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Published On: Fri, Feb 8th, 2013

Corruption: Tinubu is Worst than Ibori-PDP …Urge Tinubu to disclose source of wealth

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ACN National Chairman Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

The alleged ownership of choice properties and businesses by former Lagos State Governor, Mr Bola Ahmed Tinubu, valued at over N1 trillion ranks him the most corrupt Politician in Nigeria, worst than self-confessed thief, Mr James Ibori, ex governor of Delta State, the People Democratic Party, PDP, has said.
Such properties and businesses include the Ikeja Shopping Mall, Oriental Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, First Nation Airline, Vintage Publications (publishers of The Nation newspapers), TV Continental, Radio Continental, and so many others.

The PDP challenged the ACN to “tell Nigerians how a man who was governor for eight years with fixed salary and allowances could have acquired so much money to buy almost everything in Lagos and stop insulting our sensibilities with nonsensical talks which are only aimed at covering up their non-performance and looting of treasuries in the States under their control.
In a latest war of words between the PDP and its rival Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), PDP’s National Vice Chairman for South-West, Mr Segun Oni accused Tinubu who doubles as ACN national chairman, of illegally acquiring the Ikeja Shopping Mall for the sum of N14 billion.
The PDP which brought to the fore the controversy surrounding the ownership of the emerging greatest business empire own by a South Westerner also
claimed that Tinubu stole enough money for his investments while Governor of Lagos and used the loot to acquire choice properties in Lagos.
“Instead of attacking President Jonathan, shouldn’t the ACN be explaining to the public, who owns the N14 Billion naira Ikeja Shopping Mall that was built on Lagos Secretariat land. Who owns Oriental Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, Agidingbi, First Nation Airline, Vintage Publications (publishers of The Nation newspapers), TV Continental, Radio Continental, and so many other illegal and corrupt acquisitions?” queried the PDP in a statement signed by Mr Oni.
In the ongoing verbal war which many see as a case of pot calling kettle black, the PDP also questioned the ownership of a land at Ikosi, Ketu, Lagos, former campus of the Lagos State Polytechnic; but the embattled ex governor and his party have dismissed these serious allegations as baseless and entirely without merit.
The PDP maintained that Tinubu also owns the expansive plot of land within Alausa, few meters away from the Governor’s office, earlier allocated as a residential area before the residents of the state living in the place were evacuated and the buildings in the area demolished, which is also located a stone-throw from the multi-million naira Renaissance Hotel, also allegedly owned by the ex Lagos governor.
“What Nigerians demand from them are explanations as to the reckless and obscene appropriation of properties belonging to Lagosians by Bola Tinubu and his stupendous wealth which is at the expense of tax payers in Lagos, Osun, Ekiti, Oyo and Ogun States.”
Oni, claims the ACN are made up of political hypocrites: “it is the height of hypocrisy for a party, whose leader; Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu has converted all properties belonging to Lagos State to his personal use to attack the president, just because a contractor chose to invest in the propagation of the work of God by renovating a church in the president’s village instead of him (President Jonathan) collecting gratis from the contractors.”
Oni qualified the call by the ACN for the impeachment of Mr Jonathan over the church gift saga as satanic. “Would the ACN hypocrites have preferred that the said contractor handed the money used for the church renovation to President Jonathan as they would have done if they were the president? Or that the contractor should have doled out the money to Tinubu as part of his birthday largesse as done by ACN governors in the Southwest?
“I think the problem with these ACN people is that they think they are above everyone, including God. That is why they could come up with such satanic position just because a company performed its social responsibility by helping to promote the work of God,” the statement read adding that, “one then begins to wonder why the ACN people hate God and members of the Anglican Communion this much.”
Tinubu is engaged in a political battle of his life over allegations that he forced some ACN state governors, the 57 chairmen of Local Government Councils and the Local Council Development Areas of Lagos state to cough out N2 billion for the celebration of his 60th birthday recently.
Source: Frontiernews

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  1. Ese Godswill says:

    The word “self confessed thief” is unwholesome. There was no time Ibori confessed dat. If PDP are sure of thier facts the onus propandi lies on dem to prove. Its he dat alleges dat the proof lies on.

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