the all inclusive strategy he deployed when he served Delta State as Finance Commissioner. The consequence of that was the state-wide rapid development recorded in that period. He was also credited to have engaged Deltans from every ethnic group based on merit to work with him then.
Edevbie is a world class technocrat. His well thought out development agenda reflects his experience as a development expert who toiled to bring development to parts of Asia. What is more appealing is that his pan-Delta development agenda takes into cognizance the needs of all the constituent parts of the state. Many Deltans feel that his well known record of integrity and accountability will go a long way in fast tracking the development of the state.
There are no angels in politics, but David Edevbie cuts the picture of one. Members of the political class across ethnic lines see him as accommodating, somebody whose hold on power will not be suffocating. He is not a desperate power grabber who will use power to the detriment of others. There is certainly no doubt about Edevbie being the political bride of Delta in the calculation for 2015.
Enikorogha writes from Asaba the capital of Delta State.

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