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Published On: Wed, Mar 10th, 2021

CNN Rates Urhobo Delicacy, “Banga Soup” As Number One Most Tastiest Soup In The World

LAGOS MARCH 10TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Nigeria is a country that has a diversity of cultural heritage, that makes us unique in the different way we do things, from each tribe to the other, which makes us one people from a different cultural background. These cultural differences in our diversity are pronounced in her types of traditional food preparation.
This gist I am about to share with you is an interesting one that has to do with one of Nigeria’s delicacies in connection with CNN international news findings and rating.
According to one of the popular platforms on Facebook, WARRI Aproko, CNN International, said to have confirmed and has rated one of the Nigerian traditional meals known as “Banga Soup” as the number one most tastiest soup in the World. This delicacy is said to be originally from the people of the Niger Delta, precisely the Urohbo tribe, I thought they have likewise mentioned the Ijaws though, maybe due to a mistake somewhere I guess.
But guys I know the traditional soup from your place is also very superb even though it is not yet rated or confirmed, just as CNN, found out about this Banga soup and the Niger Delta, and gave their opinions about it after they said to have done wild research to come out with this rating.
Guys If you have not tasted this delicacy before? If no, then you will have to come over to Delta and Bayelsa State to have a fill of and see what CNN saw that made say this meal as the world’s best soup.
This meal is said to be eaten with what they call starch that has been well processed and prepared to soothe that feeling when finally eat your Banga Soup. I hope, I have not made you already salivate where you’re, that you will start dreaming of it oh. Ok, it’s allowed but come with the next available flight to Niger Delta to have your fill and drop that rating as CNN just did

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