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Published On: Wed, Sep 18th, 2013

Agagu’s Death: Nigerian Doctors Goofed by Calling for National Public Holiday

Late Olusegun Agagu

By Fejiro Oliver
Sometimes I just cannot imagine what is truly Nigerian problem, since everyone seems to have the anti-dote to solve it, yet there is no one giving the right solution. Agagu’s death truly calls for a national reflection on how the leadership has failed us. His death is a wakeup call to all of us, that our time on earth is so short and no amount of money we steal can make us live forever. His sudden death is a reminder that when death comes knocking, all our money stolen from the national treasury will not stop the cold hand of Mr. Death. Agagu was a governor of Ondo state, who could have used his position to build befitting hospitals and equipped it to the benefit of the citizenry, but he failed.
Olusegun Agagu’s personal wealth if properly looked into could have built state of the arts health centres in all the local government of the state that will serve as places for treatment and check up, but I regretfully say; he blew away the chance. And today, Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) is using his death as a platter to canvass for a national holiday, where Nigerians will engage in free medical checkup. Nice call, but a very big misadventure for my dear president, Dr Osahon Enabulele to make.
For all we know, we have enough holidays already and we are not ready to spare another for a jamboree call ‘free medical checkup’. For those working in government and private establishments, they are entitled to their annual leave, and if they so much desire a check up, they should use the period to do so. This is a misguided call by NMA and like most Nigerians who condemned it; NMA should stop dragging us back in the issues of health, and engage in research that will see to the treatment of various illness.
A commentator who condemned the call rightly noted, “Are this people (NMA) serious? You want a holiday at every step, how will the GDP grow? After drinking pepper soup and beer every day, you pass the bill to the Federal Government” all in the name of free medical checkup, that will in one way or the other be paid for by the government.
The check up clamored by NMA is not the cause of the death of Nigerians, but the hardship inflicted on them by the leaders. Let the Medical lab scientist go into scientific research to find the cure for HIV/AIDS. Let the doctors of physiotherapists proffer solution to the silent child killer called cerebral palsy and our pharmacists’ producer more efficient drugs. Even if we decide to agree to the holiday; I bet you that a day is not enough to carry out such operation. A look at ante natal clinic in the hospital shows that all the expectant mothers are not all attended to in a day, due to their numbers, how then when there will be thousands who will rush in for the free check up.
Seriously, NMA goofed by even thinking of such idea, instead of agitating for better health facilities. By the way, why hasn’t the national president of Nigerian Society of Physiotherapists (NSP), Dr Taiwo and his executives met the Taraba State government and began treatment on Danbaba who I reliably gathered need them to enable him make use of his brain again? Why has everyone kept quiet over the issue as if it doesn’t exist? Why has his seat not be declared vacant? His illness is not a PDP affair as they want us to believe, since they use our money in his treatment. We need explanation.
These little things matter…
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